Targetted: Amazing 25,000 Avios plus Hilton Gold for just 5 Hilton stays!

Emails should start arriving soon, if they haven’t already, in the inboxes of selected British Airways Executive Club members who are not members of Hilton HHonors.

If you get this email, you should NOT delete it!

Hilton Gold

It will direct you to this webpage. You will see that it requires an activation code which will be in the email, or possibly letter.

This is what you will get:

Instant Hilton Gold status, valid until 31 December 2013. This gets you free breakfast, free internet and an upgrade across the full Hilton family (Conrad, Waldorf-Astoria, Hampton, Hilton etc).

25,000 bonus Avios points when you complete five Hilton stays before the end of 2013!

Hilton Gold extended to March 2015 when you complete three Hilton stays before the end of 2013

This is an exceptionally generous offer. Even if you have no travel plans between now and the year end, it would be worth your while to find the cheapest Hilton Group property near you and book five one-off stays. All you have to do is check-in and go home again, no need to actually stay!

What is not clear from the email is whether you need to set your earnings preference to ‘Points and Fixed Miles’ or ‘Points and Variable Miles’, or whether it is OK to collect ‘Points and Points’. For safety, I would set your Hilton account to ‘Points and Fixed Miles’ and ensure that you select British Airways as your airline partner.

This offer will also work with the other Hilton promotions currently running:

Offer 1:

Sign up here and you will receive 1,000 bonus Avios points for every weekend night you stay, on top of the usual 500 Avios.

Offer 2:

Until Friday, there is a 3-day Hilton flash sale running for weekend stays until the end of the year.

Offer 3:

Hilton is offering 1,000 bonus Hilton HHonors points for all stays booked via its iOS app until 31st December.

Offer 4:

‘Winning Weekends’ offers a 25% discount on 2-night weekend stays in London until the end of the year. These rates will show automatically when you try to book.

Offer 5:

For stays of 2 or more nights, you should also sign up for the current global Hilton HHonors promotion, ‘More Nights, More Points’. Here is my post on that. Registration is required.

(To see our complete list of all current hotel promotions for the major chains, click here to visit our ‘Hotel Promos’ page or use the link in the menu bar at the top of the page.)

Another 24,000 points-worth of IHG Rewards Club bonus codes!
Miles & More now offering 120 miles per hotel review on HolidayCheck
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  1. James67 says:

    Also would be worth getting thr credit card and collecting tge 2500 bonus points for the three stays required For the BA promotion.

  2. Diane Reid says:


    I have two nights booked in Waldorf Astoria in Edinburgh next weekend . Are thier any benefits in joining Hiton Honors before I go ?


    • Yes, 1000 Avios per night, assuming you booked it direct and not via an agent, and double points. See links above.

  3. Looks amazing.

    1. How did you get the email when surely you are already HH member? I sadly don’t have the email.

    2. It seems 5 stays required for the bonus Avios:

    “To receive Hilton HHonors Gold status through March 2015, three stays must be completed between October 1 and December 31, 2013. To also receive 25,000 Bonus Avios, five stays must be completed between October 1 and December 31, 2013.”

    • Sorry, typo. Now corrected. Wrote that on an ipad in Madrid with the expected consequence!

      The email may not have gone out yet. The Flying Blue version was only emailed yesterday. Other airline versions have been dripping out during the week.

  4. Moonman85 says:

    Do we have any idea how people are being targeted? Is it anyone with I’m BAEC who does not have hilton honors? Or perhaps people with a high status and no HH account? Or seemingly random?

    • They are targetting people with no Hilton account – seems they have compared the Hilton and BA membership lists.

      • Exactly. How did you qualify then?

      • Seems like a really great offer.

        One thing I don’t understand

        “seems they have compared the Hilton and BA membership lists.”

        That would imply either HH giving their list to BAEC, or vice versa. Surely they are only entitled to do this under data protection for people that have ticked the “third party” promo option on the corresponding system, and if most are like me, that wouldn’t be many ?

        • Correct.

          You really need to bite the bullet with the travel companies and agree to them sharing your details with all and sundry, otherwise you miss out.

  5. TigerTanaka says:

    I have had an email this morning from Flying Blue KLM offering me 25,000 Flying Blue miles for 3 stayin in a Hilton property. Nothing yet from BA…

    • startupflyer says:

      I got the flying blue e-mail as well, but given how poor a program flying blue is I’ll wait for the BA e-mail.

  6. Col A-B says:

    Fingers crossed my husband gets/got this email otherwise I’ll be be joining him up as my Gold is due to expire in March 2014.

  7. MaltapointsTom says:

    Great spot and great offer, although sadly I doubt many HFP readers are not already HHonors members.

  8. Thywillbedone says:

    I am not an HHonors member…are there marketing contact preferences on the BAEC website (could not find)…just want to make sure I have ticked the box to receive emails! Thanks

    • Thywillbedone says:

      Just to add that I cannot ever recall receiving an email from BAEC.

    • Log on to the executive club,
      Click ‘Manage my Account’
      Click ‘Update My Personal Information’
      Scroll to the bottom of the page and there are a couple of tick boxes about sending offers.

      And make sure you have the correct email address entered as well 🙂

  9. God Hilton love to give away Gold like this. Diamond too!

    • Any links for the Diamond?

      • DIamond is complimentary to Exec Club Gold GGL, Amex Centurion, among others. GGL quite useful. FYI HHonors benefits are not what they “used” to be!

  10. SamDubs says:

    Just opted back in to BA emails… Really hope I get the nod for this as it would fit perfectly into upcoming travel plans and help towards my Amex bonus spend.

    Any chance the deal may appear in the offers section of the exec club website or will this be a mailshot only?

    • 100 per cent certain to be targetted as it is an expensive promo for Hilton. They only get 5 per cent or so of your room revenue but are on the hook to buy 25,000 Avios.

      • I’m FB Plat, LH SEN, TK Gold and BA Gold, not a dribble from HHonors. Diamond there. Concerned my data is being shared like this to know NOT to send me the promo. WIfe is BA Silver, FTL and FB Gold but and no HHonors but got nothing.

  11. Received this from Flyblue last night, but I’m already a member and sync’d up to BAEC.

    Couple of questions for you guys – Would this involve me opening another Hilton Honors Club membership or can I add it to the existing membership? And can I pass the code on to someone else?

  12. Interesting!
    My HHonors Gold is currently linked to my Iberia Plus card. Wonder if I’ll hear anything from BA?
    No email received yet.

  13. OK So I received the email for Etihad. Instant Gold til the end of Dec and only 3 stays for Gold til March 2015.

    Five stays for the 25K.

    I’ve logged into the new HH account and it’s asking me to choose an airline partner. Do you think I can get away with choosing BAEC?

    • Very good question. Probably OK – you’d need to see the rules. However, you’ll need more than 25K Etihad anyway for a decent redemption, so no harm sending the miles from a few stays to them.

  14. So Raffles, how did you get the promo email? You had the HH account already…

  15. Thywillbedone says:

    Not sure this offer would work for me: am central London based and have no unbooked travel plans between now and year end. Being in London I don’t think the strategy of booking the nearest cheap Hilton without staying there works based on the assumption that an avios is worth a 1-1.5p. Any ideas?

    • Agreed, in London it doesn’t work as a mattress run. But unless you’ve had the email, its not a problem to worry about!

  16. Simmonds87 says:

    Has any received this via email from BAEC yet? – I’d like to book the LHR T5 hotel for next week.

  17. Raffles are you saying you need to be set to BAEC to GET the email or just to collect the Avios? I’m currently set on Iberia.

    • You’ll need to have a BAEC account to have a chance of being invited into this promotion. However, if you’ve already got a HH account in the same address as your BA account, its unlikely you’ll be invited anyway!

  18. Mike Turnbull says:

    Is the activation code transferable ? If so, I wouldn’t mind having it.

  19. littlefish says:

    Can anyone confirm whether BAEC e-mails sent on this? Kind of odd nothing positive reported yet.

    • They are dribbling out, airline by airline. Etihad and Flying Blue versions definitely went out this week. BA may not have gone yet.