750 Avios x 2 for enrolling in e-Rewards and completing just one survey

(EDIT, March 2015 – it is no longer possible to join e-rewards via ba.com.  You need to wait for BA to email you with an invitation.  You can still join via avios.com using the link below.)

I am not a big fan of earning Avios or indeed any loyalty points via e-Rewards. That said, when I wrote this post about the ‘points for questionnaires’ company here, I got a mini-backlash from people who were doing quite nicely out it.

(I should also confess that I joined again recently, for 1 week. Virgin Flying Club offered me 500 miles to join and complete one survey. I joined, I completed one survey, I waited for my miles and I cancelled my membership again!)


Historically, you could not join e-Rewards at will. You had to wait to be invited by a sponsoring hotel or airline.

This appears to have changed, however, because both avios.com and ba.com now have a direct application link on their site. And they are offering 750 Avios points for joining and completing just one survey.

The avios.com page is here.

The ba.com page is here (scroll down to the e-rewards box)

You must use a different email address for your second registration!

Long-term, I am not a fan of e-Rewards. I think that it requires more effort than it is worth. However, 750 Avios for one survey (multiplied by two, for each scheme) is an option not to miss. If you have previously joined and cancelled, you can rejoin if you use a different email address.

And something for ex-BMI e-Rewards members ….

One of the odd things about e-Rewards is that, depending on which airline or hotel company invites you to join, you are presented with a different range of redemption options. It allows e-Rewards to work with companies which would usually be competitors, because if (for example) you join via a Club Carlson invitation you may not be given the option to transfer your e-Rewards points to Hilton HHonors.

If you joined e-Rewards via BMI British Midland, you are likely to have been sending your e-Rewards points over to Iberia Plus instead, as that was the only Avios option.

If you now log-in, though, ex-BMI members of e-Rewards will see that British Airways and avios.com are also now both partners you can use.

Weirdly, though, the conversion rates are not the same!

These are the rates on offer:

avios.com and BAEC

1,200 Opinion Points – 250 Avios

2,000 Opinion Points – 500 Avios

3,500 Opinion Points – 1000 Avios

Iberia Plus

2,000 Opinion Points – 750 Avios

4,000 Opinion Points – 1500 Avios

8,000 Opinion Points – 3000 Avios

So, effectively, you are getting a 50% bonus by converting to Iberia Plus instead of BA or avios.com! This will also have the added bonus of keeping your Iberia Plus account ‘active’, thus enabling you to move Avios to or from Iberia Plus and benefit from their lower taxes on Iberia redemptions.

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  1. StephenF says:

    This is indeed true – I did this a month or so ago. The confusing thing is that it is not automatic. I complained that I hadn’t received the points, but it turns out you have to redeem them via the rewards section of your account. Click “750 Avios” then it will do the transfer.

    I went for the 1000 Avios (or was is 2k?) by doing the surveys. It was HARD work as half of the surveys are not ipad compatible, and mentally I would only do them in the evenings whilst watching television. I did not want to make a special effort by turning on the computer. Passive Avios!

    I gave up after my points target as I got so frustrated with broken surveys and ipad issues.

    Please note: If you have a problem with a survey, their support team always replies and credits the points anyway. I did this alot.

    • StephenF says:

      Oh and you do get kicked out of surveys for not fitting the profile. Always click none of the above when it asks if you are “employed in any of the above sectors”. You will get the hang of it.

      The big earning surveys didn’t come through that often so it is extremely frustrating to be kicked out!!

      • The Virgin miles bonus was still triggered by me being kicked out of surveys and receiving the nominal participation bonus.

    • Russell Evans says:

      They advertise on their homepage an e-rewards mobile app available from both Apple app store and Google play. Not sure if this opens the possibility to use your mobile device to earn rewards? Imagine it should? Search e-Rewards Mobile plus and remember if searching on iPad using iOS7 to change the search filter at the top to “iphone only” as it appears the app is not optimised for iPad (but can be used on one).

  2. James67 says:

    If a new email address is necessary to rejoin erewards that is something new. I have joined/cancelled 3 different sponsors using the same email without any problem. I also find it more trouble than it’s worth. Surveys seem to have become longer for less return. Also I get the impression many surveys now collect quite a lot of the info they want anyway before telling you that you dont qualify. Scheme can be useful though if you are a few hundred or thousand points short of a reward goal and no other option to attain it.

    • StephenF says:

      I agree with the above. I complained about survey going 3/4 through collecting data then booting me out. Got the points!!

    • I was only taking an educated guess about the email ….!

      • James67 says:

        Probably good advice though for those with a string of email zddresses; you never know when rulescmight change.

    • Lady London says:

      I’m very heartened to see you giving this same feedback about e-rewards, as I have been giving repeatedly to another survey company. Basically a lot of surveys seem to ask you 19 questions over 7 or 8 screens with each question requiring up to 5 answers, then miraculously on question 20 you get told you are screened out. I’ve even had surveys that do this, then ask you to “press the button to submit your data”. Like h*** I will.

      I’ve asked the survey company to police this – if I’m not getting paid then are they? – without result. The data requested “free” is very often well beyond that they could possibly need just for filtering. I’ve ratcheted down my survey participation and likely to report the relevant survey company on forums.

      • The best e-Rewards survey I ever got was a very, very specific one. It was on a niche investment banking topic on which I was – at the time – one of the 50 most knowledgable people in Britain (nothing to do with HFP, miles etc). And I got thrown out after the initial filtering questions!

      • James67 says:

        Yes, this is somrthing relatively new. It used to be you knew you were in or out very quickly but not now. I just keep my erewards account now in event I need to round up a few points on Hilton or miles on United. I no longer respond to invitations unless I need to. Unlike Raffles my credentials have proven to be very acceptable, even when I had many doubts of my own!

  3. I earn about 500 avios a month through erewards. Most surveys work fine on Firefox on andriod, most surveys use Flash.

    Do not download the erewards+ app on andriod ot is a battery killer, see reviews on google play.

    • Agreed, but I find the surveys come quite often and the points get credited quickly.
      Currently signed up with Emirates and Virgin Atlantic, and quickly earn approx 12,000 per year hassle free…

      • Hi Thomas, Did you use a different email address but the same name and address on your 2 accounts?

        I’ve had 7,500 Avios sent to Iberia this year from surveys so far, some do take a bit of time to complete though, I signed up via IHG so can convert to a number of different airlines (useful if you want to stop points expiring)

        I installed the e-rewards app, checked what was using the battery on my tablet a few months later and almost all of it was being used by e-rewards at which point I uninstalled it.

        • Simon,
          I have Virgin under one email address and Emirates under another, but both under my own name.
          Agree with all that the e-Rewards mobile app is pointless.

  4. Sinizter says:

    I have been a member for a while and I seem to get a steady stream of well-paying surveys. In the last 4 months, I have cashed out 1500 Avios in three of the months. There was a period in between where I was getting almost nothing worth doing.

    Some of the surveys are long and boring, others are better designed and less boring. Personally, I am likely to continue using it. If i don’t have the time to do a particular survey, I just let it pass.

  5. E-Rewards is also a fairly useful way of keeping an Avios.com account alive and eligible for RFS flights.

    • Considering that an Avios account will only expire after 3 years if not a single point is earned, that’s a long time to go without earning any points. And if you aren’t earning points, or only a few via e-rewards, what’s the point?

      • ‘Activity’ is different, though. Now that Iberia has stopped Reward Flight Saver it is less of an issue, but you would have had to have IB activity each year (not including Avios transfers) to keep your ability to book RFS.

        I am assuming you can still transfer to / from IB without annual ‘activity’, even though you need ‘activity’ to orginally allow your account to do transfers?

  6. You can change the name and address on the erewards account. If you want to transfer the points into another persons Avios/Iberia etc account. I have done this many times.

    Does anyone know of a sponsor that has AA as a partner.

    • I signed up via AA themselves, but note that they are US based surveys requiring US address and they operate under cash rather than points and they know when you log in from the UK, so you can not do the surveys.

  7. I’ve signed up, but have no surveys to complete. Any idea of how long it takes to get a survey? I guess it depends on your profile, but I am hoping it is a matter of hours rather than weeks! Thanks

  8. I trhink my first survey came through within a day and I was able to claim the 750 Avios not long after that (though as has been said above, they aren’t automatic. You have to claim them via the rewards page).

    Future surveys are then few & far between and most you get rejected for before the end for one reason or another. I had enough points for 1000 Avios after a month of surveys so not a great reward for you time in my opinion after the initial 750 Avios signup bonus.

  9. Despite the backlash on the previous post regarding e-rewards, it seems many people are still unhappy with it (like us, Raffles) and find it a rather pointless and time consuming exercise (and that’s not even considering their Apple and Android tablet issues).

    Even now, the supposed “free” 750 bonus Avios comes at a price… Just joining e-Rewards means completing a loooong signup survey. And that doesn’t even fully complete your profile! I’ve signed up 1 Avios account, but given the time just to do so, not sure I’ll do the Mrs as well.

  10. I’ve delegated these survey filling activities a while ago (initially as a test) to a cheap offshore PA service I use for other things. They fill them in, I collect the Avios – I estimate this is at a cost of 0.3-0.4p per Avios cost to me, so its a win for me.

  11. I have 4 accounts – avios.com, IHG, hhonors and virgin. Every 6 months or so they seem to get deactivated, probably when some algorithm detects that I am not answering the surveys properly.

    When that happens, I close the erewards account, and without fail within another 2-3 months I get invited again, for a new bonus. Recently I got reinivted to IHG, which makes me think they send out invites on fixed dates given that this has coincided with Raffles’ post.

    Virgin seems to be offering 500 miles for every new signup, but unfortunately you can only get the virgin bonus once per virgin account, even if you create a new erewards account. My whole family has gotten 500 virgin miles each though.. they don’t check the details.

  12. taff_2003 says:

    Just signed up and completed the looooonnnnngggg account profile. However, my activation email didn’t come through despite my email address being right and ensuring it didn’t hit my spam folder. Had to email e-rewards customer help to find out what happened. 🙁

    • If your only intention is to do one survey, bank the 750 Avios and then quit (which it should be, in my view!) then you don’t need to bother with the full profile. You only need to qualify for one survey, after all!

  13. Mike Turnbull says:

    Just filled in any old rubbish to start with. .. and after the first survey I will be cancelling. ..too much private information and hassle for me.

  14. OK, in order to play an active part in the e-rewards game you really need to have a lot of time on your hands. And I’m not ashamed to admit I’m a procrastinator… at least sometimes. So, whenever I need procrastination time I fill out a survey and by doing so I have earned around 7500 Avios this year (via Iberia and “combine my Avios”). Had I spent the same amount of time doing something productive I could have earned a lot more real-world money, but… I’m a procrastinator and I have a lot of time on my hands.

  15. You don’t need to wait for an invitation to get the 500 Virgin Miles either, just join using the link on this page


  16. gnarlyoldgoatdude says:

    I mentioned it in the previous thread, I love these surveys.
    I net about 30,000 miles a year across various e-mail accounts and various partners. I mostly pay into Iberia, BA, VS, Hilton and US Airways, but occasionally use other partners.

    Yes there are problems (especially as my sister works in Market Research which can screen me out of many surveys), but actually grabbing a quick 25 points for a few seconds work is preferrable to being screened out later in the process.
    Their customer services are inconsistent in replying to broken survey queries, with my account being creditted only about 50% of the time that I complain.
    However, you sometimes end up with surveys worth multiple 1000s of points (i.e. ones where they want you to keep an online diary etc.). Some of these are less work than the 300 point ones that you commonly get.

    Iphone survey app doesn’t seem to work very well, or is too selective (it’s meant to pick up people in certain locations.) I’ve done about 10 app surveys, but nothing in the last 6 months despite 2 or 3 app updates.

    And remember, some of the surveys are interesting and good fun (BrainJuicer etc.). You might enjoy them!

  17. MaltapointsTom says:

    Any idea how long it is before the 750 Avios become available in the “reward centre”? I have now completed a survey but no 750 Avios option there yet…

  18. Frenske says:

    I haven’t received any 750 Avios and have done 2 big surveys and plenty of those mini ones.

    • Check under the Rewards tab at the top of the page .. Click on 750 Avios and it should be there.

  19. I keep getting invites to surveys and when i click on the link (with 24 hours of receiving email) it states that the survey is no longer open. So I have as yet to actually complete a survey. Anybody else had this happen?

  20. Didn’t think Reward flights (RFS) could be booked on IB now?

    You may want to transfer to Iberia instead of to British Airways, though — that way you have an active Iberia account, and will be able to transfer your British Airways points to Iberia if it helps you to do so. Iberia does not add fuel surcharges to award tickets for travel on Iberia.

  21. Correct, they can’t. However, IB short haul redemptions booked on the IB website will have very low taxes anyway (no fuel surcharge) so the taxes are in line with RFS pricing anyway.

  22. My 750 Avios showed on AW today.