Another IHG Rewards Club 24-hour “flash sale” on Monday – some VERY good deals!

IHG Rewards Club, the Holiday Inn / Crowne Plaza / InterContinental hotels grouping, will be running a second ‘flash sale’ on Monday 21st.

A selection of hotels will be offered at 25%-75% off their regular redemption rate.  Here is the list of hotels taking part.

IHG Rewards Club

You can only book for 24 hours from Monday at 10am US Eastern Time (3pm UK) for stays between October 23rd and November 23rd. 

There are some decent options on the list:

  • 75% off Holiday Inn Phuket Beach Resort
  • 50% off Crowne Plaza Athens – City Centre
  • 75% off InterContinental Madrid
  • 50% off Crowne Plaza Geneva
  • 75% off Crowne Plaza Antalya
  • 75% off Indigo Paddington
  • 75% off Holiday Inn Edinburgh
  • (plus 7 other UK hotels)
  • 75% off Holiday Inn Dubai Al-Barsha
  • 50% off Holiday Inn Express NYC – Wall Street

This is only a small fraction of the hotels listed.  Basically, if you have ANY travelling planned up to 23rd November, you should take a look at the full list and see if there is a property to which you can switch.

(To see our complete list of all current hotel promotions for the major chains, click here to visit our ‘Hotel Promos’ page or use the link in the menu bar at the top of the page.)

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  1. whiskerxx says:

    Would a reward stay in Indigo Paddington count towards one of the required brands for my BIg Win promotion?

    ( for info – when I open Headforpoints, Norton Security removes the file “Exploit Toolkit Website 25”. Does anyone else get this?)

  2. Mrtibbs1999 says:

    My norton picked it up too, thus why I’m on my iphone now. Raffles, have someone look into this ASAP, if Chrome decides to block you, it’ll cause you major seo issues.

    • Google Webmaster Tools shows:

      Google has not detected any malware on this site.

      It is almost certainly something in one of the ads that is causing a false alarm.

  3. Brian Taylor says:

    Reward stays do not earn points, so I doubt they’ll count towards the Big Win, alas.

  4. Farringdon says:

    I’m having security issues with my corporate firewall at the office. When I opened the site yesterday, the firewall completely shut down all internet access for 10 minutes. Seems like there’s a serious problem with something on the website.

    • There was something yesterday, you are the 3rd person to mention it. It must have been some code in one of the ads that was being mistaken for malware.

      I am 99 per cent certain that Google scans all its ads for malware, and the stuff that comes via the agency is 100 per cent blue chip advertisers (M&S, Disney etc) so it would be a surprise if there had been anything in that.

      For what its worth, I never got any warnings yesterday and I spend longer on the site than the rest of you!

  5. James67 says:

    Ohh so good and too bad 🙁 I wonder why they didnt change dates this time. Phuket would have been perfect for me first week December, would have saved me over £700 for a week. And if ionly it had been Edinburgh HI last time instead of West. Anyway, some you win, some you lose. Anybody have a chance to use the Phuket HI go for it, it is a great hotel .

  6. Peter Cashen says:

    The exploit is still being caught.

    My corporate Symantec Endpoint Protection just got it now!

    • Very very odd. Still had not nothing pop up here and only a very small number of reports (versus the 4,000 unique visitors we had yesterday).

      • I have run a full Wordforce scan on the site, with no issues. I have removed the two video ads that ran at the bottom of two posts this week, which is the only thing that I can imagine could be causing a problem.

  7. Will bonus codes work with any of these purchases?i

    • No, because they are reward nights and they don’t count as ‘qualifying stays’.

      Ironically, the HIX in Madrid I stayed at last night was on offer at 5,000 points per night when I booked. They must have thought I was crazy, given my points balance, to be turning up and paying cash. Little did they know ….!

      • Presumably, though, your wife doesn’t have such a large balance…

        • Ironically she does, because I did ‘Crack The Case’ for her 2 years ago and she had a big bonus target. I don’t redeem hers much, as I usually redeem at IC’s and I am an IC Ambassador, she is not. Any IC redemptions therefore come out of my account.

          (PS. Any reference to “my” points balance on HFP should always be taken as referring to either my balance or her balance, depending on which account I am using at the time!)

  8. mrtibbs1999 says:

    Do you have any knowledge of how tight a grip IHG take on Bonus promo abuse. For example, If I could status match multiple accounts to plat and then transfer the points for free, how do you think it would go?

    • They are s***-hot on spotting duplicate accounts, I had one closed once. They seem to match credit card numbers used for bookings, oddly. They would probably also pick up on transfers to the same airline account from different PC accounts.

      However, if you open accounts, do a stay on each and then redeem the points for hotel nights, you should be fine. You could use different names on each if you always put yourself down as second guest. Not worth trying to match them to Plat – the extra base points bonus is peanuts and you’re unlikely to get much benefit when you redeem.

      • mrtibbs1999 says:

        Thanks for the insight. I suspected that with 35k points available for £25 they might be a little clued up on stopping people from abusing the process on a massive scale. I have an account for me and one for my wife with circa 40k each in. I’m going to redeem for cash and points at the Intercontinental Dubai in 2 weeks.

        If I was to create 2 new accounts, with new email addresses, new IP’s and pay using 3V cards, do you think that I would stand a chance of being able to have a go that way?

        • Yes, that would be fine. If you are paying at check-out I’m not sure the credit card bit applies anyway, as IHG would not have access to your payment details.

          If you’ve not been to IC Festival City Dubai before, note that the Crowne Plaza is in the same building (they share a pool and cross-charge all restaurants) and is a cheaper redemption. If you are Platinum but not an Ambassador, you may also get an upgrade at the CP whilst you’d get nothing at the IC. Both hotels very nice, though.

        • mrtibbs1999 says:

          I have booked the discounted HI in the flash sale. I know there are much better hotels out there but for 15k points(that cost me £10!!!!!!!!!!!!!) I could not resist. I’m there 2 nights but in reality only there for 38 hours before I fly to the Seychelles on my error fare adventure!

  9. EvilGazebo says:

    I take it if I haven’t got enough IHG points in my account for a flash sale redemption, I’m not going to be able to correct that in time?

    i.e. assume neither Virgin or Amex UK MR transfers to IHG are instantaneous?

    • No they’re not. And Amex doesn’t transfer to IHG anymore, unfortunately.

      You can buy points instantly at $7 per 1000. You need 5000 to start with. You then find a 15,000 point hotel, do a redemption booking, and select the ‘5000 points plus $70 option’. Book the hotel then immediately cancel it. You don’t get the $70 back, but you get the full 15,000 points back in your account. Repeat as necessary.

      Do NOT do this for the Indigo deal, though, as I reckon it won’t be bookable. It is a 64 room hotel with 3 reward rooms per night (5%, the contractual limit IHG forces on hotels). That is 90 rooms over the 30 day booking period, of which possible a third will already have been booked at full rate. Your chance of getting one of the others is not great.

      • EvilGazebo says:

        Brilliant as ever, you managed to tell me 3 separate things I didn’t know in that reply! Although it was dawning on me about no more AMEX > IHG literally as the email reply notification hit 🙂

        And you correctly guessed my intention was Indigo so I won’t chance it – thanks. Although the points+cash purchase trick is very good to know for future use…..

        • Yes, I’ve had a wasted afternoon trying to book the Paddington Indigo.

          Wrong information displaying about room availability, rooms booked all the way through the process at 11,250 points, but 45,000 points taken out, slow systems and lots of confusion.

          The consensus, incidentally, is that at most only 1 of the 3 reward rooms per night was discounted to 11,250. I did a pretty thorough scan and check of dates, and I’m convinced that some nights weren’t discounted at all (possibly where reward nights were already sold out).

          I did manage to grab a single night I needed, but this put paid to any idea of a cheap vacation.


        • HIX Croydon is not a bad hotel, you know! Relatively short stroll to East Croydon station which is 20 minutes into Central London. Only 50% off, so 7500 per night.

        • Smiley miley says:

          I had a go at buying 5,000 points in the hope of doing a 5,000 redemption booking and then cancelling it but am still waiting for the points to be credited to my IHG account. Having missed out on this sale can anyone tell me how long I am likely to have to wait until I get another opportunity?

        • This was the 2nd of these sales, so if they are becoming a regular feature then it will be same time next month.

          A new list of general PointsBreak properties should be out soon as well, all at 5000 points per night, but these are less exciting hotels.

  10. lets say you book a rewards night using this flash sale or the normal process. is there anything you can do to make it a qualifying stay, like charge something to the room or breakfast? apols if this has already been answered before

  11. Note that the flash sale is for stays up until 22nd November, not 23rd. Makes a difference if you were hoping for a getaway that weekend (like I was :().

    Sure it said 23rd November on the IHG message board when I first looked, but it definitely doesn’t now!

    • Odd stuff happening with Indigo Paddington. If you couldn’t get a room before, try now – lots has opened up.

    • I booked the night of 22nd to 23rd at Indigo London Paddington (albeit, they only had standard rooms available). After that, rooms are back up to full price.

      And thanks to Raffles for alerting me that lots more availability in the hotel has opened up.

  12. I booked one for 31st and it worked fine. Tried again now for Saturday-Sunday and they are all gone 🙁
    It was a very good deal considering that i booked non refundable for double the money for the whole week with Accor hotels, i was well upset.

    Btw can you help please,is it better to keep the Accor promotion on Air berlin x5points or 3x Avios points? I have 10 days of stays coming up with them and would like to maximise my avios

    • Depends if you have a plan to use the AB miles. Better to earn 3x Avios and redeem them than earn 5x topbonus but not have enough for a redemption …

  13. Well with only 10125 IHG points in the bank I thought I was going to be out of luck here, but I managed to scoop 4 rooms at the Hotel Indigo Paddington for the 1st and 2nd of November for 1125 points + $70 per night!

  14. limelight says:

    If you did book Indigo Paddington, worth checking your reservations. I booked 2x Deluxe room nights, got confirmations, showed online. Someone has gone into the online reservations a few hours ago and downgraded them both to Standard. I’d be surprised if I was the only one….

    • Still showing Exec King for me, not sure if Platinum status protects me?

      • limelight says:

        Very glad to hear you’re not affected. I’m Platinum too, so goodness knows what they’re up to. They do always find a way to keep it interesting…

      • I don’t think it will. As a Plat I was once upgraded to an overwater villa then downgraded to a duplex villa. On arrival they offered me the duplex, luckily I had printed the booking showing the upgraded room. Which they honoured. I keep an eye on my IHG point bookings as they do tend to change room types up and down prior to check in.

    • Only standard left by the time I got to the party, I’ll flip at least 2 of the rooms just to scale up my points balance in any case.