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Just a quick admin message!  We will be on holiday for the next 10 days, so there will be a slightly different format to Head for Points.

Starting tomorrow, I will running fully updated versions of the ‘Avios Redemption University’ series, as well as updated versions of some ‘think pieces’.  ‘New news’ will probably be limited to just one story per day, although if there is more to write about then I will.  (It is far quicker to write ‘news’ stories than ‘think pieces’ anyway.)

One upside of this trip should be a review of Emirates A380 business class, which I haven’t flown for 5 years.  If lucky, I might even get to review the new Concourse A ‘lounge’ in Dubai, where you have a complete floor of the terminal for business class passengers – with every restaurant etc being free!

I may even get to give BA’s new First Class seat a go for the first time – travelling mainly with family in recent years meant I have spent most of my time in Club World since the new seats rolled out.  However, unfortunately one person from our group will have to fly in First this time due to a lack of Club World availability ….!

A quick word about the ads on Head for Points

Unless you only read Head for Points via email (in which case, you are missing some fantastic contributions in the comments sections of the posts), you will undoubtedly have noticed that a couple of new ad formats have appeared on the site recently.  There are the l-o-n-g Disney and Magnet ads which are twice as deep as a normal ad, and then the M&S ad which takes over the left and right empty margin.

I hope you don’t find these intrusive – they don’t appear all the time, and in any event I don’t actually have much control over what appears.  Fundamentally, internet users are ‘tuning out’ of ads these day which is leading to experiments with new ad formats.  In general, I quite like the ads that are served and I think slugs of M&S plus the National Theatre, English National Opera etc ads which appeared over the Summer work well on what is fundamentally a UK-focussed site.

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  1. Clive J says:

    Sounds like a bit of a ‘busman’s holiday’. I’m sensing that negotiations over who gets the BA First seat are still to be concluded! Enjoy the break.

  2. Kenneth Tan says:

    Not offerring the First to the missus and leaving her to deal with the kids?
    You asking for trouble!

  3. Send one of the kids in First then open Flyertalk and order in the popcorn. Happy Holiday!

  4. Looking forward to reviews, tried the A380 business class and it’s a very good product with a slightly different service compared to their 777s, a little less attentive, but this is more than made up for by the bar at the back. Interested in a comparison versus BA which I still haven’t tried.

    Readers may have seen the new ‘concourse’ getting built on the National Geographic documentary on DXB, its very good and much more relaxed than the main terminal buildings (well at 4am it is!)

  5. Oh Matron! says:

    You do a sterling service, and as I’m awaiting my 10,000 clubcard points to magigorically* turn into 25,000 FC miles, I wanted to say that the ads are a small price to pay for finding these points.

    Furthermore, compared to all of the ‘experts’ on boarding area that seem to do nothing but:
    – pass off other peoples findings as their own
    – hawk nothing but credit card referrals
    I find the advice (and comments) on here invaluable. In fact, I’ve stopped going to boarding area now.

    Keep up the good work and enjoy your travels…


    • I think the 30% bonus for conversion to FC runs till end of month, so give yourself another 7,500 miles! (equal to a return flight from LHR to EDI)

  6. This will mean a significant increase in my productivity in work over the next 10 days

  7. Have a great holiday, Raffles.

  8. Tbh I block all ads so I haven’t seen any, but I have sent 5 IHG bookings and lots of Amazon purchases your way – hope they’ve tracked and paid!