Clubcard vouchers now available online … and Virgin 30% bonus still running for 3 days!

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It usually takes a while for Tesco to take the Clubcard points earned in the previous quarter and convert them into vouchers. This time, though, they have been super-quick.

If you log in to your Clubcard account, you will see that your vouchers for the last quarter are there, available for redemption. Some people have also reported already receiving their postal vouchers as well – although you don’t need to wait for these in order to redeem, as the voucher code numbers are already online.

This means – rather unexpectedly, since vouchers do not normally appear in accounts until the following month – there is an unexpected opportunity to still take advantage of the 30% conversion bonus on Tesco Clubcard points to Virgin Flying Club.

Tesco Virgin

There are a few rules if you want to convert to Virgin:

The offer is open to everyone

You must convert by 31st October

There is no maximum or minimum conversion, apart from the usual £2.50 minimum which applies to all deals

One converter will win 4 UK domestic flights on Little Red (woo!)

The bonus appears to post automatically with the base miles

Virgin has made real efforts recently to make economy redemptions more attractive in recent months. As I posted here, Virgin has cut taxes on many routes (New York is £120 cheaper than BA) and charges fewer miles at times (5,000 fewer for an economy ticket to New York.)

The changes to the Virgin cancellation policy have also made Virgin redemptions more attractive.

Virgin Flying Club miles can also be converted to Hilton HHonors at a decent ratio of 1:2 (and also to IHG Rewards Club at a poorer 1:1) so this is also a potential opportunity to bump up your Hilton balance as well.  (Note that the UK Virgin website mistakenly says the conversion rate to Hilton is 1:1.  The US – and indeed all the other regional – sites show the correct 1:2)

That said, if you value Hilton HHonors points at 0.3p, as I do, then you are effectively only getting (1 CC = 3.25 Virgin = 6.5 Hilton =) 2p of value for each Clubcard point. Not outstanding, but OK if topping off a balance. The minimum transfer is 10,000 miles to either Hilton or IHG.

If you want to convert to Virgin, remember that you only have three days to initiate your transfer. I am assuming that October 31st relates to the date that you initiate the conversion, as you have no control over how long it takes Tesco to send them over. That said, they usually appear very quickly (24 hours is not unusual).

Love Clubcard, don’t collect Avios?  You should be reading our sister site, Shopper Points (, which covers the latest Clubcard and Nectar offers without any distracting frequent flyer talk!  Why not check it out now?

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  1. yep..did mine yesterday.. cleared this morning with 30% jam 🙂

    • Same here.
      All in my account this morning having done transfer yesterday afternoon.
      Nice when it works so efficently.

  2. Sent my first miles to ba exec club yesterday….. arrived today! no bonus but need miles!!

  3. On the subject of Tesco today’s the last day to get 5000 points for taking out life insurance

    • Good spot!

    • whitenoise says:

      Good reminder, this prompted me to sign-up. It seems though I have been selected to go for a medical examination though which is a pain. Guess I shouldn’t have ticked the scuba diving below 40m and go inside wrecks box….

      Do you think it is still worth going ahead with it?

      • Offer will no doubt be back soon, you could reapply then and forget to tick those boxes (unless you seriously want to keep the insurance).

  4. taff_2003 says:

    Cleaned out my CC account into VS FC for the second time in 3 months. Starting with a zero balance 3 months ago, my FC account is starting to look nice and healthy. That bonus has really helped! 🙂

  5. Could we be seeing a ba 30% bonus soon

  6. This is my second run into Virgin transfers with Tesco on the 30% bonus. I’ve moved a smaller tranche this time so that I can keep my window open for an Avios transfer. I did this first thing Monday AM, and they posted incl. bonus this morning. Although I’m big on BA & Avios, I have to admit I do like Virgin’s redemption discounts that they float every few months, but it seems always in August. I’ve seen those as good value for US trips, so keen to keen 100k in virgin points for diversity purposes.

    As a side, I see that you can get 500 Tesco points for a Kodak AZ251 Camera. Might be useful Christmas present.

  7. yeah. any signs of a BA conversion bonus coming up soon?

    • I hope not, I converted everything I had yesterday. To be honest with the way things are going, I’m more concerned about them reducing the standard conversion ratio than I am optimistic about another bonus conversion.

  8. My points auto converted to Virgin on the 23rd October and I duly received the 30% bonus .

    On a related note, thank you Raffles. With your help I achieved over 24,000 clubcard points this period which translated to 79,000 Virgin miles – an UC redemption to US East Coast.


  9. To be honest, although this is clearly good news, if I knew this in advance I would have setup my strategy in a different way. As I moved a bigger portion from MR to VA last month to benefit of the 20% bonus and just a small one to BA, thinking the points would come after the deadline now I find myself in the position i might end up a bit too long of VA and short of Avios having lost the BA bonus opportunities.
    I need to sort out how to produce a good amount of Avios over the next few months! and last night I already had a couple of ideas…I need to check them out before releasing them to the public, though!
    Any update on the 3V cards anyone?

    We need some new extra promos!

  10. Does anyone know if the instore pre order of “Destiny” is still earning 250 points ?
    The offer seems to have gone, but full price pre order online still shows 500 points.
    Any news ?

    • Actually who has got the codes for buying the preorder at the till??

      • PS3 – 5052910886972
        Xbox – 5052910886996

        • great! thanks

        • If you find the offer still live, please update.

        • Very hard to find the Destiny cases in stores so perfect that the codes have been posted. I can confirm success in a Cambridge store last night (using the game case). Expected points showing on receipt.

        • taff_2003 says:

          What’s the procedure for using these codes at a self-service checkout? Thanks.

        • I usually go to a check out and give them the code. other people went to self service and put the codes manually dropping anything with some weight to bypass the system. However, this promo does not work in Tesco Express. you need at least a METRO one.

        • Thanks! 510 points posted today!

    • It said 27 November for online offer, I assume instore would be the same?

      • Yes it still does, but on looking today that part of the offer has disappeared.

        • Worked instore today for me, for once my Tesco was advertising the offer, it said one per format per customer and it expired on 30/11.

  11. What’s the feeling on an Avios bonus? I get the feeling the bigger fish need fewer incentives like VS or BD do/did.

  12. Avios of course is a Tesco Boost Partner – so i think there will be scope to extend some bonus promotions though including them tin that like the Christmas Boost partners. January is always a holiday planning time so maybe they will do a New Year Boost on Avios. Guessing here but I don’t think the door is shut on that.

    • Noddy question, but can I only convert clubcard vouchers to avios, or can I also convert clubcard points?

      • It’s the other way round 😉 Your Clubcard points are auto converted to vouchers. You can then spend them as you see fit – either in store (generally poor value) or for other items on the website, including Avios.

  13. unless i am being thick my november vouchers are not in my account??

  14. Got very excited when I saw “Special Offer” under Avios on Tesco’s website however all that’s changed is this:
    “Exchange £5 in Clubcard vouchers by 30th November for a chance to win a 5-night dream trip for two to Los Angeles, with accommodation, car hire and flights on British Airways’ new A380 airliners all included.”

    Perhaps this is what we’re getting, instead of a transfer bonus? 🙁

    • Last years avios bonus had a condition attached to it – the bonus only applied if you hadn’t converted in the previous 12 months. So when i see offers like this i always get cynical about why they are doing it! When i have converted avios this year its been to my avios account, and then transferred over to BA account, just in case same terms as last year reappear.

  15. Have also go the 30% bonus VFC points from a large clubcard conversion and transferred the points from Tesco CC to VFC and then split these across Hilton Honours and IHG. The points will cover nearly 2 weeks hotel stays in Florida 🙂 !!!!!!!!!!!

    Although HH has a conversion rate of 1:2 from VFC – its hotel bookings require twice as many points as IHG – i.e. 50,000 HH points for Hilton Miami vs. 25.000 points so I would equate transferring VFC points to these hotel prgrammes equally.
    (Unless you have a HH Gold then it wins based on the extra membership benefits over IHG – but HH has less available locations so always check first)

  16. Waribai says:

    Funnily enough popped into Teso last week and pick up 8x 3V cards. As our daughter goes to a well known nursery chain, these will come in very handy. Each £25 just gets added to your account and then is deducted from your monthly invoice. One of the upsides of expensive nursery fees!

  17. Clive J says:

    I bit the bullet last night and switched £50 of CC vouchers to FC points. I sort of feel I should be concentrating on either BA or Virgin but I like the flexibility that holding some of each brings.

  18. Transferred a load of CC to VS yesterday. Posted overnight including 30% bonus.

  19. Eastland says:

    I hope when they do a conversion bonus it doesnt have a 12 month clause… i had to convert some vouchers about to expire in august and stupidly didnt think to go into avios instead of BA. Of course, it means I can always transfer to avios if they are both on offer.

  20. As I was up to the maximum on Tesco spend with my clubcard (they still paid out beyond the maximum) I borrowed my Mum’s.

    Can I use the paper vouchers that are earned via her card to convert to Avois ?(she is not a member of my household account.

    • If the surname and address match it may work, going into a BA account. Don’t try it with as they don’t ask for your account number and may try to match first and surname.

      • Thanks Raffles, surname matches but not address, I suppose Mum could “move in” with me and I could add to the BA Household account. Do they do any address verification before allowing the addition of a new household member ? The Value is 15,000 AVIOS at current rates

        • No, no address verification.

          Unless you already have a HHA, you don’t necessarily need to start one. If you change her Tesco address to match your BA address, you may be able to send the vouchers into your BA account from her Tesco account.

          If you do already have a BA HHA, of course, you might as well add her and do it all above board.

        • Yes I already have a BA HHA, so it seems just adding her to this will do, thanks

        • pazza2000 says:

          Address certainly needs to match however you can may get away without surnames matching. In the past I have converted family members vouchers with different surnames / same address to my BAEC, with no issues converting them on there own or along with my own vouchers. I have not did this in about 9+months now however so things may have changed.