Virgin launches Tesco Clubcard competition and 1,000 free miles for auto-convert opt-in

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Virgin Flying Club has launched two promotions in conjunction with Tesco Clubcard – a competition and a 1,000 miles opt-in bonus.

The competition appears to be a response to this British Airways competition for Tesco converters.  Here are the details:

Virgin Tesco

Right now if you convert your Tesco Clubcard points into Flying Club miles between 4 November and 31 December 2013, you could win one of five prizes of 50,000 miles – Bringing your dream trip closer than ever. With this big boost of miles, you can treat yourself to a return Economy flight to the US, Barbados or Cape Town, an upgrade to Premium Economy or Upper Class and more… 

You are automatically entered if you convert Tesco points to Virgin during the period.  Unlike the BA competition, you only receive one entry per person, however large your conversion.

The second promotion is 1,000 Virgin Flying Club miles if you opt-in to autoconvert your future Tesco Clubcard points to Virgin.

I do not recommend auto-converting your points, to either Virgin or Avios.  You would miss out if a conversion bonus came along, or indeed a better Tesco Clubcard offer for a non-travel deal.  It is better to keep your Clubcard vouchers in a drawer until you need them, or until a conversion bonus appears.

However, if you have a dormant Clubcard account, you should go for this.  In your personal details you can elect to have future Clubcard points sent to Virgin.  Even though your Clubcard account is empty, and will remain empty, you will still get the 1,000 miles.  I did this myself earlier in the year.

There is minimal small print attached to this:

You must sign up for Auto Opt In between 4 November and 31 December 2013 to qualify for the 1,000 bonus miles. The bonus miles can be earned only once. 

Love Clubcard, don’t collect Avios?  You should be reading our sister site, Shopper Points (, which covers the latest Clubcard and Nectar offers without any distracting frequent flyer talk!  Why not check it out now?

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  1. I created a second Cc account for this a few days ago. It won’t let me log in without a Clubcard number. I specifically chose “I don’t have a Cc” when signing up. Will this arrive in the post at some point?

  2. Looks like bonuses are becoming few and far between

    • …especially the decent BA ones 🙁 I just hope I will never read the following headline on Raffles’ blog: “BA ends co-operation with Tesco”. Presumably many of us would be devastated.

  3. Pity Virgin miles are slightly less than useless

    • Depends where you want to go I suppose! I tend to dismiss them as well, but actually if I listed every long-haul destination I’ve flown in the last 10 years, 80% of them would also have been Virgin routes.

      For economy redemptions, there is now clear water between Virgin and BA with Virgin requiring fewer miles and over £100 per person lower taxes.

      Can’t really comment on availability for rewards though.

      I am determined to do a VS long haul next year and have some VS miles sitting around waiting for my Mrs to announce when she intends to take the kids off to her parents for a holiday!

      • Also remember even if you don’t want to fly with them (and UC upgrade from eligible economy fares is similar cost to BA UuA) then you can convert them 1:2 to Hilton points 🙂

      • Good plan. I’m currently hinting a similar plan.

    • Anthony Thomas says:

      Virgin American and Australia have decent redemptions (without the surcharges).

      So if you’re ever in those parts of the world could help you get around / go further!

    • The Other Steve says:

      Still much better than Avios though

  4. Singing Dwarf says:

    Is there a direct link for this to Tesco or Virgin Atlantic website please?
    I cannot find reference to the offer or competition on either site!

  5. I do wonder if Nectar will ever join this bandwagon of airmiles…. Easyjet vouchers don’t count!

  6. squillion says:

    O/T but for the life of me I can’t remember that competition Raffles pointed us to about 10 days ago, ISTR I need to do week 3 before Wednesday?

  7. squillion says:

    Shangri La? Where can I find it pls? Help!

    • I have created a Shangri-La Golden Circle category now, so anyone who wants to find all the past posts on this only needs to click on Shangri-La in the ‘archives by category’ menu on the right, at the bottom.

  8. I’ve just tried to open a second account (have moved and don’t have one at this address) but can’t log in without providing clubcard details either….anyone else had this issue?

  9. Is anything stopping u signing up for auto convert then opting back out before the next run of points?

    • The Other Steve says:

      Nothing at all – I’ve done this before, twice, and got the 1,000 bonus for opting in both times.

      • What happens to vouchers already in your account? I have some in there that I’m waiting for a conversion bonus, will it convert those automatically?

    • Two risks:

      1. You need to cancel opt-out a few weeks before the end of the quarter, you can’t cancel at the last minute
      2. The 1,000 point bonus might not be triggered until the end of the quarter anyway

      There is a risk that you end up sending some points to Virgin that you never intended, and that you never get the bonus anyway.

  10. Hi Raffles, not related to this post but just on the subject of Tesco CC, the wine deal is back and better than the one they ran in May – now offering 1000 pts with £60 purchase with XXGN4C code… until Sunday…

  11. Singing Dwarf says:

    I still cant find this on Tesco or Virgin website – does anybody have a direct URL please?

    • It’s not on the Virgin site, and I can’t post the online version of the email because it shows the account number and miles balance of the person who sent it to me. Neither is it on the Tesco site.

      • Singing Dwarf says:

        So this is a targeted offer then?

        • Rules don’t say so. Are you opted in to junk email from Virgin?

        • Singing Dwarf says:

          Yes, I just checked my Communication Preferences – and I have not ‘opted out’ of Flying Club updates, although I have opted out of ‘Other Virgin Companies’ updates.

          I have checked my Inbox (and Spam) and have received updates from Flying Club on 5th, 7th and 24th October – none of which contain the Tesco link.

          Very odd.

  12. Sorry for posing this here, but I can’t post a comment on the relevant page as it’s too old.

    I’ve just received an email about the Tesco My Kitchen app.

    “Congratulations! You are the lucky winner of the Swan prize draw that featured on the Tesco My Kitchen app during October 2013.”

    It looks real, the wording is similar to those that won 500 points. Does anyone remember this competition? Saying that, I don’t really need a new fridge!

    • No idea, but well done anyway!

    • Yes I think this was the monthly competition on the facebook game (in addition to the million clubcard quarterly comp) to win a Swan Fridge Freezer.

      The November monthly competition is for a London Theatre break to see The 39 Steps.

      • Thanks. It’s terrible that I’d prefer a few thousand points rather than a Swan Fridge! I’ll see if I know anyone who needs a new one.

  13. Just on a side note… I do auto opt in, simply because I’ll forget to convert… I know what I’m like! However, my other half doesn’t and converts during a bonus period.

    During the most recent bonus period, I actually got a 30% bonus anyway – perhaps they’ve changed it, so you get the bonus miles, regardless?