Win 200,000 Avios points with “Twin to Win” (only takes 30 seconds!)

Avios has launched a new competition, “Twin to Win”.  It was being promoted via their Twitter feed, although it may be linked to something else that I haven’t seen yet.

The prize is a good one – 200,000 Avios points!

Avios banner

There is a tiny catch, but it comes with an upside.  The catch is that, if you win, the points will be isolated from your normal points and subject to special rules:

You will have to spend them in one redemption, with any remaining balance being lost

You will need to travel before 20th June

Avios will pay ALL of the taxes and charges on your booking!

It is quick and easy to enter.  Simply go to this website and enter your details (deleted as now dead).  You will also need to name a holiday destination which shares its name with somewhere in the UK, eg Washington.  It asks for your Avios membership number but the rules say that this is an optional field, so no need to dig it out.

The closing date is 12th December.  Good luck!

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  1. Hingeless says:

    New York and er. . .

  2. The competition excludes residents of Northern Ireland. Thanks a bunch, Avios!

    • Think they have dropped a brick with the T&Cs. They state clearly that residents of the UK etc ECG and then exclude Northern Ireland. That is ambiguous at very least and very possibly illegal. The UK is Great Britain and Northern Ireland. To exclude Northern Ireland it should have stated Great Britain.

      Why you would wish to exclude a whole nation within the UK is quite beyond me and I hope that collectors in NI complain loudly to Avios and to the NI assembly. This is mad. Next they will exclude the English!

      Once you start to read the T&Cs the competition is really rubbish!

      • Northern Ireland is often excluded from competitions as they have different gambling laws to the rest of the UK.

        They are also rather complex and are hard to follow, so even if a competition appears to be within the law companies will sometimes exclude them just to be safe.

  3. Thanks for the tips in recent days re Avios,

    The number of Avios is good but the travel restriction to June is clearly designed to make this a prize useless to families or anyone hoping for premium travel…..not that it has stopped me playing!

    But really these restrictions are really mean spirited and shows again the gulf between BA’s attitude to UK customers and those of the USA and Europe.

  4. Melbourne is the obvious choice, or Wellington / Christchurch.

  5. Boston for me. Though there’s a town in Hampshire called Egypt 🙂

  6. Birmingham in Alabama but I have no idea why anyone would like to go there for holiday. 😀

  7. The T&Cs also say the only redemption is 4 economy tickets to Miami.

    • Hingeless says:

      The winner may choose to use the Avios and the cash value against an alternative Avios destination.

  8. My favourite feme
    My favourite female singer comes from Birmingham, AL, so I would defintely go there if she was doing a gig.

  9. gnarlyoldgoatdude says:

    Normandy, France and Surrey
    London, Ontario, Canada and Somewhere over here
    Pembroke, Malta and Pembokeshire
    Cambridge, MA and Cambridgeshire
    Lincoln, NE and Lincolnshire
    Ogden, UT and just north of Halifax

    I always liked the gag, “Birmingham, so good they named it.”

  10. sarah gorman says:

    They have a physical promotion of this at Paddington today. you pick a postcard off a board with one postcard offering 80,000 but everyone gets some free points. I havent logged on with my code yet to see what I have but if anyone’s passing its worth going nad doing

  11. Chilibenny says:

    Just entered thanks, put down for Brentwood, California.

  12. Where it says “Holiday destination anywhere in the world” are we supposed to enter the destination we plan on visiting or is it also for a UK city that shares its name with another destination?

  13. Ts&Cs say winner can redeem for 4 economy flights to Miami “or an alternate Avios destination”. It’s not clear if the 200k could be used for premium travel, or just economy.