More free Avios added to Avios Suitcase (and 400+ if you’ve not played before)

Last month I posted about Avios Suitcase, the new Avios app which is now available on Facebook.

If you didn’t play the app at the time, it is worth clicking on the link above and doing it.  You should earn around 400 Avios by taking part, and it only takes a few minutes.  Take a look at the comments below the post as well, as they explain how to get around some of the buggy issues that may crop up.

If you did play last month, a new badge is now available.  This will earn you a whopping 20 Avios points!

Avios Suitcase

The new badge is Twitter Follower, and will link your Twitter account to follow @aviosuk.  (You can, of course, unfriend AviosUK immediately afterwards if you want, although to be fair they are very measured in what they send out – you won’t be drowing in tweets.)

Whether it is worth the few seconds of your time required to earn just 20 Avios is up to you …..!

(Want to earn more Avios? Click here to see our latest articles on earning and spending your points and click here to see our list of current Avios promotions.)

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  1. thesaver79 says:

    How generous of them 🙂

  2. Thanks, I’ve been checking now and again to see if there are any more offers. I don’t use Twitter, not sure it’s worth opening an account for 20 Avios – although I’ll probably end up doing so !

  3. andystock says:

    Done, took all of 10 seconds so can’t really moan.

  4. Avios Suitcase won’t load for me anymore. I deleted the app then searched again but still can’t get to it.

  5. Oh Matron! says:

    How on earth do you become an “Exclusive Member?” I can’t see any way of liking the page…?!

  6. Seems like the Avios suitcase SA app has been restricted. Had a cheeky look to see if I could earn an extra 20 avios. Won’t let me on. 🙁

  7. If you already follow them on Twitter, you just have to open the app and it automatically adds the 20 Avios. Quite possibly the easiest 20 Avios I have ever earned!

  8. Well – I did from scratch – can’t work out how to get more than 310 Avios, but hey ho, it took seconds, so thanks!

  9. Same, 310 without doing the earlier promotion. All badges done and shared (with myself!)

  10. What info do I need on my FB account for Avios to be forwarded to my AVIOS account automatically? Do I need same email address used?

  11. Thanks for sharing this. Completed it in a few minutes. Easy way to earn some points! 🙂

  12. raffles, when do you think there is going to be another AMEX MR conversion bonus to avios? I am considering cancelling my amex gold however I can wait for another few months until it hits the end of my first year…I am a bit concerned only because on flyertalk people have discussed about the conversion bonus in september and there seemed to be one at that time? I don’t recall seeing any post mentioning this on headforpoints however……

  13. the extra 20 avios have been in my account this morning! thanks raffles!

  14. Kelly Rae says:

    Where it says your “Avios suitcase balance will revert back to 0 every first of the month. The balance shown is for your Avios suitcase app.” Does this mean they will transfer automatically to my Avios account (I have linked it) rather than loosing them?

    • They transfer within 48 hours at the moment, have a look tomorrow. My wife got 20 last night from the Twitter badge which I did on Monday.

  15. avidsaver says:

    All my 310 points earned transferred overnight! Can’t say that I really understand what the suitcase app is all about. Maybe all will become clear in the future – anyway, extra points always gratefully received. Thanks Raffles.

  16. Jonathan says:

    Another 20 points available with a new stamp (that’s now working after initial problems).