Shangri-La Golden Circle Game – Week 5 now available to play

I promised that I would keep readers reminded about the ‘3rd Anniversary’ game running each week for six weeks on the Shangri-La Golden Circle website.

Week 5 is now available to play on the Shangri-La website here.

Golden Circle

My original post on the game is here.  If you play their online game for 5 of the 6 weeks it runs, you will have enough points for a $100 per person food and drink voucher valid at any Shangri-La property – which is exciting, given that they are soon to open at The Shard in London.

Unfortunately, if you are not already signed up to play, there is not much point now.  The maximum number of points you can get is 400 (200 this week, 200 next week) and that doesn’t get you anything worthwhile.

I still only have the points from week 1 in my account, no sign of weeks 2, 3 or 4 yet!

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  1. I got points for first week only

  2. Here’s the mobile link again if anyone uses it…

    • David Butcher says:

      Yes I use your link every week and so does my wife. Thank you for continuing to post it.

    • I also use the link to put in the prize code.

      But, do I have to be logged into my account first after clicking this link? Or is the prize code already linked somehow to my account?

      I’ve played weeks 2.3,4 so far and have zero points in account

      • No, no need to be logged in. No one else has points from weeks 2 to 4 yet either!

      • The prize code is unique and linked to your account, so no login required. Regarding the missing points, please have a look at the other comments.

  3. I started on week 2, and don’t have any points at all.

  4. Well I’ve been doing this religiously for me and the wife but accounts shows 200 points each and that’s all – I wonder what other people’s accounts are showing?

  5. I posted this on one of the other pages relating to this, but I get an error message saying i’ve already used the code when I try to put today’s bonus code in. Have emailed Golden Circle about this but no response yet. I’ve only received the points from week 1 as well – hope they post before I stay at the Shangri La in Bangkok in January…

    • Maybe somebody else typed in your code by mistake (“typo”) which would mean they have registered your participation already. There is nothing to stop you from typing in random codes and at least some of them will trigger the “thank you – your points will be credited…” message. IMHO it would have made more sense if everybody had to type in the code after logging into one’s GC account.

      • You need to pair the email address so no chance to be mistaken

        • I don’t think so, Idrive. Please have a look at the link Ian posted above – all you have to do is type in the code. I always use the mobile app – same there. If you would send me your code, I could put it in for you and your account would be credited. Every code is linked to an individual GC account, so any typo might lead to somebody else being credited.

        • There are 916,132,832 possible codes, so it’s highly unlikely that you would credit somebody else by mistake.

        • I see what you mean Volker but possibly those code are generated randomly so it will be very unlikely as John said. we shall see!

  6. Like others who started in week 1, I too only have 200 points in my account so far (and those points do refer to week 1 of the game).

    It appears nobody has points for week 2 onwards yet so don’t worry, you are in the same situation as everyone else at the moment!

  7. Chris Storrie says:

    Another one with only 200 points and filled in every week. No need to panic because received the confirmation email every week

  8. Likewise, 200 pts, though when going into the statement breakdown, they refer to the regular and bonus points from wk1, which I think is more reassuring than the bonus pts not posting!

  9. See Response I got 3 weeks agao ..
    “”Further to your query below, please be informed that the bonus GC Award Points will be credited to the member’s account within three to four weeks after the end of the campaign.””

  10. It would seem that those of us who started “playing” from week 2 have yet to receive any points, at least we’re all in the same boat!

  11. Have we got the HfP table for opening night booked yet?

    • Sounds like a great idea, not so sure the other half would approve though!

      • But is the OH not a happy member of Golden Circle? Mine is and plays religiously every week… ehem!

        • She most certainly is, whether she likes it or not. I commandeer her iPhone every Thursday evening for my weekly entry…ooh matron!

  12. I missed last week on 2 accounts!! And got no points posted so far! 🙁

  13. Yet another with no points yet…hopefully good things will come to those who wait

  14. Wife and I started WK1 and only 200 points each. Points posted WK2 and nothing since like everyone else.

  15. pazza2000 says:

    Points for week one only also, everybody is in the same position so no need to be concerned. They must do a monthly swipe of applying the points, or as stated they will all post after the promo has finished where by week 1’s points were simply awarded in advance by error.

  16. I am in the same position. started playing for myself and OH in week 2 and have received nothing yet. hopefully some points will come though soon!!

  17. Same here, started on week one but only 200 points. Keep the faith guys!

  18. Week 6 is up and running 🙂

  19. Just done Week 6 and had the same thing as Week 5 when inputting the code ‘This prize code has been claimed already’. Better send another email to GC.

  20. all 6 weeks complete for me and Mrs Mush (not that she knows much about it!)

    looking forward to a nice evening in either KL or BKK early next year