Win a prize with BA’s ’12 days of Christmas’ competition

British Airways has got into the Christmas spirit with a special competition.

Click here to see it.

No skill is required!  All you need to do is click where you are told to click, and you will see if you win a prize or not.  You can play every day for the 12 days, of which 11 days are left.

Partridge in a pear tree

Win or lose, you can enter a draw to win a holiday in Hong Kong.

The list of prizes is hidden away in the small print, but comprises:

  • Holiday in Florence
  • Dinner at a Michelin-starred London restaurant
  • A BA Gold card!
  • BA flight simulator sessions at Cranebank
  • iPad Minis and Kindles
  • BA A380 wash bags!
  • Fortnum and Mason hampers
  • Highlife Shop £50 vouchers!
  • Twinings Tea Christmas gift sets (to be despatched ‘after 31 January’ – probably buying them in the sales!)
  • £500 John Lewis vouchers
  • Crates of wine and champagne
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  1. squillion says:

    Nothing very complicated about tracking IP or detecting multiple entries – so you can enter as many times as you like every day, just delete cookies first (you may also need to restart). But simple to (say) enter on both IE11 and Chrome or any other browser you might be using.

  2. Eastwood says:

    If you use InPrivate browsing mode in IE and FireFox you can have 4 goes at winning. So play once in each browser like normal and then hit Ctrl, alt,P and have another go.

    Still have not won anything but out of the list above.

  3. squillion says:

    Most routers give a different IP address upon restart, but you’d need to clear cookies as well first.

  4. squillion says:

    Just had another 10 gos 😉

    Nothing, as you might expect. Their cookie detector thingy does catch up with you as you go through the ones you’ve lined up, but I had 12 IE windows open and got to about number 8 before they caught me – and all 4 Chrome windows were OK.

    Easy enough to clear cookies & restart but can’t really be bothered lol

  5. Tim Millea says:

    Isn’t BA aware that the twelve days of Christmas start on Christmas Day?

  6. I won a wash bag! Oh, never mind…..

  7. Just played 10 times and got nothing!

  8. Henry Larsen says:

    I understand, of course, that Head for Points is ‘the UK’s leading site for Avios, British Airways Executive Club and more!’ However, there are readers (probably many) who are outside the UK. It would be nice if we could please be alerted to the fact, without having to delve the T&Cs, when an offer is only open to UK residents. Thank you.

    • I doubt that Raffles looked very deeply into the T&Cs…

    • Point taken. 80 per cent of readers are UK based (probably more, as some overseas readers are probably travelling Brits) but I will try to remember to point out when something is UK only.

  9. TrollBasher says:

    Honestly, why can’t people just enter into the spirit of it and enter just ONCE ?

    It’s a free competition and a bit of fun; this isn’t a V3 thread !

    Compulsive, obsessive and, to be frank, poor sportsmanship.

    • I second that, some on here are acting like they are also on moneysaving expert

      • Well said chaps

        (BTW, I think I know you Andy! – we met a few months ago… think carefully about where in the world you were back then – specifically, the hotel – and you’ll nail it!) 😉

  10. The link appears to be down for me, but that looks like a good competition to get involved with.

  11. Link dead for me

  12. Seems ok now

  13. MaltapointsTom says:

    I am ashamed to say the photo took me a little while. Alan Partridge in a pear tree. Like it.

  14. I won a tea set.. Wish I’d won something else