Do redspottedhanky points really expire on 31 Dec? If so, redeem NOW!

Earlier in the year, a lot of Head for Points took part in the Fantasy Wimbledon competition run by train ticket booking website  The HFP team shared over £1,100, paid as redspottedhanky loyalty points.

What I didn’t know – until Simon mentioned it a few days ago in the comments to another post – is that RSH loyalty points expire at the end of every year.

At least, that is what the rules say:

All points and e-vouchers created from loyalty points will be valid for one calendar year from 1st January – 31st December. If you do not collect and redeem your points or e-vouchers by the end of the calendar year they will not be carried forward to the following calendar year.

Now, I don’t know if this is enforced or not.  However, just in case, I redeemed all my points (1291 for myself and 1708 for my wife) for redspottedhanky e-vouchers.

You can redeem for any amount.  The website does not make it clear, but there is no minimum and no maximum.  1291 points got me a £12.91 e-voucher.

The voucher arrived in my RSH account within 24 hours, as promised.  The expiry date was 31st December 2020, so one part of the rules above – that ‘e-vouchers created from loyalty points’ expire in the year that the points were issued – clearly does not apply.

I honestly don’t know if my points would have expired or not on the 31st.  However, I wasn’t prepared to take the risk!  If you still have some RSH points, you may want to do the same.

PS.  I understand that the points from the Fantasy Formula 1 game will be awarded in early January.  This, apparently, was to stop them expiring immediately on 31st December, which is how this issue came up ….

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  1. Thanks for the heads-up. Typical – I have 2,575 points and saw no rush to use them… and paid via credit card for 3 tickets just last night for this week since I hadn’t redeemed for e-vouchers yet hence couldn’t use the points for today. At least I know of 2 days that I can book train tickets for in the coming weeks.

    Having looked through the list of redemption options, it seems:

    Best Western offers the best value: 400 points (i.e. £4 equiv in train fare) for 15% off a stay. Since you are unlikely to get a stay for £25, you’ll be getting better value. On a £100 hotel stay, this works out to 3.75p/point value.

    Next (or possibly better than above depending on costs) is 750 points or £7.50 for a £25 hotel voucher. This works out to 3.3p/point value.

    Then we have the RSH e-vouchers at 1p/point value.

    Everything else seems to be offered at less than 1p/point, so I guess I’ll be going for the RSH e-vouchers since it will be unlikely I’ll use the hotel vouchers anytime soon with hotel points to use.

    I was very much under the impression that e-voucher redemption needed to be done in £1 batches, another reason why I’ve been building up points. Great to know that this is not the case though and I can cash all in. I’ll leave 1 point behind to see if it really does expire though.

    • I was also under the impression that evouchers had to be done in £1 chunks! However, after I’d done £17.00 for my wife, I went back to the menu and it offered ‘redeem for RSH evouchers 1p-8p’ as an option! So I went back, did an 8p redemption, and it went through OK.

      I then did mine as a straight £12.91 and it worked fine.

  2. I’ve just done the same thing myself yesterday 🙂

  3. Thanks for this. How long did the evoucher take to appear in your accounts? Would have lost over 1 thousand points if it wasn’t for this post. Hate it when points expire

  4. Yes, the hotel vouchers offer the best per point value, but they also have minimum spend requirements, and I’m not sure how competetive is. I wouldn’t want to be tied in to booking at a higher room rate for the sake of using a £25 voucher!

    I don’t see an immediate need for me to book train travel at redspottedhanky, either, since I’ve just bought an annual season ticket to London and have no plans to travel elsewhere by train next year.

    It’s actually really quite annoying to me that they’re not crediting the Fantasy Grand Prix points until next year, since I’ll be going for the gift vouchers – I would have had 2897 points when my Fantasy GP points were added, which would have redeemed nicely as 2 x 1100 points (two £10 vouchers) and 1 x 600 points (one £5 voucher). As it is, I’ve got 1397, so I’ll get one £10 voucher and then convert the rest into a redspottedhanky voucher to the value of £2.97, to be used at some unforseen future point.

    Still, as it’s free money I can’t complain too much!

  5. Huh, the terms and conditions on the Costa gift card are telling me it must be used once before 15 Novembver 2013…..

    • Yes, I saw that yesterday – another reason I went for the rail evoucher!

      • I’ll report back here if they reply to my query. If not I’ll be cashing out via an Argos gift card.

        • Response from the customer service form below – this scheme is definitely losing some appeal for me.

          I apologise for the inconvenience caused and am in the process of having this promotion removed. I can only suggest that you browse our other promotions to use your loyalty points

    • Received my £6 Costa gift card yesterday from RSH. Successfully bought a coffee today, so looks like there is no problem with using the cards they are sending out.

  6. I gave up on Red Spotted Hanky a long time ago, as the app just refused to confirm any bookings.

    I now use East Coast website where possible.

  7. I notice that the gift voucher options have reduced significantly – Boots and Pizza Express have disappeared, now only Argos and Costa there.

    I’ve used the web form to ask them about the Costa gift card terms and conditions.

    I can see myself cashing out as soon as the Fantasy GP points post, and not bothering next year.

  8. SouthernEM says:

    Oooo! TVM! I was waiting for some retailer points to be added. A quick conversion and I had saved my point value. Yipee!

  9. I saw a post they made on their Facebook page about donating points to the Prince’s Trust as they expire at the end of the year, that was the first I knew about it, wasn’t sure if it was just me who didn’t know they expired but it seems not!

    I only checked this page which confirmed the part about the points expiring

    Hadn’t spotted the other part about e-vouchers also expiring! Looks like that is incorrect, I’ll do as Trevor has done and leave 1 point on an account and see what happens.

  10. pazza2000 says:

    To confirm; if you already have a RSH account the loyalty points will be automatically transferred across as per the email addresses matching? Passed on the Wimbledon game although should have a few points accumulated across the Fantasy GP & Football games.

  11. Having redeemed my points for an e-voucher this morning, the voucher is already showing in my account, with expiry 2020. A bit confused though – is it really valid til then, or til the end of the this year as per the T&C, i.e. next week?!

    I’ll be buying the tickets before year end to be sure. Like with the points though, may try leave a few pennies over to establish true expiry.

  12. Got an e-mail about this , only have about 90 points so will transfer to RSH credit. Spent the Wimbledon points but have the F1 and football to come.

  13. sarah gorman says:

    I’ve been trying to redeem my points over the last three days but it keeps saying ‘loyalty site’ not workng? Has anyone else had this?

  14. Looks like the points do expire every year as the account I left one point in is now showing as zero, the e-vouchers I redeemed with my points seem to be fine, they are still showing in the e-voucher section with an expiry date of 2020.

    • Thanks Simon, very useful.

    • I can confirm that I have had exactly the same result as Simon on one account. On another account, even the 16 points I earned on 31st from a booking were credited and removed! Luckily voucher remains.

  15. Just discovered that 200 RSH points (the total I had) have been removed from my RSH loyalty account on 2 Jan 2014. My account now shows zero points. I received no email or other warning from RSH. Poor show from RSH; they should carry them over or convert them to RSH e-vouchers automatically.

    • To be fair, their T&Cs do state annual expiry, you had a week’s warning via this blog, and how many other programs give you ample warning that your points are going to expire, let alone randomly convert your soon-to-be gone points into an unspecified voucher or gift card from their redemption options just to be sure you don’t lose out?