An interesting one for BMI credit card holders

Are you one of the many people who still holds one of the old BMI (British Midland) credit cards?  You would have been pretty crazy to cut them up, given that you will be earning up to 2.5 Avios per £1 on a MasterCard!

If you have one of these cards, you will be using ‘Combine My Avios’ every month to move your Destination Miles from Diamond Club across to British Airways Executive Club or

bmi credit cards

Here is something I have noticed recently …..

Usually, with ‘Combine My Avios’, your details need to match PERFECTLY for the transfer to work.  Full name, home address, email address and date of birth – it seems that at least three of these need to match.

When moving Destinations Miles into Avios, though, the restrictions are weaker.  From a bit of testing, it seems that only surname and address need to match.

This means that you may be able to transfer Destinations Miles into the Avios account of another family member.  For example, my Mum has a BMI credit card and her Avios account is now at exactly 18,000 Avios (enough for a Club Europe redemption).

I decided to ‘freeze’ her account at this level, and have been moving her Destinations Miles into my own BA account.  (Not a fortune, just a couple of hundred a month.)  We only share surname and account address, not email address or, obviously, date of birth, but the transfers are going through OK.

If you or a family member still have a BMI credit card, you may be able to use this to distribute your credit card miles in a more effective way ….

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  1. Does the transfer work now? A while back it didn’t and I phoned up BAEC couldn’t do it either….

  2. Interesting tip…

    I have the BMI amex/visa combo, is it the same avios earing rate the BMI mastercard you mentioned?

  3. I certainly move mine over every month – or at least when the poxy ‘Combine my Avios’ function works!

    • Oh good. I’m glad it’s not just me!

      (I see it’s been taken out of service entirely at the moment. That frame bug was certainly annoying)

      • Glad the CMA wasn’t failing for just me either. Had tried a couple of browsers on a couple of PCs. Eventually I got it to work rather than multiple frames by emptying broswing cache and cookies. It’s failed since, and been fixed like that again.

  4. David L says:

    Is there any advantage in transferring monthly (compared with waiting) from diamond plus to baec? I’m assuming they would never do a transfer bonus as they are the same avios currency, but I got the impression there was a stockpile of ‘bmi avios’ (hence the increased earning rate on the credit card).

    • Trickster says:

      Minimising the risk that they stop allowing you to transfer? Not sure why they would as there is nothing else to use them on!

  5. Very interesting tip – pity I just moved my balance over a few days ago. Will certainly give this a go this month.

    BTW, seen no mention of it, but surely there must have been others who received double-Avios for DC Amex spend during December? Great getting 4 Avios/£1, but as I had just got a new BAPP, I needed to hit the spend target on that so barely benefitted.

  6. Maybe I’m missing something here, but should we be moving the balance across monthly? I have just over 25k in the Diamond Club and I’ve never actually moved it.

    • There’s nothing wrong with keeping them in your Diamond Club account, but there’s also not much point either since they can’t be spent at DC, might as well move them to BAEC or

  7. Off topic but Surrey Heath Council is working for council tax with 3V cards.

  8. AndyGWP says:

    “You would have been pretty crazy to cut them up, given that you will be earning up to 2.5 Avios per £1 on a MasterCard!”

    *cough* hmmm… woops

    I was young, naive, and very new to the game!! (and had a few other credit cards so thought keeping it would do me more harm than good)

    I am slightly more Avios matured now though and will hopefully not be making any similar mistakes in the future! 🙂

    • I cut up my Tesco MasterCard which was the one that pays double the current one. I will regret that if or when the BMI card goes!

  9. Londonbus says:

    I move mine over every month religiously.

    Will be booking my long-haul trip with BA next week plus a hotel+flight booking to Rome. Interesting to see if the BA bonus credits…

  10. Chris1922 says:

    I also move my old BMI Amex/Visa combo points over every month, I’m paranoid that the DC website closes or I lose all my DC points in some way or other.
    I agree with Andy above, no point in leaving them in DC………

  11. I got one of these after a tip from Raffles (thank you!) – it’s been a phenomenal earner for me and I put everything I can through my Amex. Cant transfer the points this month though due to a “technical” hitch but I also do it every month, just in case….

  12. +1 to the ‘Worriers’ List! You can’t help but feel that it won’t last for too much longer, although I doubt they’d take our points when they pull it. Still, when it works, Combine my Avios only takes a couple of minutes so it’s no real effort.

  13. I wish I had one of those cards…Don’t think there’ll ever be a similar one

  14. My first ever contribution to HFP – so firstly may I add my thanks for the excellent work, Raffles. This post led me to discover that my wife has an “inactive” DC Plus Amex Card (85 pounds annual fee) with 95,000 destination miles. I note that destination miles transfers into BA Household Account balances are not possible, so what do I need to do effect a transfer now but keep our BA Household account (of which my wife is the head) intact over the long term? I have already looked under all the other bmi posts but no luck so far. Thank you for helping.

    • Hi Peter – welcome to HFP by the way 😛 You can transfer into BA HHA without a problem – I do this monthly with my DC miles without a problem – IIRC there were some issues at the start but these seem to have been ironed out. Indeed I must say I haven’t encountered any issue with ‘combine my Avios’ functionality for many months, although I tend to just go straight in from the BA website and that saves the double-frames issue of going from

    • Yes, this should not be a problem.

      If Combine My Avios via fails, it is because of some other issue – although as long as surname and address match, it should work.

      Also try logging in to and doing ‘Combine My Avios’ from there.

      Can’t believe you mislaid 95,000 miles!

  15. flyforfun says:

    I don’t think people should worry too much about the DC suddenly stop allowing you to transfer points. What I am more worried about is one of two things –

    1) The BMI cards become obsolete and no alternatives come out.
    2) You have to decide if you want your DC miles to go to BAEC or AVIOS and it’s done automatically.

  16. Thanks for tip, Raffles. Like many others, I too have religiously moved points over every month, but having just tested it with successfully moving 1 point from my DC into my wife’s BAEC, I think I’ll start to leave the points in DC. That way I can move to whichever account suits me best for future redemptions. Also a good way to activate/keep an account active if necessary. Of course this is hardly life-changing when normally earning less DC points and more current-churning-card points, but handy all the same.