All six sale offers revealed early / first deals loaded!

EDIT, Monday 13 January – if you are looking for information on the £1 Reward flight Saver deal, please click here for todays post, where you will find the most up to date information.

My earlier post today said that the first sale offer would be revealed at lunchtime.  However, you don’t need to wait, as I have them all for you here!

These are the headlines – I have no idea what the terms and conditions are, whether deals are limited to various routes etc.


50% off Avios required for long-haul flights – noon Mon 6 to noon Wed 8

25% off car hire – noon Wed 8 to noon Fri 10

50% off hotel bookings – noon Fri 10 to noon Mon 13

Reward Flight Saver tickets reduced to £1 – noon Mon 13 to noon Wed 15 (see image above!)

50% off hotel bookings (again, a mistake?) – noon Wed 15 to noon Fri 17

40% off Eurostar – noon Fri 17 to noon Mon 20th

The first offer – 50% off long-haul redemptions – goes live at noon.  I don’t know yet if it will be just for economy flights or for all classes, and if all routes are included.

What this list does tell us is that cannot be offering exactly the same deals as, because they do not allow Eurostar bookings.

Meanwhile, over at

The first sale flights have been loaded in the system.

New York, for instance, is coming up at 20,000 Avios in World Traveller.  Unfortunately, all other flight classes are still showing at full price.  Given that taxes are £353, this is still a pretty poor deal unless you are booking for peak season or need the flexibility to cancel which a cash ticket wouldn’t give you.

The full destination list is Boston, Chicago, Dubai, Denver, Shanghai, New York, Toronto, Washington. World Traveller (economy) only for travel by 31 May. It says you must depart from London but its worth trying with a regional connection.

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  1. 12 days of offers on BA. Which seems more generous than the one every 48 to 72 hours on Avios

    • Not really – each offer seems to be valid for longer than a day – the first one is running till 8 Jan, for example.

  2. following with lots of interest in £1 RFS

    • squills says:

      Same here but limited fly-by date would make it completely useless AFAIAC.

      • Janeyferr says:

        Oh gosh, I’m so worked up by the prospect of getting a good deal that I’ve had to take a beta blocker. Was going to book a night in a hotel in April and had a vague notion of returning to Prague at some point this year. Hopefully one of these will work in my favour so I can get a bargain. Oh, I do love a bargain.

      • I know it’s valid at least until October….

        • squills says:

          I must say I’m not too hopeful of getting our Xmas flights. No point exchanging Tesco points actually.

  3. I’m assuming the answer is no, but I assume this 50% off won’t apply to reward bookings made via Aer Lingus on the Boston to Dublin route, as refrenced in an earlier post raffles…?

    • Brendan says:

      I think its only on BA flights, and only from London. So a big no. Pity for those of us in the Emerald Isle.

      • Seems to work for UK connections in practice

      • You need to get yourself a small stash of AA miles, which can be very useful out of Dub. couple of days ago, I price DUB->LAS return for 40K AA plus £30 !

        • Brendan says:

          I’ve a bad feeling it wont be around for too long with this merger. Hard to collect them too. Wish could convert CC points to AA miles. And unfortunately I’m not eligible for the SPG card based on income

        • Brendan says:

          btw you are also allowed a free stopover each way so you could make a little tour of the US and do something like DUB->JFK->LAS->ORD->DUB for the same price!

    • No. And, arguably, those are still a better deal (given the £75 tax) than using BA at half price and paying £350 tax.

  4. will the RFS discounts be extended to CE bookings?

    • olybeast says:

      I hope so. Lining up a trip to Paris

      • sounds like a good shout!! I am lining up a trip to PRG from MAN with some friends from uni. we will make a day of it in the T3 lounges! been really pleased with CE lately. However, with this sale doubt there will be a conversion bonus. Could do with those miles to take the gf somewhere nice.

  5. squills says: back online

  6. squills says:

    And just transferred BMI —> BAEC

  7. ShoNuffHarlem says: is UK only right, no luck for us Yankees?

    • You can make up a UK address, but at present the deals are being duplicated at so you don’t need an account.

      This may or may change for other ‘sale’ deals.

  8. Lady London says:

    Hm…. thinking more strategically, what will this do for BA? Follow up the recent “Avios for everyone and everything not just for flights” by issuing a World Traveller-only offer? Move a good chunk of Avios liabilities off their balance sheet?

    • Usually these sales are about generating cash via the taxes with the Avios liability down the list. Which is why the RFS £1 deal is interesting.

      • squills says:

        As an optimist, I see it as BA coming out fighting. They already showed plenty of this in the recent past with the taking on Ryanair/ EasyJet hand luggage only fares in Europe – which were/ are genuinely competitive. Now BA is offering decent value on long haul for many flights (OK not all) – and £1 RFS is surely enough to prove attractive to many would-be European ‘jaunters’ who just need an excuse to go away for a city break. (Surprised in a way they didn’t send out an email to Tesco points holders telling them to get their ducks in a row ready for next week…).

        And as an optimist, aggressive marketing is not usually on-off – but more a continual planned strategy. So I reckon a Tesco bonus convo is definitely on the cards.

      • Maybe we’ll see a short tactical list of just-over-the-boundary-line destinations in the sale. For example. BCN/or VCE currently cost 15k avios and £35, compared to 9k + £35 for TLS/NCE. Cutting the former to 15k+£1 for a few days doesn’t seem particularly painful for the P&L.

  9. Londonbus says:

    the first deal is poo. 50% off cattle. Really? £1 RFS is of interest.

    Now 50% avios off J/F to those destinations.. game on 😉

  10. Based on the comments on here and on Facebook I’d be interested to know how many people have taken advantage of this offer, I don’t think I’ve read a single positive comment. I don’t mind travelling economy but like most people I wouldn’t use my Avios for a long haul economy flight due to the taxes.

    Seems like the £1 RSF flight is the offer everyone is interested in, I noticed the 2 hotel offers have different URL’s one ends in jan-sale-hotels225 and the other ends in jan-sale-hotels165, maybe it’s just different hotels that are in the 2nd offer.

    • The hotel deals will be published on HFP tomorrow!

      • Excellent! Using the date and time on a users computer to display the deals is one of most amateur things I’ve seen for a while IT wise, although I’ve not managed to be able to view the links with the details of the other deals in.

        I imagine the £1 flights will be of more interest than the hotel deals, looking forward to tomorrow’s posts!

  11. Georgie says:

    Is there an end date on the date for flights taken under the £1 RFS deal yet. Does anyone know if it will be 31st May ? The amount of speculative interest there is in this i’m wondering if the AVIOS site will be able to cope with the search traffic. It didn’t cope well yesterday.

    • I have the details, the dates and the routes. And I’m publishing them tomorrow!

      • thesaver79 says:

        Excellent! I guess that would leave enough time to transfer some MR points if I need to and them ready by Monday 🙂

      • Haha what a tease 🙂 Will be great to know in advance of Monday though!

      • Blackberryaddict says:

        Are you publishing them in your normal morning email?

      • Looking forward to seeing the routes and dates. I’m sure I’ll be disappointed though!