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Etihad day! 25% off redemptions, taking advantage when your family fly, £50 off economy

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There are three bits of Etihad news to share today.

Firstly, Etihad has launched a redemption sale with 25% off seats.  This is worth knowing if have a pile of Amex Membership Rewards points you could transfer over, and/or you are sitting on 10,000 free Etihad miles from the ‘Business Connect’ promotion last year.

The list of participating routes is here.  Heathrow is excluded but Manchester is not.  Business Class to Abu Dhabi is now 34,180 miles each way.

Just as interesting, perhaps more so, is First Class from Frankfurt.  This is reduced to a fantastic 36,600 miles each way – an amazingly cheap way to experience the Etihad First Class product.  Remember that Business Class and First Class reward seats comes with 2-way chauffeur cars included in most cities.

You need to book by February 6th for travel by March 31st.

Etihad sale

Secondly, Etihad is currently offering £50 off economy flights and £100 off business or first class flights to Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Bangkok or Ho Chi Minh City.

This deal is being promoted by Paypal, although there is no obligation to use Paypal when booking an Etihad flight to claim it.  You would need to book on the Etihad website to quality.

The Etihad promotional code you need is GBR13.

Blackout dates are 1-30th April and 16 July – 10 August.  You must depart from Heathrow or Manchester.

This is a pretty decent deal for economy passengers, since you can pick up a ticket to Abu Dhabi for around £440 at the moment, and this code takes it to below £400.

Etihad 2

Finally, I wanted to share an example of how it is always good to keep an eye on what your friends and family are doing.

A friend of mine approached me recently to say that his parents were off to the Maldives, taking his sister and her family as well – 5 passengers in all – and flying Etihad.  They had no interest in any mileage options so were happy for him to take them if he wanted.

Etihad, like BA, has a generous household account system.  My friend created a family account for himself and his five family members.  All of the miles from the trip will then be pooled into his account as head of the family.

At present, Etihad is offering double miles on flights to various destination, including the Maldives.  Impressively, he will earn enough miles from these 5 economy tickets to Male to book himself a one-way ticket in an Etihad First Class suite (see photo above) to Abu Dhabi!

Earning Flying Blue miles from credit cards

How to earn Etihad Guest miles from UK credit cards (November 2020)

Etihad Guest does not have a UK credit card.  However, you can earn Etihad Guest miles by converting Membership Rewards points earned from selected UK American Express cardsThese are:

Membership Rewards points convert at 1:1 into Etihad Guest miles which is an attractive rate.  The cards above all earn 1 Membership Rewards point per £1 spent on your card, which converts to 1 Etihad Guest mile. The Gold card earns double points (2 per £1) on all flights you charge to it.

Etihad Guest is also a partner with the HSBC Premier Mastercard (0.5 miles per £1 spent, reviewed here) and HSBC Premier World Elite Mastercard (1 mile per £1 spent, reviewed here).

Comments (23)

  • Phillip says:

    The difference in mileage requirements between Business and First redemptions on Etihad (both for the “sale” but also their standard rates) are so small, it certainly makes you begrudge spending double Avios to book a BA FIRST vs Club redemption.

    • Ben says:

      Except it’s not double avios, it’s 50% more….

      • Phillip says:

        Of course it is. Still way more!

        • Mark says:

          Except of course that for those of us following Raffles’s great advice for accumulating avios at low cost, most of what you ‘pay’ for a BA redemption is in the taxes and fees which are identical.

          Using an Amex 2 for 1, I view F redemptions where available as a no-brainer over J these days. Assuming you pay no more than 0.5p/Avios the extra 50,000 return to, say, California costs you no more than £250, or £62.50 each per leg. If you don’t have Silver or Gold status, that’s less than it would otherwise cost for seat selection, which is free in F.

          Moreover if I had two vouchers and wanted to book for a family of four where seat selection is likely to be more valuable, I’d apply the same logic. I guess that’s what they call an ‘unintended consequence’. 🙂

          • Rob says:

            Good point about seat selection, I’d never thought about it that way!

          • Phillip says:

            All good points, if that works with your travel patterns! Particularly with departures out of AUH, where the taxes are about £15 OW on EY, and in combination with the low redemption rates in First (and Business) class, transfers, and seat allocation, I personally still find Guest hard to beat! As I say, works differently for each individual.

          • Mark says:

            As to collecting with EY (or other airlines) over BA, that’s a different question; my point was merely that BA F redemptions are often well worth the 50% avios premium if that’s where you are going to redeem.

            Given the much lower cost I associate with the points these days I’m starting to wonder whether airlines offering lower tax & fees on premium redemptions may have sufficient edge over BA 2for1 and W->J AFU to divert some of our collection effort.

            As you say it depends on travel patterns to a large degree, whether you know you’re likely to want to fly to or through AUH (in the case of EY) and whether you can realistically attain enough miles at the right price in the right timescales to make it worthwhile.

            Keeping points in a convertible form isn’t always possible, e.g. when churning gold cards.

          • Phillip says:

            Of course.

            To that I would add that you can only get one (or a few more if you involve other members of your household/family) BA 2for1 vouchers a year. If you want/need to redeem for numerous flights throughout the year, or when you need to travel on your own and therefore wouldn’t be able to use it anyway, the value soon changes.

            I completely agree that I find the upgrades from WTP to Club to offer some of the best value on the market when it comes to redeeming points, and with the right price, would be my preferred use of Avios for travel in Club on transatlantic routes.

            Let’s not forget, how you collect miles from actually flying is also an important factor on where your miles end up being banked – again largely dependent on travel needs. Then you start including the status variable and value takes a different meaning altogether. Someone flying a lot might value something like American’s 8 systemwide upgrades (Economy to Business or Business to First etc) for AAdvantage Executive Platinum members more than low taxes and surcharges (even though AA does not charge fuel surcharges on their own metal). And the list goes on.

  • Luke says:

    Luckily for me it seems I can depart AUH and arrive MAN. Great redemption.

    • Rob says:

      Yes, some good deals here. To paraphrase Scooby Doo, “if it wasn’t for you pesky kids, I could have got away” 🙂

  • Boi says:

    Wish I had known about the household account. In the last year 5 family/friends have flow EY : MAN-JNB return and none collected miles.

    Out of curiosity which other programmes allow household accounts? Is there a limit to number of people in this account and do they have to be at same address?

    • Rob says:

      There is always a limit on the number of people. BA insists that addresses match, not sure about Etihad (although you can make the addresses match of course). Emirates has an odd variation of a household account where other people can credit flights to YOUR account but you only receive 20% of the miles IIRC. There are undoubtedly a few other variants – Aeromexico has one! Virgin Atlantic does not although I think if you are Gold there is some pooling system you can access.

    • Boi says:

      Which is the best programme to credit miles if flying both eitihad and emirates? I normally collect miles via BAEC…,

      • Rob says:

        As both Emirates and Etihad allow one-way redemptions, and both are Amex partners, I would be happy building up a balance in both. Points Pay lets you cash out your Etihad points for cash at 0.4p each anyway so they will never be stuck (I did an article on this if you search). I would be confident that I could use Amex points to top up my accounts to enough to get a one-way with them. Emirates also lets you redeem for credit towards easyJet flights.

  • pazza2000 says:

    Funnily enough I was looking at Etihad F redemptions ex-EU earlier this week and was baffled why Ex-FRA was 36k where as MUN / CDG were closer to 50K until I received yesterday’s email. Out of interest, how long would an SPG > ETIHAD xfer take?

    • Reds says:

      First time transfer from SPG to Etihad 2 months ago. It took about a week for the points to arrive.

  • Susan says:

    Does the offer also apply to miles earned via AAdvantage?

  • Bankzy says:

    if i book 3 tickets/person to Bangkok.. does it take £50 off each person?

    • Rob says:

      No idea – do a dummy booking and see! Assuming Etihad lets you select seats for free, it wouldn’t make any different if you had to book separately anyway. You would only need to be together if there was not self-select seating, to ensure you were not separated.

  • Adam W says:

    And don’t forget that they are currently offering triple miles for First/Business tickets (to any destination) and double miles on Economy tickets (to Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur, Maldives, Vietnam and Abu Dhabi) booked and flown by the end of March 2014!