My £1 night at the new Qbic Hotel in London!

This is my review of the new Qbic Hotel in London.

Last year, I promoted the £1 room sale being offered by the new Qbic Hotel in London.  A few Head for Points readers managed to grab the £1 rooms, including myself.  Last Monday, I popped along to take a look.

I will let the pictures do the talking.  I did not stay the night because I have a perfectly serviceable house to go to!  Ironically, because there is no desk in the bedroom, I didn’t spend any time there either.  The 3 hours I was in the hotel were spent in the lounge area, where there is free wi-fi and, interestingly, free tea and coffee.

As far as value for money goes, you can’t go wrong here.  Rooms started at £64 on the night I stayed – and that was for bookings the same day.  Remember that you are in Central London here, just 60 seconds from the Whitechapel Gallery.  Wi-Fi is free and even the basic breakfast (flapjack, coffee, an apple) is free.  Continental breakfast is only £7.50.

The website tries to sell it as a good spot for Shoreditch / Hoxton etc.  In truth, it isn’t.  Aldgate East is the nearest tube.  It is nearer to Commercial Road, which is still primarily rag trade.  I walked from the top of Brick Lane (which is the very southern end of Shoreditch / Hoxton) and it took me 12 minutes.  If the bars of Hoxton / Shoreditch are what you want, the Holiday Inn Express Old Street or The Hoxton Hotel are 11 minutes and 55 seconds nearer the action.

Fundamentally, it is cheapo version of Soho House or ACE Hotel.  Frankly, if you can get in for £64 for the same day, it is an excellent deal.  Its not one for a romantic weekend away for anyone older than 25.

Here is the exterior across a small park:

Qbic London hotel review - exterior

The interior of one of the lifts:

Qbic London hotel review - lift

The bed:

Qbic London hotel review - lift

The wardrobe:

Qbic London hotel review - wardrobe

The hi-tech ‘do not disturb’ sign:

Qbic London hotel review - do not disturb

The bathroom:

Qbic London hotel review - bathroom

Bathroom accessories (there is some shower gel as well!):

Qbic London hotel review 2 - bathroom

The ground floor lounge:

Qbic London hotel review - lounge

And more of the lounge:

Qbic London hotel review - lounge 2

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  1. Frenske says:

    Nowadays Shoreditch and Hoxton are considered trendy areas. It makes sense for a hotel to pick up on that. Shoreditch has become synomous to a cool East London area which is much larger than the historical boundaries of Shoreditch.

  2. squills says:

    £59 when you sign up for the newsletter.

    I wonder where they got the ‘local wool’ for the beds? 😉

  3. plastikman says:

    Stepney city farm?

  4. I used my free room last week. I had a good night’s sleep, and at about £60 a night in London, is a bargain. The rooms are small, but you aren’t going to be spending a week there.

    The other huge plus for some will be the parking, which is only £12 a day

  5. pazza2000 says:

    What was the check in process like? I have gifted my res for next week to a friend, equipping him with just the res name / email on the confirmation. I stayed at the Hoxton a couple of years ago, seems very similar, even down to the basic breakfast. Won another £1 room in March that hopefully I’ll be able to use.

    • They have self service screens as you go in, no problem for your friend to use the reservation.

      • The email confirmation they sent you even says that you can give it to a friend, they are happy for you to do this

    • There is no reception and no telephone number to call – the staff just wander about and help people. It works well…. although it is fair to say they are having some teething problems. When I was there, none of the room keys were working so the staff were escorting people to their room and coming to collect them again when they wanted to leave. The cleaning staff hadn’t been told we were using the room either, as they came in at about 8am and 9am! I’m sure it will be ironed out soon, they seemed a competent and pleasant bunch, and I’d happily recommend it as a good budget hotel in London.

  6. MagicByNature says:

    I had my free room last month. The room and hotel itself was nice, very comfortable bed. I know they have a range of rooms, including window-less ones, so considering I essentially get a free room, I expected I will get that. Instead, I got a corner room, which, judging by the fire evacuation plan, was one of the bigger rooms. Wifi and TV nice (although I wonder why was the TV not pre-configured to connect to wifi?). Bathroom looks very nice, although the water temperature was a bit low in my room. From what I’ve read, you are supposed to get a simple breakfast delivered to your room in the morning. I didn’t get that, but while checking out I noticed you’re supposed to take whatever you want from the lounge area (they have cereal bars, apples and some juice).

    What really surprised me was the check-in process. I showed my printed confirmation to the receptionist, she checked it in the system and I had my key. Now, I don’t spend much in hotels, but surely they must take some details like passport number or credit card in case the guest misbehaves. Someone evil could have easily put fake name and email when registering, and then just destroy the room or steal the tv.

    • I would destroy the room too if it had giant pictures of Diana and Justin Bieber on the walls!

      • Raffles says:

        Is that Bieber? I am too old for that. Although my 6 year old has started singing One Direction songs (as indeed has our 2 year old, but he is just copying his sister!).

        • Oh dear! I unfortunately am forcibly exposed to Chart Show TV every morning at my gym, you get to know these “pop sensations” pretty well.

      • Do they have an option to request a “bland room” (similar to the options offered by airline catering) for those of us who don’t want to wake up with Justin Bieber.

        Choosing current celebrities for the wall pictures will require them to replace the paintings fairly often (otherwise they seem out of date).

        For a budget hotel they do not seem to have chosen easy maintenance fittings and surfaces, over time they will have a high maintenance bill (or the place will look tatty).

  7. There were only 5 rooms per night for this price, you booked one of it, and did not sleep there? For me it sounds like you took the opportunity from someone else having a cheap room….

    • But on the positive side, a few thousand people get to see what it is like (ie not bad, and surprisingly decent value for money). Overall, I think the sum of total human happiness is increased.

      Given that you had to commit to a specific night months in advance, with no ability to change, I think a lot will not be used. It was a Monday night in Janaury as well, not exactly peak time.

      Technically I did also use the room, because I spent the afternoon working on HFP in the lounge (and would have worked in the bedroom if there was a desk!) which saved me the cost of working somewhere else.

      • Janeyferr says:

        If you ever need some to review and photograph a hotel room you don’t want to stay in I’d be happy to oblige. And if you were more local I’d invite you to my workplace where the public are permitted to use our electricity and wifi all day for no fee.

  8. So there are no beds? Where’s the pic?

  9. The Other Steve says:

    I can’t see any possible reason for needing to stay at this hotel, unless you were on business in the immediate area.
    Even a Premier Inn in Fleet Street can be found for less than £80.

  10. squills says: