Plan B for Etihad status: Etihad Silver (lounge access) and other travel benefits for £60!

I came unstuck on Monday when Etihad – whose ‘Gold status match’ I was promoting in the main story – changed the rules of the promotion literally overnight.  By the time you all saw the post, the words ‘UAE residents only’ had been added to the small print.  They have been accepting matches from non-UAE residents who applied earlier, however.

I’m not sure why they did this (even though it makes sense) as they have run this match for the last two years and it has been open to anyone.

Anyway, there is a ‘Plan B’ to getting Etihad status.  You may or may not have heard of A Small World, a failed social website.  It has now relaunched as an “international members-only travel and social club” with a subscription of $105 per year.

A Small World

ASW has put together an impressive list of travel related benefits for members, as you can see here.

The standout one is Silver status with Etihad GuestThis gets you lounge access when flying with Etihad and may also be something you can use to leverage a status match with a oneworld or Star Alliance airline.  It also gives you lounge access when flying airberlin.

There are no flight requirements for the Etihad status.  Once you have joined A Small World, there is a special link to use to join Etihad Guest.  Your membership will be updated to Silver status within two weeks.

I would also rate free membership of The Leading Hotels of the World Leaders Club and Platinum level membership of GHA Discovery (the Global Hotel Alliance programme) as worth a look.  The two upgrade vouchers for Taj Hotels properties may also be useful to some.

A Small World membership enquiries need to be submitted via this webpage.  Alternatively, I think that you can be recommended by another member.  I’m sure there are a few amongst our readers, I don’t know if there is a formal referral scheme or not but I’m sure someone can tell us.

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  1. I have been a member for years but at the moment i am not a paying one. This means i can rejoin at any time. I can ask if i can refer people even if not a current member. I don’t know how it works now, if they just accept applications or not

  2. Do you know if you can admit a guest to the etihad lounges with a silver card?


    • I believe you cannot.

      Also one more that gives you Silver Etihad is the new credit card, though this is after you have completed one return flight with them.

      • thanks for info on credit card (Plan C) its free and an amex/visa combo, wonder if its worth having, maybe time for a HFP review ?
        • Fast track to Etihad Guest Silver Tier upon the completion of one paid for return flight with Etihad Airways in the first year of account opening

        • The Credit Card Reviews series will be re-run (fully updated) over Easter and the cards not previously covered, like Etihad, will be included.

  3. idrive I applied a couple fo hours ago and heard nothing so it looks as though membership isn’t automatic.

    Would be interested in being referred if that’s an option.

  4. its generally been pretty tight, previously their criteria for inviting someone was, “someone you know well enough to leave alone in your house” with members being banned/removed for breaking the ts&cs pretty quickly. Invite privileges were given out fairly sparsely. I’m not sure how things have changed since the fees were introduced, they may have relaxed a bit.

  5. I will let you know as i get news.
    I am not that sure that applications are taken straight away online.

  6. Status match from oneworld? Please do elaborate!

  7. I’m a member. ASW seems to allow about 5-6 new members each day judging by the announcements. You have to be either rich and successful or young and beautiful. You need to submit a picture (to really be considered) and have a ‘fun’ Facebook profile. One point to note is they ask how much money you make. I got in on one of the lower salary ranges, and I’m a highest rate tax payer! Must have helped that my big thing is yacht racing; yacht owners are always looking for race crew.

    You should know that the Founder of ASW has fled Switzerland apparently because of bad debts. It was in the news recently… I just find it all amusing..

  8. ShoNuffHarlem says:

    Yes agree, how does status match to Star Alliance go and what level does it match?

    • It was a rhetorical comment – if a good status match comes along whilst you have Etihad Gold, it would give you the ability to match elsewhere.

      Turkish is still matching top tier cards to Star Gold, by the way. Do a search for my recent post.

  9. Complimentary Marco Polo Club Silver Tier Status for US Residents, this is a nice feature…

  10. I use to be a member, but haven’t logged in in ages! Raffles reminded me today so I requested a new password, they send me the password and everything but it says I have to pay the fees in order to get access. I emailed them but no reply yet.

    Anyone else had this problem?

    • well, it is not a problem! well it is in fact…but it is how it works now! it used to be free and fun, now a couple of years ago the social network has been sold to a Swiss Company and it was first kept closed and off the internet, to be reopened as a paying only social network afterwards!

      • I didn’t use them before, so I guess i wont be paying unless the benefits are really good!

        • it depends on lots of factors, your lifestyle, your behaviour towards credit cards, your travel plans. maybe you can reach similar benefits without subscription. up to you!

  11. Any confirmed reports of others matching Etihad Silver status. I could not find one with status matcher.