A new way to get to Sandy Lane this Winter ….

In the Summer of 2012, we went to Sandy Lane in Barbados as I reviewed here.  In Summer it is about 75% cheaper than it is during the Christmas and New Year peak, with similar weather – and a guarantee that Simon Cowell won’t be there …..!

As I am on their email list now, I was delighted to see that (should I want to go next Christmas) I don’t have to worry about Avios reward availability coming up:

Sandy Lane private jet

“In 2014 Royal Jet, the luxury private jet fleet owned by the Government of Abu Dhabi, will commence a series of private jet flights from Heathrow to Barbados with fares only slightly higher than commercial first class rates. Exclusive in Barbados to Sandy Lane guests, these exceptionally luxurious Boeing Business Jets (BBJ) have levels of comfort and service designed to meet the needs of Middle Eastern ruling family members. The flights offer the highest level of onboard service, a private chef along with unparalleled food and beverage offerings. The menus will also feature a signature Sandy Lane dish and unique cocktail offerings.

Equipped with beautiful interiors, the aircraft features 20 fully flatbed seats as well as 12 standard seats perfect for children and nannies. There is also a lounge on board.

Flights will leave from the Windsor Suite at Terminal 5 of the Heathrow Airport at 10:15 am on Saturday 20 December 2014, returning Sunday 21 December. The flight will have a 45 minute check in at Heathrow and operate to the Jet Centre in Barbados.

Following the inaugural flight, there will be further opportunities to experience the private jet on 3/4 January, 7/8 February, 21/22 February, 28/29 March and 10/11 April 2015. The return flights operate at 8:30am on Sundays and are daylight, non-stop flights to the United Kingdom, arriving at Heathrow at approximately 8:30pm.

Fares – £10,750 return, £6,250 one way. Advance leaflet now available, please email [email protected] or your preferred travel partner.”

It all sounded so good until I got to that last line …..!

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  1. Thank you for a Sunday funny!

  2. This did make me wonder if the Middle Eastern Royal family members have a stash of airline and hotel loyalty points to rival yours Raffles 🙂

    • I was told by someone in Harrods that they do take their Harrods Rewards points and then give the cards away as gifts at the end of the year so the recipient can spend the accumulated store credit!

  3. Nick Gaul says:

    Excellent comment on Simon Cowell. Made me laugh anyway!

  4. Tim Millea says:

    Having read this post and the linked Sandy Lane review, I thought readers might be interested in my review of an all-inclusive five star on the Turkish Riviera that costed just £7.89 per night.


  5. How come it was so cheap?

    • That coast of Turkey (Antalya) often yields some amazing bargains simply because 1) they have drastically over-built luxury hotels in recent years and 2) they make all their money in the Summer but stay open in the Winter to retain their best staff.

      We booked with Alpharooms but similar deals are also available with Sunshine.co.uk. Search for Antalya -> any resort and for at least 10 nights for the lowest rates. We stayed for 23 because it was cheaper than staying at home in the Winter.


    • Have a look at the pics of it.

      • Yes, one does need sunglasses at all times. They don’t call it The Colours for nothing.

        • I think the person who wrote the review after you on TA is probably closer to the mark about this hotel. Looks ok but probably not 5 star in an international context.

        • Tim Millea says:

          There is no international star rating standard. There have been ongoing discussions for many years on an EU wide standardisation, to which I have contributed, but there appears no current prospect of any result materialising. Every country has its own criteria and people judge other countries’ hotels by their own standards and usually negatively. I have stayed at over 40 Turkish 5 star hotels and in my review I carefully stated that this hotel was to a Turkish 5 star standard. Many fine hotels in London would not meet that standard. Then, star ratings necessarily encapsulate local cultural values.

        • Hence why I used the term ‘context’ rather than ‘standard’. As colourful as The Colours looks, it seems from the photos to be in a very different league to Sandy Lane!

  6. Trickster says:

    I love how this blog features an article in collecting 20 avios followed by this!! 🙂

  7. And there was me thinking getting in to the Virgin Atlantic Clubhouse was the hight of luxury!

    I shall have to get some children and nannies to make full use of the sats at these prices 🙂

  8. I’d prefer a night flight tbh.

  9. As many as 20 seats? Sounds a bit crowded to me! 😉

    Last year i flew on one (747) flight where i was the only passenger!

  10. LOL between the Shell post and this one I’m sensing a slight slow news day at HfP towers today… 😛

  11. How does one go out getting a job as one of the mentioned nannies? 😉