BA gives Euro members ANOTHER year on reduced tier point thresholds

When British Airways Executive Club was restructured in 2011, the biggest losers were members based in Continental Europe.  They had previously enjoyed far lower thresholds for earning Silver and Gold cards.  A Silver card required just 400 points (600 for a UK member) and Gold required just 800 points (1,500 for a UK member).

A lot of UK residents took advantage of this disparity by ‘moving’ their BA accounts to the address of an office or friend in Europe, in order to achieve status with fewer tier points.  However, there were downsides to this – you couldn’t have a British Airways American Express card, so no 2-4-1 voucher, and you couldn’t convert Tesco points to BA.

BA Gold

To allow European members to have a very soft landing to the new system, BA agreed that status members could renew for the next two years – 2012 and 2013 – under the old system.  If you were a Euro-Gold in November 2011, you could renew in 2012 and 2013 with just 800 points.

2014 was the year that this all came to end.

Except it isn’t going to.

BA seems to have been spooked by something.  I’m not sure what, but presumably they have looked at the travel patterns of these grandfathered members and decided that few of them would retain status at the standard 600 / 1500 level.  BA is probably guessing that most of these members would defect to other airlines rather than continue to fly BA without their previous status.

Whatever the reason, BA has decided to extend grandfathered memberships for another year.  If you currently earn Silver for 400 points or Gold for 800 points, you will be told shortly that you will be allowed to requalify for 2015 based on these numbers.

Good news for Euro members.  Bad news for people who were complaining that the Heathrow lounges were getting too crowded!

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  1. Hello,

    Is this Also for New members? Or did the Member had To BE made silver or gold in old system?

    Can you transfer directly from IB+ to BA? Or do you need to pass through

    • Hello,
      No. Yes.
      Yes. No.

    • You had to have been Silver or Gold in November 2011

      • Actually, at March 2012. The announcement was made in November 2011, but the 400/800 TPs officially disappeared in March 2012. Anyone who had Gold or Silver status at that date was then allowed to renew twice at these levels.

  2. Britbronco22 says:

    Once the BMI status match cards expire it should free up a bit more space.

  3. So frustrating – I just missed out on renewing at the old threshold the first year after the change, and so haven’t benefited from these changes (assume changing my address back to Europe wouldn’t help?)

    • No, I’m afraid not. Once you miss the old threshold, you instantly become subject to the new ones. And even if you had Silver at the old threshold level at the time the system changed, you would not have been able to obtain Gold at the old level.

      Once you lose the “old” status, that’s it – it cannot be attained again at the old level.

  4. Wozza2404 says:

    Are the BMI status matches ending soon? If so, I can see the thinking behind this.

    Still, Gold is fairly easily achieved at 1500TPs, let alone 800TPs. Those complaining that the Gold benefits need improving are going to be disappointed, as they definitely won’t be whilst people can still achieve the status at 800TPs.

  5. Nice… what’s your source Rob?

  6. Does this effect GGL thresholds at all? (i.e at 2500…)

  7. BlackberryAddict says:

    Hmm – interesting. Mrs BBA is in the first cohort of Euro members that would need to re-qualify under the higher thresholds in March – members up to now were covered by the original soft landing. Let’s see what happens in two weeks.

  8. Yes, I was ready to do a mileage run for 1,500 TPs this year, and I have already booked a flight to the US which earns more than 800 TPs. I was looking to book a run to the Central America (SJO or CUN) from SFO, but the qualifying TPs has remained, I am now looking for things to do in the US…

  9. RogerWilco says:

    I jumped on the BAEC bandwagon too late, so had no status at the cutoff. Really pisses me off – had I joined 2 months earlier, I’d had been at least Silver with 3 years of easy re-qual. OK, I clock up 2-2,5k TP p.a 🙂 so no REAL biggie

    • BlackberryAddict says:

      So surely it doesn’t make a difference for you – you’re Gold anyway – even on the normal thresholds?

      • RogerWilco says:

        Strictly speaking – no. But were I to requal at 800TP I could get AA’s EXP, too. (there are many cases where it is more worthwile crediting to AA than to BA – e.g most of AY’s alphabet credits 25% Avios but 100% AA miles) Or could put more effort into my *A gold, which only I renewed by a struck of luck (SK’s excellent promo last fall)

        • Blackberryaddict says:

          OK, fair enough. I’ve never been in the situation where I could have more than one status card.

  10. To be frank, I’m not really sure the point of this post. It’s certainly not a scoop as it’s been discussed at length on Flyertalk. It’s good of course if BA honour an additional year for qualification at the lower rates for EU members. New BA Euro members cannot take advantage.

  11. What a shame I moved back to the UK whn I did 🙁