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(Deal dead) Astonishing BA Maldives and Mauritius Avios availability

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(EDIT:  The seats seem, in general, to have gone overnight.  Mistake or not?!)

Is it a mistake or are the seats not selling?

In any event, this is a quick heads up that there is fantastic Club World availability to the Maldives and Mauritius at the moment.

To the Maldives, it is crazy.  From May to the end of the year, fundamentally every Friday and Sunday outbound is available, and every Monday, Thursday and Saturday coming back.  Not just two seats, but 8 or more on many days.

(Knowing my luck, it will have gone by the time you read this, but at 11pm Sunday it was there!  Remember you need to search LGW or LON and not LHR when looking.)


For Mauritius, there is outbound Club World availability on almost every Thursday and Saturday for the rest of the year.

Remember you can cancel an Avios booking for a £25 per person fee, so it may be worth locking in some good dates whilst you can.  Head over to and take a look.

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Comments (44)

  • Morgs says:

    Hi, not sure if too late but Tobago in F seems quite open, although not the best months coming up.

  • Brian says:

    When I checked an hour or two ago, there was definitely much more availability for the US than before. Where there had previously been nothing, there were several dates offering flights.

  • Patrick says:

    Would it be truly synical to think that these flash availability of good seats are a way of BA getting people to convert their clubcard points etc into avois without having to have a transfer bonus ?

    • squills says:

      I’d venture to say you’re wrong there 😉

      I think their system is far from perfect.

      From time to time the availability suddenly gets excellent pretty much by mistake and first dibbers can get great offers.

      Then they realise & cut it back to normal.

  • jo says:

    Just checked availability to Male and there were seats in Club! Great excitement, clicked through to book using my 241, lo and behold absolutely no seats available. Most annoying!!

  • jo says:

    Forgot to say in my haste that this was next February, which is the highest of the high season months!

  • Metty says:

    Just returned from Maldives, went out and back via Bangalore which seems to have reasonably good availability much of the time. I have noticed these flash sales or glitches in the past and assumed that it was me searching for Economy (thanks to the user interface on rather than Club. Anyhow I digress…outbound via BLR is really easy, 3 hour ish connection to AI to Maldives. We had no queue at immigration and bags on the carousel v quickly. Coming back we stayed over the night in a hotel near-ish to the airport (as they seem to have forgotten to build any at the new airport), that was good too, there’s something nice about coming from a place where beer is £8 a pint to one where it’s 30p a pint before getting home. Bangalore is posh India and although you need a visa to connect on the return, it’s a swish place. I have done the outbound connecting trip to the Maldives before without a visa but hadn’t bargained for the problem of connecting BA-AI luggage-wise when checking in at LHR…..they kindly did check the bags through as we didn’t have visas and clearly couldn’t have retrieved them from the carousel at BLR….but I was reminded that AI are not part of Oneworld and BA have no obligation to be helpful like this!

  • Jason says:

    Sometimes there are seats available if you use the explore facility, but when you actually choose seats that way, they then disappear.
    I spoke to BA about it and they said they have been having problems with the software since it was changed recently. They couldn’t confirm when it would be fixed.

  • Paul says:

    Availability is dire but has been for some time.

    Bottom line is BA don’t care and more importantly don’t need to care. They are at the low cost end of the premium market with DFS type regular sales or you can simply fly from the EU. With fares as they are it is now increasingly better value to pay for a seat and perhaps credit the miles to another programme such as AA. That said I have not flown BA long haul paid premium for 2 years. CX business makes BA First look very poor whilst AA business is on a par with BA First in terms of space and comfort.

    I have flights in April on BA but these are redemptions and in the summer I am EU originating and flying AA with their fabulous new aircraft and seats. By booking the codeshare home i will exceed the 4 BA metal flights requirement and keep silver.

    BA now get very little money out of me except via the inequitous fees on redemption but unless and until the residents of the south East of England fly on some else it will not change. BA are profitable and successful in their fortress at Heathrow and only revenue on the hoof marching off to T4,T3 or T2 will change their attitude. Its not going to happen soon so best we all find somewhere else to spend our club card points.