New, cheaper, British Airways Club Europe ‘weekend break’ tickets launched

British Airways is making a big push for the leisure £ at the moment.  In the last few days I have covered the relaunch of ‘Hello Weekend’ as well as the very cheap last-minute day trip BAwayday fares being trialled at Heathrow on Saturday and Sundays.

The next step seems to be boosting weekend travel in Club Europe, BA’s European business class.

Club Europe seating

The following announcement was made yesterday:


British Airways has launched a new business class leisure fare that is up to 50 per cent lower than existing Club fares.

The new fare is available on short-haul routes from Heathrow and London City for return Club Europe flights, incorporating an overnight stay on a Saturday.

The new fares will make travelling in Club Europe (business class) even better value. Customers travelling in Club Europe benefit from dedicated airport check-in, extra space on board, a more generous luggage allowance, Club Europe dining and access to the elegant British Airways lounges.

Some examples of the new fares available from Heathrow and London City:

Amsterdam was £411 now £239
Zagreb was £309 now £236
Bergen was £456 now £228
Paris was £435 now £257
Hanover was £481 now £249

To be honest, it is not clear how BA is ticketing these deals.  From a few dummy bookings online, they still seem to be booking into I class as they always have.  I class would, usually, deliver a £250-£350 fare on a weekend away.  This may simply be a permanent reduction in I class fares to certain destinations.

Some of these fares are pretty good given the flight distance.  Bergen for £228 looks very attractive, and Zagreb is also worth a visit at £236 if you’ve done Budapest / PragueIt is worth heading over to and having a play around to see what you can find.

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  1. Full tier points/avios? If so this is a great deal for me.

    • Richie says:

      Yes you will get 40 tp ew on these fares. Plus an avios bonus.
      80tp for longer European routes such as hel and ist

  2. People were paying almost £450 to go to Paris!?!?

  3. Manuel says:

    Great for some TP runs 😉

  4. Can I sense a Tesco-Avios conversion bonus coming along? Three discount BA fare schemes launched in not many more days…. Are they short of money or just optimising the loads?

    Like M&S could abandon all their brands but ‘Autograph’ and ‘Sartorial’ and become the old M&S before it lost its way, BA could abandon economy and clearly differentiate themselves from the low cost carriers. Whatever it is BA do business class well and I like their current direction.

    • I’m not going to get my hopes up for Tesco

      Club World is not bad but not amazing either compared to some, but Club Europe seems to me to be a waste of time except for niches such as TP runs, or if you have no status but want lounge access. If you have lots of Avios that you can’t spend, then you might as well RFS in CE too, and obviously if connecting long haul you want something more, as well as for true business travellers who don’t care so much about the cost.

    • This is to do with optimising the aircraft currently in operation, if you look at the iag financial statements, BA wants to grow its customer base, not the Avios balance. Tesco needs to increase its market which unless a bonus was announced way in advance isn’t going to happen (and they only appear to have copied the Morrisions fuel recently)

  5. Chris Sutter says:

    I agree, they seem to have locked in I fares from the last sale to some destinations.

    When they announced it yesterday, I was surprised and very happy to see VIE and OTP fares at previous sale prices, but checking again today it seems that was just the sale lasting a day longer than officially announced. Looking today, it’s only the handful of destinations mentioned here that are discounted, and everything else is back to usual fare levels 🙁

  6. A random question, but can I redeem my miles for a ticket with virgin for someone else? I know that you can do that for BA but I’m not sure about virgin – I don’t want to transfer my MR to virgin and then realise that I cant redeem the ticket! Many thanks!

    • You can, but it’s really difficult. Raffles wrote a post about it earlier this year, and there is a sticky thread on FlyerTalk. Search.

    • stevejnr says:

      I found it very easy – I recently booked a return LHR-ABZ for a relative (and we weren’t travelling together). Just book it using points online and it asks for all the information.

  7. owain thomas says:

    Is this just from London airports?

    • No I am hoping to redeem a ticket from shanghai to london one way only

    • We’ll as an example to AMS.

      Out from London £119 Manchester £170
      Return London £122 Manchester £176

      It’s about £50 more each way, which is what I’ve found is normal for a business return to the regions. Seems to add about £100 for a return so no change there really.

      Good though if it books into business UK as another 40 TP return total 120 for the trip. However I was booked into J class to get business UK. Perhaps in I class you’d only get 10 each way on a Domestic…..?

      • Sorry I stand corrected!

        Class was ‘R’ for Club Europe which is still described as Discounted Club.
        Domestic was ‘J’ which I don’t understand as that is supposed to be Full Fare Club.

        But that’s what my transaction history shows anyway.

  8. I’m lost. What’s I, J, R and G class?

  9. ‘l….F