£50 of free clothing or accessories for Amex Platinum cardholders

If you have an American Express Platinum charge card, an interesting new offer has popped up at the Amex Platinum website.

To quote:

Members-only website BestSecret is one of the fashion industry’s best-kept secrets. Ordinarily, membership to the shopping website is by invitation only, however as a Platinum Cardmember we have arranged for you to obtain a permanent membership at BestSecret. What’s more, when you join, you will receive a £50 voucher to spend. 

BestSecret 2

A subsidiary of one of Europe‘s oldest textile wholesalers, Schustermann & Borenstein, the website pulls together an extensive network of luxury suppliers and offers discounts of up to 80% on over 1,000 designer labels, such as Missoni, Valentino and Bottega Veneta. Current collections are reduced up to 20% with over 500 new offers daily.

Your additional exclusive benefits as a Platinum Cardmember include:

• Permanent access to the shopping community

• A welcome voucher for £50 upon registration automatically applied at checkout when purchases are made with your American Express Platinum Card

• No minimum order value

• Complementary shipping

The website says that the offer is scheduled to run from April 3rd to June 3rd.  However, it seems to be already active.

I registered last night, and under Vouchers at the bottom of the page it says:  “£ 50.- Voucher from BestSecret  Valid until 23.03.2015“.  It looks promising!

You will see that I have not listed the registration link above.  You can find it by going to americanexpress.co.uk/platinum and looking at ‘Platinum Lifestyle’ and then under ‘Offers and Events’.

My reason for doing this is that I am not 100% sure that this offer is secure (ie that BestSecret is able to restrict it to Amex Plats only).  After what happened with the Achica offer last year, I do not want to be responsible for it being pulled before those who should benefit are able to benefit – especially as a huge percentage of HFP readers are Amex Plat cardholders.

Given that there is no minimum order value and postage is free, the Amex Platinum members amongst us should (literally) be able to get something for nothing up to the value of £50.  The only caveat I would add is that bestsecret.com is a German business and the brands on offer seem closer to what you would find in a Kaufhof rather than a House of Fraser ….

(To see our complete list of all current credit card bonuses, click here to visit our ‘Credit Cards Update’ page or use the link in the menu bar at the top of the page.)

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  1. This isn’t at all limited to the Plat Card. If you login to your AMEX online account and have the relevant link you can get the £50 voucher.

    • Singing Dwarf says:

      Where would you find this please – would it be under ‘Your Offers’ in ‘Especially for you’, along with the HoF, Asos and Harvey Nicks offers?

  2. Stephen Franks says:

    Some clothes and a free watch for my son. Took all night to find anything suitable. Most of it was either unknown brands to me or size out of stock. Reminds me of Achica! It might just be me, but a lot of it was rubbish…. Not complaining though!

  3. Barrett says:

    Thanks Raffles,
    Found a few nice things, though you have to hunt a bit, will prob go back to that site in the future but for now ordered some jeans I was going to buy in Harvey Nicolas for about £180, saw exact ones here for £67 and so paid £17. Oh and a watch!

  4. Paul Irving says:

    This worked, order a 70 Bugatti bag for 20 last night. VG was discounted from £180.
    Thanks again. Raffles

  5. Trevor says:

    Thanks again, my order has already been handed to DHL so on the way 🙂

  6. I applied for platinum card and approved last week. Hubby is supp card holder, we received his card today but I haven’t got mine. Is this normal or should I be worried?

    I got the priority access card…

    Obviously I am on the race against time for that cathay gold and this free £50……

    • Might be worth a call if yours does not arrive tomorrow

    • Brendan says:

      Ridiculously, when I upgraded my Gold to Plat a few weeks ago my supp card arrived first and then my card was delivered to my address but with no name on it. Because it was too big for the postbox (delivered in a fancy case thing) I was left a letter to collect a parcel addressed to ‘no name’. I hadn’t a clue what it was!

  7. I can’t seem to register — I follow the link under my offers, but it redirects me to the general login page, and then says that I don’t have the correct credentials (i.e. no existing account!)….a bit puzzled.

    I’m currently in Japan, so wondering whether that’s the problem.

    • Same here (from the UK). Logged into my Amex Platinum account, went to Platinum Lifestyle then Offers & Events, then followed the link, but no registration option, just login. And using the option to connect via Facebook doesn’t seem to work either…

  8. Hairy Monkey says:

    Yeah amex link no longer working. Looks like somebody noticed the problem. My orders from yesterday were confirmed shipped however!

    • flieduk says:

      DAMM!!!! I had intended to put my wives order through after mine was dispatched :((((

  9. I registered earlier today and have just completed an order. Annoying forgot to add the free watch..
    Hopefully I’ll get a couple of pairs of (almost) free crocs for waering in the garden 🙂

  10. Jack Swag says:

    Ok, own up guys. How many orders to you put thru yesterday and today? 🙂

    • flieduk says:

      LOL…. I wonder how on earth this can be solved. Most here are Plats but as soon as Raffles announces it it gets hammered (not his fault). That little German site must not know what hit them.

      • Very simple. Charge postage and insist that the postage charge is paid with a credi card that starts 3791 (or whatever the BIN for a Plat is).

        • Flieduk says:

          No no. I am not yet plat (so no good to me 😛 ); I mean how can you announce it in such a way that it does not get hammered whilst allowing maximum exposure at the same time.

          I thought that the way you had announced it there was enough time to hold off before telling my friends and family but it seems that even although you did not give the link it; too many ppl have signed up (unless they are just wanting to wait until April before opening it up 🙂 )

    • Bobajob says:

      Only 4 – but forgot to get the free watch in one of them 😉

  11. mickey says:

    Slightly separate issue to the topic here (thanks Raffles, I ordered my mother a new bag as an extra gift in time for mother’s day!). Has anyone else recently applied for the platinum (early March) and still waiting on their Marco Polo membership card? I applied on 11 March, and chased up last week. In the end had to file a complaint, as it looked like the ‘partner did not have any record of my enrolment’ but they have now submitted a request to their ‘Elite tier team’. I am traveling the second week of April, and it doesn’t look like I’ll get the Marco Polo membership in time. If anyone has had any luck – or any tips on getting hold of one asap I’ll appreciate it!


    • You can get the number off the website now as long as it has been processed – use ‘Forgot username?’ and use the email address Amex holds for you.

      There was a bit of backlog but they got cleared – I applied very early in March and my account number was available online last weekend.

      As long as you put the number into the booking (so the computer automatically picks up your status and prints oneworld Gold on the boarding pass) you will get into the lounge. What you won’t be able to do is to put your BA number on the boarding pass and give the lounge lady a scrap of paper with your Cathay number on it!

      Of course, once in the lounge you can get the number on the boarding pass changed back to BA at a ticket desk (or at the gate if none in the lounge).

      • Hi Raffles

        How do you choose a seat on a cash plus Avios booking, using the Cathay gold? It’s on my BAEC account, I made the booking but it’s for my mother in law, so a different name.
        I gather the general consensus was, after 62k had been taken, 64a was the next best seat to choose.

      • xcalx says:

        Mrs xcalx “misplaced” her Plat card. When the new card arrived she input the new number online and now has CX Gold till 31 Mar 2015.

    • See raffles direct link to this topic, I was in same boat as you last week, and I emailed CX directly, they chased it, and emailed me my gold no, which then became my FFP no, printed on my BP, got into lounges etc, then changed to my baec no at the gate, as raffles said here. But don’t wait for amex to send it to you. Also chase amex. It can take ten days to even get the number processed, but I found the team at Cathay v helpful.

  12. Main and supplementary card holders orders completed.

    Two fleeces (we know how to party), one golf shirt and two free watches, all for around £3. Father and Father-in-Law may be getting watches for Christmas!

    Or I might wear both at the same time. That way, I’ll have more time on my hands…..

    • Keith said: Or I might wear both at the same time. That way, I’ll have more time on my hands…..

      That’s terrible.

  13. I waited a few days before trying this, and like others I can’t now register.

    I did notice this under the “About Bestsecret”. Anyone want to recommend me?!

    We are very sorry, but we are a true “by invitation only” shopping community. Unlike all the other shopping clubs you might know, you cannot register for a membership directly, nor will you find an invitation link on the Internet. You can only become a member by a personal recommendation of an existing member.

    This discretion and admission policy guarantees the maximum protection for our suppliers and their designer labels and allows us to offer a permanent range of designer brands at unbeatable prices.

    • I don’t think you would get the £50 voucher if you were recommended as it was an Amex-related thing.

      Therefore it might be best to wait and not sign up via a recommendation as that way, if they do re-open the offer, you would be free to sign up & qualify for the gift voucher?

  14. marc83 says:

    I just found a new link. Looks like its only £25 voucher, but better than nothing. Just registered and ordered a couple of seven jeans and puma shirts. https://www.bestsecret.co.uk/affiliate/?token=31lSmjCMHgSDBFcF

  15. Managed to get 4 orders in – but forgot to get a watch on one of them 🙁

  16. Andrew says:

    Seems the offer is completely dead – it’s been taken off the Platinum lifestyle site altogether now. Maybe it will be back on 3rd April when it was said to start.

  17. 3 boxes have just arrived, 3 good quality toddler party dresses and well packed Plat + sup + gold
    Another £150 off the annual fee.

    • One of my two arrived this afternoon. The other is due to arrive tomorrow. Very pleased with the items, especially for free!

      • Brendan Sweeney says:

        I got mine this morning. 3 really nice t shirts and the free watch is even nice. They might have gotten a repeat customer here, prices are very reasonable. Only problem would be their returns policy

    • xcalx says:

      I also received 2 orders using BMI MBNA Amex cards

  18. oyster says:

    Received a delivery today. Necklace that was priced as £120 reduced to £55 and then I paid £5 with the voucher. Quite honestly I think it could have been bought on a market stall at £5 anyway. There’s a lot of tat on that site!
    Still at least I got a free throwaway watch!

  19. Hi, I cant find the link on the platinum site. is it still on there?

    • Nope it’s been pulled for now – it wasn’t officially due to start until April, hopefully it’ll make a comeback then and hasn’t been permanently cancelled.

  20. Frank says:

    Just checked both the platinum site and direct URL, both it still appears to be off line. I hope it comes back so I can use it for the sub card!.

    • Andrew says:

      Yes, have a feeling Best Secret got cold feet when they realised we weren’t quite the high-rollers they thought we’d be! Not sure they expected us to put in several orders each of £49.99. Think that ship has sailed unfortunately.