Earn 1,300+ free American Airlines miles with their Facebook game

After the British Airways Avios Suitcase game on Facebook (which keeps adding the odd extra badge, do revisit from time to time!), American Airlines has now launched its own.

It is called ‘AAdvantage Passport Challenge’ and you can find it at Facebook here.

It is a strangely complex thing, but fundamentally you can earn AA miles in three ways:

‘Learn & Earn’ – earn up to 700 miles by answering nine sets of trivia questions, sharing your success on Facebook and liking three specific Facebook pages.  (You can opt out of parts of this in return for fewer miles.)

These 700 miles will be credited simply for following the instructions, no flying required!

‘Be Social & Earn’ – earn up to 350 miles by performing various social actions, such as liking American on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.  For maximum miles, you need to invite a friend to participate in this promotion and they must actually sign up.

This block also does not require any flying, although you will need to coerce a friend or partner to sign up to earn the full miles.

‘Fly & Earn’ – earn up to 9,500 miles by completing various flying tasks.

In reality, 250 of the miles are for trivia questions so they are also easy to collect.  The majority of the flying miles, however, will not be possible UNLESS you are in the US.

However, there are 900 easy miles to earn here.  One target is ‘Fly International’ and another is ‘Fly oneworld’.  If you credit just one British Airways flight to your American Airlines account before May 23rd, it would trigger both of these targets, worth 450 miles each.

In summary …

You can earn 1,300 American Airlines miles without leaving your seat by correctly answering the trivia questions and undertaking the necessary sharing activities.

You can also earn an extra 900 bonus AA miles by crediting one British Airways or other oneworld segment (doesn’t even need to be a return) to your American Airlines account.  As long as you don’t mind losing the BA tier points that you would receive from that particular flight, this may be worth it.

The promotion runs until May 23rd.

Remember that, if you have AA miles, they will expire without regular activity on your account – it is worth playing this game just to reset the expiry date.

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  1. According to the fineprint, it is only open to “legal residents of the 50 U.S./D.C., who are members of the American Airlines AAdvantage® program in good-standing at the time of participation.” In the past, this usually did not have any impact (with the exception of Starwood or American Express, but there you were usually not able to participate). So good chances that it is working

    • Guesswho2000 says:

      I saw this in the T&Cs, but got an email directly from AA inviting me to play. My Oneworld Sapphire status is with them so my account is legit and UK registered.

      Luckily I was in the US at the time and flew back Saturday, on a BA flight already crediting to American, so there’s the OW and International flights covered, let’s see if the bonus posts at the end of the promo!

  2. I also got a direct invite from AA and have played the game yesterday. My account is definately UK registered and I have no status with them.

  3. I started playing Avios Suitcase back at the beginning of the month, but my Avios haven’t hit my account yet. I’m assuming they will arrive when the scores reset at the end of the month. I’ve done all the steps to link the accounts together and got the badge to prove it!

  4. Sum0plus1 says:

    The link for this generates a not found error message and searching for AAdvantage Passport Challenge in Facebook is a blank too. I’m UK based. Did it get pulled?

    • Just checked and I see it fine when I search ‘passport challenge’

      • Sum0plus1 says:

        That’s interesting, because doing the same search I get 2 results:
        Passport Photo Challenge and Lavern Challenger – Hyatt Gold Passport Ops Manager.
        I wonder why it’s visible to you but doesn’t exist for me! I’m accessing via an iPhone – could that be the problem?

        • Could be, although it shows on an iPad

        • gnarlyoldgoatdude says:

          Same issue here.
          IPhone 5S, Facebook 8.0.

        • I must confess I hadn’t thought of looking at it on my phone! It certainly shows up OK on the Facebook website on my computer, although some of the coding seems a little dodgy – using Chrome some of the sub-games seem to let you on the first couple of bits then sit there. Will try again on Firefox later.

        • gnarlyoldgoatdude says:

          Soshal Mejah is banned at work, so the phone is the only option until I get home.

        • Ah fair enough, same for me – I’d tried it out at home last night 🙂

  5. You earn extra miles from sharing content on Facebook, but you do not have to share it WITH anyone – simply choose “Only me” when asked who you want to share with.

  6. Do we think crediting a (BA) reward booking will trigger the 900 bonus miles?

  7. I have an international BA flight and AA flight booked, is there any way I can trigger the bonus despite the fact that they’re already booked?

  8. Dave P says:

    When will the miles be credited to AA accounts?

  9. pazza2000 says:

    Once entered, is there anyway to confirm the synced AAdvantage account info?