30%-40% discount code for Hilton Group hotels!

There are lots of corporate discount codes for hotel chains available online if you search.  The reason they are not heavily publicised is that you shouldn’t be using them!

Some hotels are very strict, especially on deep discounts, and will want to see corporate ID.  The risk of being challenged increases on those trips where you really don’t want to be challenged, ie when travelling with family or partner.

Hilton Venice

Apart from literally one occasion about 8 years ago, I have never used corporate codes for companies where I had no association.  (As it happens, I retain a security pass and business cards for a major bank where I once worked, so I will occasionally use their code as I have the ID.)

The code outlined here is less risky, though.  Hilton Group has something called Corporate Benefit Partner Rate.  This is offered to clients of various companies with whom Hilton has a link of some sort.  The same code is used by hundreds of different companies to book rooms.

The code is PR13CB.  You need to book via the normal Hilton website here.  Once you start typing, an extra box open up which allows you to add a rate code in the ‘Promotional / Offer Code’ box.  This is where you type it.

If you have a play around with this code, you will see some interesting discounts appear.

For Monday 28th April, for example, the Hilton Park Lane in London is £184 vs £230 for a non-refundable Advanced Purchase Rate (PR13CB is also non-refundable.)  Hilton Canary Wharf (a pleasant new build) is £207 vs £259.  And so on.

It is up to you whether you are happy to book this rate or not, although you will see that the rate rules do not state any eligibility requirement.  Not all hotels participate in any event, and the rate is also often withdrawn during Hilton sales.

(To see our complete list of all current hotel promotions for the major chains, click here to visit our ‘Hotel Promos’ page or use the link in the menu bar at the top of the page.)

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  1. Jamie says:

    Is there any way to find the list of eligible companies that qualify for this discount?

  2. Lipton says:

    Any idea of how long the code is valid for ?

  3. Chris Sutcliffe says:

    Thanks Raffles, just used this to save £66 off a stay tonight in London! Had watched the hotel for a couple of weeks with no shift in pricing. Just a note to others, the ‘Corporate Benefit’ Price comes up in the list of packages (or did for me anyway)

  4. alex vickers says:

    I assume this won’t have any affect on base point earning, I wouldn’t want to lose out since I’m steaming nicely towards requalification to Diamond?

    • No, usual points and stay credit. Sometimes it isn’t valid for certain promos, although that seems to be less of an issue recently.

    • Stewie says:

      No issue – it earns points as normal

  5. Sadly I think it does, they seem pretty good at picking up if any discount codes have been used.

  6. flieduk says:

    Unfortunately, for one hotel this is £10 more than no-code rates!!! But for some props it is a steal.

    If anyone wants to enlighten me as to some more corporate codes for various hotels, I have teh same name on FT. Will bear favour in mind if I come by anything 🙂

  7. flieduk says:

    Ohh and of course, thanks again Raffles.

  8. Kipto says:

    I believe the public sector rate only works in the UK ?

  9. pazza2000 says:

    What is the public sector code / link again…? This would combine nicely with the AMEX £50 off £250+ promo

  10. Letsfly says:

    Is this pre-paid?

  11. Chilibenny says:

    Slightly off topic but does anyone know if you can get points using your Hyatt Gold Passport number if it has been booked by work? I have four nights at the Hyatt in Birmingham coming up but I haven’t booked direct myself. I ask because IHG are normally fine even if not in my name and one te they didn’t I rang up and they changed it to a qualifying stay.

    • rotundo says:

      For me work stays at Hyatt have always qualified, but they were always in my name although booked via the corporate travel agent. If they’re not in your name, but you know the actual name on the booking and reservation #, you can try setting your membership number via https://www.hyatt.com/hyatt/reservations/retrieveReservation.jsp

    • Fine if booked by a corporate travel agent for you to pay. NOT fine – as my wife found out in Korea last week – if you are booked as part of a group booking where the bill is paid centrally by another company.

  12. Slightl off-topic (but still on hotels), I have a new statement credit offer when I log in to my Amex account today:

    £30 statement credit on £250 spend via PH Hotels (valid for first 2,000 cards).
    Must book & stay by 30 May 2014 though.

    •UK Cards only. Only one £30 statement credit per Card.
    •Offer only applies to spend on Card which offer is saved to. It does not apply to spend on supplementary Cards or other Cards you might hold.
    •Available by booking at principal-hayley.com or by calling 0844 824 6171.
    •One night stay minimum. Valid on all spend at check-out.
    •Offer limited to the first 2,000 UK Cards to save the Offer.

  13. I tried the code for hotels in NYC and San Francisco — it actually made the price WORSE !

  14. Dave B says:

    PR11PN is a public sector code which works typically at a 40% discount but includes breakfast. The code generally works in the UK and much of Europe. Valid ID is officially required. I am a government employee so have ID but am very rarely asked for it. I do earn HHonors points also on these stays. Check out http://www.hiltonpublicsector.co.uk

  15. Does anyone know any miles bonus deals to combine with HHonors? Given variable is total crap I’ve gone to points + points.

  16. Two hotels I regularly stay at have just stopped PR13CB altogether, because its too ‘publicized’.

    • flieduk says:

      Always a fine balancing act that Raffles has to follow

      • Also gone from many German hotels. DUS was showing PR11PN and PR13CB. Both stopped in the past week.

  17. EDIT: In fact it seems PR13CB is totally dead in Germany now 🙁 this is very disappointing indeed. So that’s Belgium (which worked circa 5 days ago) & France that I can name from checking recently to 0 availability. This was clearly a communication from Hilton to pull this and not some individual hotel thing. Flyertalk is one thing as its actually quite unheard of in many places, but all the blogs coming up when Googling “hilton discount” (plus the graphical illustration on how to enter it into the promo code box) mean the audience becomes so great that its not economical to continue it. At the same time, the blogs are looking to drive the traffic, so in the end nobody wins!

  18. flieduk says:

    Is there a differnce between PR11PN and Ticking the Military/government (public sector) box?

    • Yes, there can be a difference in rates/availability. Also PR11PN includes breakfast.

  19. Tried PR13CB on a Hilton in Copenhagen, it was working the other week but it’s now no longer working 🙁

  20. I’ve had some success with the PR09PN code, I don’t know what it is offically for so use it at your own risk!

    The description comes up as EXCLUSIVE 20PCT DISC when used, it also seems to get you a free breakfast.

    Not sure if Hilton have a best rate guarantee but if you don’t mind not getting points etc I find it’s always worth checking third party websites for their properties. I stayed at the Hilton in Canary Wharf last year and managed to save over £100 off the rate on the Hilton website by using onhotels.