Good BA EU business fares – Sydney £2130, Orlando £1445, NYC £1156

British Airways is currently offering some genuinely excellent fares in Club World – with the snag that you need to start your flight outside the UK.

Given the huge discounts available, though, this is a sacrifice of your time that is worth making in my view.

British Airways BA

Here are a few examples, which generally require a 28 day advance purchase.  They do not seem to be ‘sale’ fares – the recent European sale finished a few days ago – but simply very cheap standard Club World seats.

Amsterdam to Seattle – £1692 (€2056 to be precise)

Munich to Orlando – £1445 (€1890)

Oslo to Sydney – £2130 (NOK 21,411)

Rome to New York – £1498 (€1820) – as per the comments, this drops to an amazing €1405 (£1156) in July

All these prices are for 10-17 June as an example.  You should even be able to book segments on other oneworld airlines (eg Cathay if you route Sydney via Hong Kong) although this often requires a telephone booking if won’t throw it up.

There are likely to be other similar deals filed so it is worth having a play with to see what you can find.

For clarity, you absolutely MUST fly the original outward ticket or the rest of your itinerary will be cancelled.  You cannot just get on the plane in London.

On the way back, you can hop off in the UK but only if you can get your bags tagged to London.  The easiest way to guarantee this is to book your last leg from Gatwick or City, as BA cannot tag bags through when you connect to a different airport.  This is often not possible – Oslo is only flown from Heathrow, for example.  If you can’t manage that, booking the last leg for the following day (but within 24 hours of landing) usually means you can get your bags back in London.

Tomorrow on Head for Points, I will run a brief tutorial on how to find cheap BA fares with European departure points.

Meanwhile, there is also a five day ‘Flash Sale’ on World Traveller and World Traveller Plus seats at the moment, which ends on May 1st.  This is valid for tickets up to 8th December, although there are date restrictions on some routes.  The Low Fare Finder tool on will show you the best months for any particular route.

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  1. Qatar seem to be running their 2for1 business class deal again, too.

  2. JonnyMcG says:

    Really looking forward to tomorrow’s post. Trying to figure out a BA TP Run from BHD for around 900 TP’s end of August / first week in September

    • thesaver79 says:

      If I find some time today, I’ll try to have a look for you. 🙂

      • JonnyMcG says:

        Thank you very much.

        Just landed in heathrow. Now to drive to Wimbledon for the first time. Have to love the tube strike 🙁

        • thesaver79 says:

          I’m assuming you want an ex-EU TP run. Will you be happy to get your own positioning flights separately?

        • Sabrina says:

          Ex-DUB would be preferential I’m sure to avoid that!

        • Jonnymcg says:

          Sorry for the late reply.
          I could fly to Amsterdam with a.n other airline and start the run from there.
          Ideally finishing the run or last leg to ams from lhr so I could drop it and do the short hop to belfast

  3. thesaver79 says:

    For anyone who wants to try the LCY – JFK, you can get it for €1423 for dates in July from FCO. For example, 3-12 July.

  4. Any idea on the valid dates for this sale? Checked November and am having little luck.

  5. Most if not all of these are sales fares, they are an extension of the recent BA European sales.

    Some are valid through to early 2015 as well.

    • do you have any examples?


        You can find the fare rules including restrictions / validity period on ITA Matrix.

  6. Amazing! This could work out perfectly for me.

    Do you earn avios on these flights? I can’t see why not, but the BA avios calculator shows exactly 0 avios and 0 tier points earned for a club world flight from oslo to sydney.

  7. danksy says:

    Could you explain the bag issue again?

    “The easiest way to guarantee this is to book your last leg from Gatwick or City, as BA cannot tag bags through when you connect to a different airport. This is often not possible – Oslo is only flown from Heathrow, for example. If you can’t manage that, booking the last leg for the following day (but within 24 hours of landing) usually means you can get your bags back in London.”

    I understand the problem, but I don’t understand the solution.

    Assuming I booked from AMS-JFK then JFK-AMS

    How could I “engineer” my bags leaving the plane before they were expecting me to? (i.e they expect me to continue to AMS on my return leg)

    And if i booked another fllight rom AMS-LHR within 24 hours, surely I’d have to collect my bags at the carousel and recheck in for my AMS-LHR flight?

    I think I’m missing something!

    • When you get to the bit where you choose your flights make sure that you transit through different London airports so AMS-LCY-JFK out becomes JFK-LCY- LHR-AMS back.

      An annoying quirk of BA (or very handy additional flexibility, depending on whether you’ve just booked an FCO-LHR-LGW-EDI transit by mistake or intent) is that it offers the chance to fly into one London airport and out of another. However when doing so you have to collect your luggage at the arrival airport and drop it off at the departure, you can’t check it through to the final destination as you can if arriving and departing at the same transit airport.

      • You can then collect your bags at LCY and fail to turn up for the final LHR-AMS sector

    • Gregor says:

      I think Robert’s been fairly clear on this one. In your example, you come back into LHR from JFK, but he suggests your next leg to AMS is from LCY or LGW, so BA must give you your bags back to allow you to change airport – at that point, you go home instead. Some threads I’ve seen on this subject suggest a risk of losing the Avios & TPs for the booking because technically you didn’t complete your itinerary – I have no idea on that one.

      A few days ago I booked AMS/LHR/DFW/SFO/LAX/LHR/AMS in CW for £1670, to include a 24hr stopover in DFW, and a week in SFO. What a glorious bargain! For what it’s worth I’m going to complete the final AMS leg, just to be sure.

      For a cheap & cheerful overnight at Schiphol, the Yotel or Mercure are actually inside the terminal – very handy.

      Hope that helps.

      • Indeed. Beware that AA take a much stricter line on this situation, especially on fares from the Caribbean, and have been known to cancel all points for the itinerary. Similarly with BA I’d only do this at most once or twice a year. Remember you’re also giving up 40TPs on the Club Europe flight and those of u that don’t live in London would still need to get a flight home anyway – AMS-EDI is as easy as LHR-EDI for me.

    • There is no legal or other requirement for you to check bags to the final destination. It is an airline imposed requirement generally by staff who don’t actually understand what they are doing.

      I have never had anyone suggest that my bags go to final destination and hve always had them delivered in LHR.

      If you have concerns just book an extended transit and argue that you need the bags in the arrivals lounge. After all the 100ml rule applies to liquids!!!

      Nothing says you have to travel with your bags….airlines mishandle them every day!

      Do not tell them you are not travelling…ever just no show.

  8. darrenf says:

    Very timely. Looking to book a SYD trip for early 2015 through with my new AAdvantage credit card – 12 months interest free on the purchase, and meeting the minimum spend for my signup bonus. 🙂

  9. Damien says:

    If your just flying with hand luggage, is there any issue just getting off at Heathrow?

    • Nope, just the advice above about not dropping your final sector too often – doing it occasionally won’t be an issue with BA.

    • thesaver79 says:

      As Raffles has said before, there is no issue provided that you don’t do it often (once a year is fine) and that you inform BA you won’t be catching the following segment.

      • Do you really need to inform BA you won’t catch the last segment? When do you usually do this, at the airport where you collect your baggage or do you call them? What you reason do you give?


        • I have never told them!

        • thesaver79 says:

          Wouldn’t it be nicer to let them know so that there is no risk they’ll wait for you?

        • I thought you run the risk if telling them that they take the opportunity to re-price the ticket to reflect the sectors you intend to take (or have taken depending on when you tell them) and then charge you the higher price…

        • Callum says:

          They won’t wait for you. And as Paul says, there’s a risk that by cancelling the last leg you will be charged a fare-difference.

  10. How do you search for theses fares? Is it through BA’s UK Site?

    • For straightforward routings you can use For more complex ones the multi-city tool on can be better. You can also call BA to book over the phone, which can be good for more complex itineraries – this also lets you pay in GBP and avoid 3% forex fees, which can be a substantial saving. BA Golds don’t pay phone booking fees but even if you are stuck paying £15 then it’d be worth it for fares >£500 given the saving in forex fees (plus if you have a BA Amex you’d get the bonus for booking with BA).

      • You need to think of the 3% forex fee as paying for MR points/insurance/no credit limit on charge cards, because there is no need to pay any fee. Furthermore the mastercard rate is usually 0.25-0.5% better than the amex rate (before the fee) for any given day.

        You can book on Amex Travel (UK) if plans are fixed, to use the IATA exchange rate and pay in GBP and earn an extra MR point per £ too

        • Yes, fair point although a lot of folk I know have a sign-up or voucher target to hit and thus keen to use their Amex 😉

          Re. rates – it really does seem to vary day-by-day as to which one wins on the rate front – I remember a few comparisons were posted on BA. I’ve always been very impressed with how close the rate on my PO MC is to the rates listed on!

          The other benefit to booking with BA is for using Avios to upgrade if there’s availability. For AA TP runs I still prefer being on AA-issued stock as they seem to find it much easier to make booking changes when it’s ‘their’ ticket – I’ve not found that such an issue on BA.

          Glad Amex travel have finally dropped their booking fees on air tickets, although I wish their online search tool was a bit better.

    • Yes, I pulled them all up yesterday via the UK BA site. Just because you aren’t starting in the UK doesn’t mean you have to use an overseas version of the site.

  11. pauldb says:

    The OSL-SYD fare (also available from BGO/SVG for a 4500 avios positioning flight) allows 2 free stopovers. So you if you aren’t bothered about stopping twice in Asia, you can easily get your bags bag with a stop (<10 days) on your return to LHR (though that adds £26 of UK APD).
    This is useful as, arriving back early morning from Asia, there are no next day, <24hr options, nor LGW options, back to Norway.

  12. Froggitt says:

    The so-called green APD tax again leading to behaviours that significantly increase CO2 emissions……flying to Rome and back etc.

    • APD is not the reason these fares are less than the UK, I don’t know anyone who starts in the EU to avoid just APD.

      Yes it is avoided but the fare difference is often 000’s not a £180. People use these routes as it saves a lot more than APD, indeed the fuel surcharge or “carrier imposed fees” is often at the same level as the UK APD had the journey started in London.

      These are greatly reduced fares to fill unwanted seats without impacting on the main yield revenue stream… the UK market.

      It would be significantly more beneficial to consumers if people’s ire was directed at carrier fees and fuel surcharges, which are often double APD in most instances.

  13. Be careful with this sort of routing if you are not game for an argument. Recently my wife and her sister were travelling MAD-LHR-SIN-LHR/LGW-BCN

    I sorted out this booking as I saved quite a bit. All was going well until they were checking in for SIN-LHR. Initially they were denied boarding because they could not prove they had a return from Spain to the UK.

    They tried saying there are cheap deals to be had on easyjet to return or they might get train they hadn’t decided yet. The BA checkin staff said that BA get fined by Spanish authorities for passengers without an onward flight (obvious bs. Might be worth saying they both travel on Kiwi passports and had BAEC numbers so check in staff may be able to deduce they live in London but still rubbish).

    After 30 mins of arguing they convinced them not to check them in for the final leg (which is what they wanted all along) and that they would sort in London.

    All worked out in the end but all I am saying is that it caused a lot of stress for them and didn’t allow nearly enough time to enjoy the ba lounge. Can’t really complain as really had no intention of taking final flight but check in staff in Singapore were not to know that.

    • John says:

      Well this is not a problem for anyone with an EEA passport. But really they should have predicted this and booked a fully refundable return.

  14. Richard says:

    At least for HEL-JFK these low fares are loaded in a very strange way. The price is CHEAPER during peak times (july/august holiday period, thanksgiving, Christmas) and more EXPENSIVE after this. It’s as if they loaded the peak time version of this fare (IL28SALE) but forgot to upload the off-peak version.
    Flying at thanksgiving/christmas is 600e cheaper than flying the week after!

    Or they have mixed up IL28SALE and I28SALE.
    IL28SALE=1119euro, I28SALE=1792euro
    You would think 1119e would be off peak and 1792 peak times, but they defined the dates the other way around. IL28SALE is valid only for holiday time/thanksgiving/christmas!

  15. Damien says:

    If you were flying to NYC. Then would these flights also qualify for the First class upgrade offer BA have?

    • They book into I-class so no.

    • Richard says:

      The J -> F upgrade offers are normally for fares from the UK. This discussion is about fares from Europe

      >>A Qualifying Flight: (i) is a published fully or semi flexible return fare in Club World on a BA mainline service departing from the UK<<

  16. Mandy says:

    Thanks for this Raffles. Just got BRU-YVR//SEA-BRU in August for £1340. Playing around with multi-city itineraries I noticed it wasn’t costing much more to do it in to one city and back from another. I then tried to book it online and helpfully I got a system error, so when I phoned to book online, no £15 fee and no forex. I’d checked rough exchange rates beforehand so I was happy with the GBP price that BA quoted me. To top it off, it was a good few hundred cheaper than the WTP itinerary I was going to book out of EDI, even with the positioning flight. Happy Big Birthday to Me!