Hilton launches its May – July promotion, ‘Double Your HHonors’

A couple of days ago I covered the new Starwood promotion for May to JulyHilton HHonors has also launched its own promotion for the same period, and it is not dramatically different.

It is called ‘Double Your HHonors’.  You can find full details of the promotion, and register, here.

However, do not register without thinking first, as the promotion requires you to make a choice.

Hilton Diamond 2

Under ‘Double Your HHonors’, you can choose either:

double Hilton HHonors base points


double airline miles

You must select one option, and it cannot be changed later.

If you choose double points and set your Hilton earning preferences to ‘Points and Points’, you will be earning 25 base points per $1 spent.  This is before any elite bonus.

If you choose double miles and set your Hilton earning preference to ‘Points and Miles’, you be earning 10 base points per $1 plus 2 airline miles per $1.

If you choose ‘double miles’ and later switch to taking ‘Points and Points’ then you will just receive the standard 15 points per $1.  If you choose ‘double points’ and later switch to taking ‘Points and Miles’ then you will receive 20 base points per $1 and 1 airline mile.  I hope that is clear!

I tend to value Hilton HHonors points at £3 per 1,000 and airline miles at 0.75p (both very conservative numbers).  On that basis, taking ‘double points’ would earn me (25 x 300/1000 =) 7.5p per $1 spent.  Taking ‘double miles’ would earn me 4.5p per $1 spent.

It’s not that simple though!

Hilton is running a generous Avios promotion at the moment which I wrote about here.  You will earn 1,500 bonus Avios on your first stay before the end of July, and 2,000 bonus Avios on your second stay.

This will probably swing the maths towards taking the Avios points and setting your Hilton account to ‘Points and Miles’.  It is almost certainly the best thing to do if you have only two one-night Hilton stays before the end of July.  If you have lots of expensive Hilton stays, ‘Points and Points’ may still work out better.  You need to do the maths before you register.

Beware excluded hotels!

There are a whopping 600 hotels which have chosen not to take part in this promotion.  However, the vast majority are in the US.  The only UK non-participant in the Doubletree in Aberdeen, bizarrely.  This compares positively to the new Starwood promotion which excludes virtually all of their UK hotels!

The promotion runs until July 31st.

(To see our complete list of all current hotel promotions for the major chains, click here to visit our ‘Hotel Promos’ page or use the link in the menu bar at the top of the page.)

Good BA EU business fares - Sydney £2130, Orlando £1445, NYC £1156
Generous Club Carlson offer - 20,000 points (or 2,000 Avios) for a weekend stay
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  1. If your looking at maximising collection of HH pts then for a single 4 night stay, I assume that Points + Points is the the way to go.

    eg room rate =£65.= $104 / night

    Points & Points
    4 x $104 x 25 = 10400 HH pts

    Points & Miles
    4 x $104 x 10 = 4160 HH pts + 832 miles/avios

    • Yes, that seems correct … except that you would also get the 1,500 Avios bonus on top if your stay was within the qualifying period. That might swing it.

      • Hilton are never famed for their amazing IT – I’ve just had 1500 Avios post despite being on points+points!!

  2. Is this for new bookings only? I have 2 stays booked in Las Vegas before the end of July, will it apply to these?

  3. All other promos have worked as long as you register prior to your previously booked stay. 🙂

  4. Geoggy says:

    Even as an accountant this has me confused.

    I have a 3 night pre paid stay coming up at Hilton in the period, and a 7 nighter from the Avios half price sale at the Conrad Algarve.

    My HH balance is only 7k, and I have about 150k avios

    What would net me best bang for my buck? I’m thinking points and points right?

    • Mrtibbs1999 says:

      Your algarve stay is non qualifying. Your choice will depend on the cost of the 3 nighter

  5. Geoggy says:

    386 euros

    • Geoggy says:

      think i’ve got it.

      So about 13,300 HH points or 5320 HH and 1064 avios + 1500

      I’m HH silver so it owuld be 15% extra HH so 13,965 HH for option 1 and 6118 HH for Option 2

      I think I mights as well take the Avios as I don’t stay at Hilton since my Amex Plat gold status lapsed and the points points option would take my overall HH balance to about 20k which is nowhere near a decent redemption

  6. Geoggy says:

    After all that I really wished i had checked te excluded hotel list as the Hilton Hague is on it. Bah!

  7. Ron, I’d still pick points+points – remember you can still opt to earn as points+miles to get the good promos, you don’t have to be on p+p to get the bonus points.

  8. Keith Jenner says:

    I think you can still mix and match this a bit.

    From looking at the offer details, you still get double base points even if you have your preferences set to points and miles. I also can’t see any reason why this deal is not combinable with the bonus Avios one.

    Therefore, I don’t see why you can’t register for both, and have your preferences set to points and miles for two stays during the period and then change it to points and points for the rest.

    That way, you should get 20 points and 1 mile per dollar plus 3,500 Avios for two stays, and 25 points per dollar for the rest.

    Or am I missing something?

    • Nope, you’re quite right – see my post up thread 🙂 You may not even have to change to earning miles to get the bonus Avios either, both a friend and myself have received it on p+p stays.

      • Keith Jenner says:

        Thanks for confirming.

        It would actually be a bit of a pain if they give you the miles anyway. I have four stays booked in the next month, and the first one is in a Hampton Inn, so I would only get 600 Avios for that night.

        I suppose if I don’t sign up for the extra Avios offer until after that first stay then it will avoid them giving me the lower rate.

        • If you potentially have a stay going ‘spare’ then I’d sign up for the bonus Avios offer and keep your stay as points+points and see if you receive the bonus anyway! As I say on the two examples so far this seems to have worked, although definitely not guaranteed so I’d only do it if you had spare low-cost stays you could use.

          Personally once Hilton stopped offering fixed miles I lost any interest in using that option, apart from these occasional bonuses. Points+points certainly keeps things simpler, although it’s a lot less lucrative! I do remember a fun Route 66 trip in a mix of Hampton, HGI, Hilton and Waldorfs where I ended up changing my earning preference after every stay! (whichever preference is in effect at 23:59 central time on the day of check-out is that one that applies to the stay). Beware though if you have multiple airlines in your preferences that the one marked as preferred at the time of making the booking tends to ‘stick’ to the reservation even if you subsequently change your preferred scheme – the best idea if there’s a special promo on is to double-confirm at check-in and check-out that they have the correct FF# listed for the booking.

        • Keith Jenner says:

          I’m with you on just using p+p since they got rid of fixed miles. Much easier. I only have my BAEC account on there so there’s no problem with that.

          My issue however is that my four upcoming stays are in a Hampton, followed by three Doubletrees. As the Hampton comes first, I would only get 2,500 Avios in total if they credit me the miles for that (as Hamptons only earn 500 Avios for the first stay). If I wait until I’ve stayed there before accepting the offer then I’ll get 3,500 Avios for all Doubletree stays.

          I will change to points and miles for the first two Doubletrees (they are on consecutive days). If I didn’t change and they didn’t award the Avios then I may miss out on the 2,000 for the second stay as I don’t have anything else planned at the moment.

          By changing to points and miles, I will lose out on about £3 of points value by my reckoning, but it’s better to do that than risk missing the 2,000 Avios, which I value at £20.

        • Ahh – OK good point then on lower bonus Avios – in that case I agree it’s worth holding off signing up for the promo to make sure you don’t mistakenly get the less credit!

  9. Dave Williams says:

    Seems pretty hard and fast that you cant change:

    “Choose carefully because your selection cannot be changed.”

    • Keith Jenner says:

      You can’t change whether you want double points or double miles, but you can change your earning preferences between points and miles or points and points any time you want, in my experience.

      So I don’t see why you can’t select double points, but change your earning preferences so you only get awarded miles on two occasions.

      Even if you couldn’t change the earning preference then it would probably still be worth selecting double points and having your earnings as points and miles, to benefit from both offers.

  10. Would I be right in thinking the numbers would be different for those who credit their miles to IB or VS?

  11. Dave Williams says:


    I switch my earning preference every other day atm between virgin, BA and miles and more promos all coming along at once.

    I think (and someone with better chat than me may be able to confirm) to get the double points you have to have the earning preference set to points and points. I wouldn’t have thought it would work if you select double points but have pref set to “points and miles”.

    I may however be getting confused with this PHD level promotion…. 🙂

    • Keith Jenner says:

      I don’t think you need to have points and points selected to get double points.

      It’s clear that you need points and miles for double miles (there would be no miles to double otherwise). It also says so in the FAQ’s

      “Do I have to change my MyWay™ Earnings Style Option in my HHonors account in order to receive Double Miles for this promotion?
      Yes. You must change your profile to Points & Miles in order to earn miles. You must also have a preferred airline selected in your HHonors profile.”

      However, the FAQ’s indicate that you don’t need points and points selected to get double points:

      “Do I have to change my MyWay™ Earnings Style Option in my HHonors account in order to receive Double Points for this promotion?
      No. However, to maximize the number of points you can earn during the promotion, selecting HHonors Points & Points would be best.”

      • Dave Williams says:

        Good spot!

        That’s great news. Love it when a plan comes together 🙂

  12. I’m too tired to even contemplate all of this and currently only have Google docs to create a spreadsheet on!

    I’ve got 4 Hilton stays covering 5 nights coming up in May. I’ve currently got my preferences set to points & miles and registered for the Avios promo. So if I register for this at double points, I can get the extra avios on 2 of the 4 stays, but can I switch between p+m and p+p as I choose? The most valuable $ value stays are 1 and 3, and the least valuable are 2 & 4. Stay 2 is a Hampton, so lower avios.

  13. I’d recommend not switching your preferences immediately before a stay. I happened to have just checked in at a Hilton when I read about the BA promo, so immediately switched from points+points to points+BA miles, replacing my old IB number with my BA one. They managed to credit that stay as points+IB miles. 🙁

    • Out of interest, had you already made the booking when your IB number was down as your preferred FF programme and then changed it to BA on the Hilton website? If so this doesn’t have the desired effect, you need to change it with the hotel itself for existing bookings.

      • The IB number was down as my preferred number when I booked, but I had been on points+points for months, ever since they dropped fixed miles.

        I had read somewhere that you could change earning preferences any time before checkout, but that clearly isn’t true.

        • No you can, but see my other post on this page – the preference for points or miles can be done up until late on the day of checkout, but you FF preference is locked from time of booking UNLESS you get the hotel to change it at the reception desk.