Totally FREE Uber taxi rides in Manchester until midnight Sunday!

Use code HEADFORPOINTS for a £15 Uber sign-up credit.  The code is valid until December 2016.

Uber, the app-based taxi service that is doing surprisingly well in London (and now operates in 100 cities globally) has launched in Manchester.

As a special launch promotion, ALL Uber rides – up to a maximum of £15 per journey – are free until midnight on Sunday!  I doubt you’ll find it easy to get a car, but if you manage it you will have snagged a bargain.

You aren’t even limited to one free ride per person.  You can have up to 10 trips which should satisfy even the most social person!


Full details can be found at here at the Uber website.

Do NOT sign up via the link on that site, though.  If you use my referral link here you will receive £15 of free ride credit which lasts indefinitely.

To book rides, you will need to download the Uber app to your Android or iOS device.  If you register via the app and not the website, use ‘headforpoints’ as your referral code to get the £15 credit.

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  1. Absolutely love Uber, you do need to remember it’s not as easy as hailing a black cab and the drivers may need some help getting to your destination! but the app makes it easy to order and to know when it’s nearby.

    Pick up at Airports inc Heathrow is easy and I’ve never had no cars available.

  2. squills says:
  3. Volker says:

    I really like UBER. Therefore, I was very disappointed that it was not possible to get a single ride in Berlin a couple of weeks ago. I tried again and again, at different times and different locations. Not that I hadn’t been prepared, having read several pieces like the NYT one on the web at BA’s T5 lounge on my way to Berlin:

    I am not really surprised. Germany only recently allowed private companies to offer long-distance coach travel on a timetable basis… And I thought the Middle Ages were long gone. Will hopefully use my UBER vouchers in Dublin soon.

  4. Mikeact says:

    My credit shows $10…not quite sure how that occurred.

    • It’s likely caused due to you having left the country setting as the USA(Default Country). It’s important to note with Uber that you collect referral credit in the currency of whatever country you have your location set at. Also, you can change this at any time. You can also only redeem free credits on rides billed in that currency. So if you sign up with location UK, you will get credits in £ sterling that can only be used in London or Manchester. If you use France, Germany or any Eurozone currency you will get credits in Euros. These can be used in dozens of cities, that bill in Euros. My code is uberloves2014 – or you can click on my name to get to sign up with the code already in 😉

  5. Mikeact says:

    There are page’s and page’s of T’s and C’s which I can’t plough through. there anything I should be aware of ?

  6. Ok, will delete links as requested!

  7. pazza2000 says:

    Could I use my Uber £GDP credit in different countries? I suspect possibly the sign up credit balance, but certainly not promotions?

  8. IslandDweller says:

    You refer to Uber as a taxi service, but is it? Uber claims it isn’t – and therefore wants to avoid the London taxi licensing regime. Not sure I’d trust a taxi service if I can’t be sure the drivers are checked. How does one check that the cars have ‘taxi liability’ insurance…..

    • … because Uber provides it for them and it automatically kicks in when they pick someone up.

      What you need to remember is that a lot of Uber drivers are existing minicab drivers anyway. It is not unusual to be picked up by a branded minicab when using Uber. Existing taxi firms sign up to provide extra volume in quiet times.

      • IslandDweller says:

        In which case ‘walks like a duck’ – the Uber legal argument that they aren’t a taxi service falls flat. If it is a taxi service, it should subscribe to London taxi licence regime to operate here.
        As for ‘most are already taxi drivers’ – I’d want a guarantee that 100% of drivers have been through official background checks.
        (No, I’m not a cab driver. But I don’t like companies playing games to evade the law)

        • The ONLY bone of contention black cab drivers have with Uber is over pricing. Uber charges using a mixture of distance and time, and minicab rules say that minicabs can only charge based on distance. Even the official taxi drivers union has no problem over the safety, licensing or insurance of Uber drivers in London.

          (There is also some debate over whether ordering a cab from an app on your phone counts as ‘hailing a cab’ on the street, but even the taxi drivers struggle to justify that one – especially as most people use the app indoors.)

          The very worst case scenario for Uber is that they are forced to charge solely on distance travelled. I doubt that would be the end of the world for them.

        • Mikeact says:

          Totally agree.’s a terrific service that I have found. …(far superior to that rubbish Hailo offering)
          Just try getting a black cab in the rain after theatre hours.
          Problem ? Black cabs don’t like competition and being undercut, if they had any sense, they too, would make themselves more easily available.