Free Sixt Platinum card for Club Carlson Gold members (and lots of other schemes)

I mentioned last week, in a throw away line in another post, that Gold members of Starwood Preferred Guest can claim Gold status with car rental group Sixt.

SPG Gold is a free benefit from American Express Platinum so a lot of Head for Points readers will have one.

Reader Dr Phil chipped in with something even better – a link offering free Platinum status in the Sixt programme for Club Carlson Gold members.  Club Carlson Gold is also an Amex Platinum benefit.

It isn’t just limited to Club Carlson Gold either.  It also applies to (and this is just a sample, see the link below for the full list) SPG Platinum, Hilton Diamond, Etihad Gold, Emirates Gold, Flying Blue Platinum and Miles & More Senator.

Sixt Platinum

To get your free Sixt Platinum card via the schemes above, simply visit this website.  If you have lower tier status in these programmes you may qualify for Sixt Gold – see this link.

The key benefits of Platinum and Gold are:

15% off car and truck rentals (10% for Gold)

Quick Check-In

Mobile Check-In

An upgrade (not clear if guaranteed)

The middle two can be lifesavers when collecting a car at a crowded airport location.

You can apply for BOTH the Virgin White and Virgin Black credit cards!
20% bonus when you buy Hyatt Gold Passport points
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  1. Does this work with the free club Carson gold membership for ALL Amex (not just plat) holders which is still active?

    Rather broadens the scope of this offer!

  2. Henry says:

    Ooh excellent, thanks Raffles, this’ll be a boon for our family holiday in South France this summer. We usually use Sixt as they tend to be cheaper and we’ve always found them very helpful and friendly. This’ll be even nicer!

  3. Mikeact says:

    I was just about to say the same thing. …comparing like for like, my Avis and/or Hertz cards always come out far better price wise.

    • I must say I was impressed with Hertz on a recent trip. Bypassed a massive queue to go straight to the car lot where they already had my name and car location on the electronic display. Just got in and drove off (although could have swapped for another car in the Gold aisle if I’d wanted). Was a Hertz points redemption and they ended up not charging me any taxes plus it stacked with the 4h Amex Plat benefit 🙂

      • Elena says:

        Alan I agree I had excellent experience with Hertz as well. I think I will be using them again soon.

  4. pauldb says:

    I’ve used Sixt twice – agree they are often not competitive. Second time around I booked through Orbitz for a lower rate without insurance, and was able to my Sixt Plat number on the Sixt website (and to earn some AA miles).
    Unfortunately neither rental got an upgrade and the mobile app which promises a choice of car offered a choice of just 1. 🙁

  5. If you have Hilton Gold, Club Carlson will status match to their Gold, which gives a route to Sixt Plat.

  6. Ben E says:

    Managed to get it using an expired Etihad gold

    • pauldb says:

      It does beg the question how do they know. You’d think there are some DPA issues here: are Carlson/Etihad really going to confirm their member’s details to Sixt?

      • No they don’t. That is why status match promos are always great for people who can use Photoshop!

      • They don’t, the card is granted immediately. Meanwhile no checks beyond a cursory glance of an uploaded image (which could easily be doctored) could be performed anyhow. Of course, they weren’t anticipating a mass influx of HfP readers, so they may belatedly revisit this process, assuming it is viewed as a threat to their ‘Platinum’ programme (which I sincerely doubt).

  7. Mario says:

    I’m getting a “Invalid File Type” when trying to upload the picture! Anyone else getting this?

  8. thesaver79 says:

    Question around Avios Preferred which you can get with the Amex Platinum. Is it just the standard (lower) Avis Preferred tier? It seems that anyone can join for free here:

    Am I missing something?

    • I don’t think so. Amex Preferred used to have either a fee or a minimum number of rentals, can’t remember which, so the Amex offer had value. Then it went free / no minimum rentals! No idea what the Amex deal is, if any!

      • Andrew (@andrewseftel) says:

        Perhaps it drops you into one of the elite tiers

        • drphilth says:

          It doesn’t. You get a bog- standard, lowest tier Avis membership. That said, the first time I used it I booked a very cheap compact car via ba.(I’ve found it is often cheaper to book via rather than
          I got a brand new Audi A1 with 700 miles on the clock. I was quite happy with it – I was expecting a clapped out Renault Clio (which is what I got the second time I tried it – different location though)

        • thesaver79 says:

          I agree, prices on the site seem to be much cheaper! But I believe the cancellation policy is far less flexible.

  9. Steve says:

    Thanks for this. Just in time for a hire in Mostar next week.

    Saved 12.5% and should get an upgrade and faster service, too.

  10. thesaver79 says:

    For the Marco Polo Gold card holders, I’ve found that their preferred rate with Avis, combined with an Avis Preferred membership (the two are combinable) gives me the cheapest quote I can get for a few dates I’ve tried. It’s much cheaper than the Avis Preferred rate alone. Check it out here:

  11. Jerry says:

    Thanks for the tip. I’m in Canada
    I got instant Sixt Plat from my Club Carlson Gold (uploaded Card PDF) but I don’t think they check at all

    Rates are so-so in USA , I booked Atlanta (3-day) to try it out, hopefully got some upgrade (to Benz C-class? ha ha)

  12. Imbruce says:

    Recently booked a van thru Sixt and wanted to change the date, when I went back to their website if I made any changes it would cost me the full rental cost as I had prepaid the rental and with Sixt once you have prepaid u can make any changes this is not in their T&Cs. I have previously used Avis & Hertz and have been able to change the car details on their websites so would never use Sixt again.