No Tesco / Avios bonus, no Tesco / Virgin bonus ….

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Both Avios and Virgin Flying Club have now emailed me with their ‘promotions’ to persuade you to convert your new batch of Tesco Clubcard vouchers.

Neither should tempt you!

Tesco Clubcard


Here is the Avios ( to be precise) version:

Competition to win 50,000 Avios

Ten prizes available

One entry for every £5 of vouchers you transfer

Deadline for transfers is 14th June

This offer is not yet showing on the Avios page on the Tesco website (EDIT: it is now, but it incorrectly shows the closing date as 14 May) but I doubt it is targeted.  Historically it has taken Tesco a few days to catch up.

Whilst this is certainly not an offer to justify a conversion in itself, if you were planning to convert to Tesco then you might as well do it via and not British Airways Executive Club.  You need to be in it to win it, after all ….  You can move your Avios back and forth afterwards via ‘Combine My Avios’.

Virgin Flying Club

Meanwhile Virgin Flying Club has launched something similar.

Competition to win 100,000 miles plus a ‘Guest List’ experience on your next flight (see this post to learn about Guest List)

Eight runner-up prizes of 50,000 miles

No minimum conversion amount

Deadline for transfers is 6th June

Virgin is also offering 1,000 miles for selecting ‘auto conversion’ for your future Tesco statements.  If you have a dormant Tesco Clubcard account, you can get an easy 1,000 Virgin miles here.  Go into your personal details and tell Tesco to auto-convert future points (which you won’t be earning, as the card is dormant!) to Virgin.  You will receive the 1,000 miles OK – I have done this in the past.

Selecting auto conversion will also enter you into the competition above.

Again, these offers are not yet on the Clubcard / Virgin website.

Love Clubcard, don’t collect Avios?  You should be reading our sister site, Shopper Points (, which covers the latest Clubcard and Nectar offers without any distracting frequent flyer talk!  Why not check it out now?

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  1. avstar says:

    if i select the auto-conversion for virgin flying club today any idea when the 1000 miles will be show up?

  2. SingingDwarf says:

    I logged onto yesterday to check my points balanace and noticed I had over 60k points in ny account.

    Upon examination, they seem to have cancelled many over my vouchers (all outstanding vouchers from previous statements) and reissued as points. I haven’t checked numbers yet, assume its all…

    Any idea why this might have happened? I hope they dont enforce the 30k cutoff!

    • Jonny says:

      It could be to protect against fraud- this is what happened to me last quarter (knowingly) as someone kept nicking my vouchers…!

      • All my vouchers we fraudulently spent on Tesco Direct by someone in the last quarter. After I contacted them, they refunded them to me as points. They have now converted back to vouchers in the latest statement. Shame no Avios bonus so I’ll probably hold on them in the hope that a bonus will appear at some point in the future.

        • Thunderbirds says:

          Or until someone nicks them again…!

        • Quite! But, to give them credit, Tesco were very good about refunding them and the only inconvenience was waiting for the points to get turned back into vouchers again. They also seem to have upped the security very slightly, and I now have to enter some digits from my clubcard number when I log in.

        • I also had several vouchers nicked last quarter. There seem to be a growing number of thefts occuring even since the extra security measures were put in place. It suspect Tesco may be looking in the wrong place for their culprit.

    • wilfred47 says:

      This has happened to my vouchers aswell, they seem to have changed the vouchers from the previous quarter back into points.

    • Jason says:

      What’s the 30k cut off?
      I’ve had some vouchers used this week £106.50(refunded straight away)
      They also tried to use £203.50 in vouchers but these are currently blocked, so were denied.

      • Singing Dwarf says:

        From the Terms and Conditions:
        “24. Members can earn a maximum of 30,000 points in any one collection period.”

        • This is only occasionally imposed, note, but it IS imposed at times. Tesco seems to use it as a stick to block people they don’t like whilst letting others sail through.

    • Although Tesco have added security when you log in, stupidly you can still just go and order your ‘boost’ items and your vouchers will show up at the checkout page to select, bypassing this security check, hence why they are still being half inched. So I just spend them ASAP before they disappear.

    • Gordon says:

      Same just happened to me.

  3. geoffthesaint says:

    Also had vouchers stolen and spent, refunded in the same way – canceled then added on to the latest statements total.

  4. Ben E says:

    Might as well give it a try

  5. jimmyjimmy says:

    Have we all but given up on a tesco pts to BAEC/Avios bonu?s – that must be 2 years now with no bonus?

    • I am sure a conversion bonus will come along when it suits Avios/BA/Iberia – perhaps when they need some cash? Pragmatism dictates only converting to Avios as needed. If the conversion rate were to be reduced, months of notice would have to be given otherwise Tesco’s name would be dirt. A bonus, however, may come along at anytime.

  6. Kiran says:

    Now the May quarter vouchers are out, is it safe to turn on autoconvert and then off before the next lot come out? Or does turning on autoconvert convert your current stash of vouchers as well?

    • Auto-convert should leave your existing vouchers safe including when the sweep is made. It certainly does not result in any immediate conversion of existing vouchers.

  7. The current Tesco > Monarch voucher conversion bonus (departures from selected airports) could be worth consideration, IF your travel circumstances allow you to make use of it:

    You would get 2p of value per Tesco CC point, compared with 2.4 Avios or 2.5 Virgin miles, to be comparable you would need to get about 0.8p each of value from the miles, you can get more of course – but you need the exact redemption seats to be available – and there is a inherant ‘minimum flight cost’ with Avios.

    I recently booked a £39 monarch flight at MAN, the cheapest Avios redemption comes in at £87.50 (including valuing the miles at 1p each). So the monarch (promotion) route is not bad value for Tesco CC points, and a BA cash fare might not go below £69, etc..

    (i.e. if you have Tesco CC points to convert, can fly from one of the departure airports included, and monarch have flights at a good price.

    • Brian says:

      True, but it’s quite easy to get 2p of value per CC point – with redspottedhanky, for instance. So the Monarch ‘bonus’ deal is perhaps not that special – unless, as you say, you’re going to buy the flights anyway.

      • Worzel says:

        Thanks Brian.

      • Brian – as I said it does depend on the key ‘IF’s flagged, i.e:
        *if* your travel requirements fit, and
        *if* you have the Tesco CC to spend.

        I certainly spend no where near enough on train tickets to absorb my Tesco points, and I’ve already got a good stock of RSH points from all the promotions anyway. Although like any offer, if a better one fits your personal circumstances, then you obviously take it instead.

        However if you can satisfy the IFs, especially if the flight availability at good prices and you can book in the required period, I do think the monarch offer is a reasonable use of Tesco CC points and worthy of note.

    • Worzel says:

      Thank you for your useful information David.

  8. MaltaPoints Tom says:

    By way of added security from points thieves, you also now can’t access your Clubcard account from abroad, which is not very convenient when you live in Malta.

    • Indeed, but with easy to use VPN software (such as tunnelbear – with enough free data each month to manage your account it is not much of a problem.

      Although it is also a stupid security step – as anyone attempting to do something sinister will probably be routing themselves via somewhere else anyway, and won’t be affected.

    • Czechoslovakia says:

      Or the Czech Republic. Grrrrr. Have to use an IP address re-router now.

  9. Linda says:

    I have auto-transfer of my clubcard points to BA Executive Club. Should I not do this?

    • Personally, I wouldn’t, it means that IF a conversion bonus were to come along then you would already have converted your vouchers from past statements. Best to keep them in Tesco and convert only when you need to or when a conversion bonus comes along.

      Also, you should keep your options open between BA and Virgin in case one has better availability than the other.

      • Even if you just want Avios points, if you have auto-conversion off you can then fund both your account and your BAEC account – thereby ensuring you will always earned some avios in the last 12 months in both schemes, and are therefore able to book RFS rate redemptions from both accounts, given that they can have different availability.

  10. GlennM says:

    Query: Tesco Avios page website says 14th May not 14th June for Avios and BAEC on the post – Raffles do you know which it is?

    • Given that it wasn’t on the Tesco site last night and the emails (which say June 14th) only went out yesterday, my money is on June 14th!

  11. Rather annoyingly, the email I got from Virgin said transfers between May 9th and June 14th would go into the draw. Guess when my points auto-converted over? Yep, May 8th… :-/ Note to self: switch auto-convert OFF 😉

  12. sandgrounder says:

    Wow! Didn’t see that coming. 1p each isn’t great but cheaper than any other way of buying them.

    • Brian says:

      As with most of the gift voucher options, they’re giving a 5% bonus, so that makes it slightly less than 1p.

      • Good that there’s another option, but given the availability it may be better to buy a cash ticket instead (given the Tier Points and Avios earned).

        For £90 I could get 9,000 Avios and redeem RFS at £35 + 9,000 points. Effective costs therefore £125. If booked in advance, not many places in Zone 1 that you can’t get for £125…although potentially I’m getting a better view than most as a regular Gatwick traveller…

  13. GlennM says:

    Excellent spot – just testing this now, nice having the additional 5% too, perhaps not the best route to Avios, but great to see an additional option. Keen to see how long a transfer takes. Love the fact that it isn’t limited! Even the smallest & largest transfer’s are accepted – Room for opportunity here!

    • It’s much better to go via Tesco, but you can only do £50 a year that way. The direct Avios conversion has no limit.

  14. “if you were planning to convert to Tesco then you might as well do it via and not British Airways Executive Club.”

    What is the advantage of using Avios over British Airways Executive Club – Avios?

  15. Stephan says:

    Unrelated but to do with bonuses. Do you know if Amex will be doing a bonus conversion any time soon? Trying to debate how much longer to hold onto my Gold Amex!

    They seem to have done 2/3 last year but none so far this year with avios.

  16. Claire says:

    If I have convert my Tesco to Virgin and then move my min 10k points from Virgin to Hilton, do these points count as base or bonus with Hilton? Are these currently going over from Virgin to Hilton at 2:3? I’ve switched on the auto convert and will then switch off again but never really used the Virgin route for Hilton points.