£10 of free London taxi credit with GetTaxi

(EDIT September 2017:  whilst this article was first published in 2014, the sign-up code below still works OK so please feel free to use it.)

I have mentioned Hailo and Uber a few times on Head for Points, and a lot of readers have been able to make some good savings using the codes I featured.

I have never mentioned GetTaxi, the smaller Hailo competitor, before.  It is currently offering a £10 free credit for new members so – if you are in London or heading there at some point soon – you have nothing to lose by downloading their iOS or Android app.

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One advantage of GetTaxi over Hailo is that there is NO minimum fare (apart from 10am-5pm weekdays, Hailo has a minimum) and NO cancellation fees.  This can be an issue with Hailo as you may want to cancel a job when, after claiming your nearest cab is 3 minutes away, your job is actually picked up by a driver 15 minutes away!  (You do get a one minute window with Hailo in which to cancel after the job is accepted before the fee kicks in.)  GetTaxi also allows you to book a taxi in advance.

To claim your £10 free credit, download the app and (once you have verified your mobile phone number) click on the ‘Coupon Code’ box on the menu.

Enter code GTSZFWS and £10 of credit will be dropped into your account.

One quick warning.  After you’ve signed up, GetTaxi will email or text you a £5 coupon code.  Do not input this into the app, as it will invalidate the £10 code if you haven’t already used it.  If you have already used the £10 code, the £5 code will not work.

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  1. Idrive says:

    Good morning and thank youfor perfect timing as last night the hailo amex expired…(we had used the full allowance though)..will give it a try!

  2. Aeronaut says:

    Emailing you a coupon code that overwrites and invalidates the coupon code you have already entered is pretty daft.

    • It doesn’t override it. However, you don’t need to enter the LDN10 code during sign up, you can do it later. If you had in the meantime entered the £5 code they send you it would invalidate the £10.

  3. Jonny says:

    I’ve used them in tel aviv (where they started up I think) and they’re superb! Best thing about it was the free wifi in the cab. Drivers are ranked and had a “top100” driver once, which was a joy!

    Not used in london though, and don’t think have wifi yet (tho might be wrong)- would be a serious winner if and when introduced.

  4. Meyer S says:

    …also, you need to register your credit card to get the £10 credit :-)….looking forward to using them during half term as my Hailo credit has expired. Thanks again Raffles 😉

  5. mikeact says:

    Are the black cab lobby against this approach as well, (as per Uber?)

  6. Dude26 says:

    I use them all the time when in Tel Aviv. Mostly good experiences.

  7. jason says:

    Did anyone get the £15 credit from spending £20 with hailo? mine still hasnt arrived

  8. The Amazon one is still alive from my post weeks ago, oddly. Amazon Local just seems to keep deals alive until people get bored!