Aggressive £970 BA Club World fares to NYC from Dublin

I have dropped this in as one of the rare middle-of-the-day posts because this seems to be a very good deal.

I am running a full post tomorrow on the new British Airways Club World and First Class sale, which you may have had an email about from BA.  The deals are not exciting.

There are some excellent deals from Europe however.

In particular, I want to point out Dublin to New York in Club World / Business.


This is currently pricing up on at €1,187 (£967) if you take the direct American Airlines flight from Dublin to New York JFK.

(You will earn Avios and British Airways tier points on this flight.  You will also clear US customs and immigration in Dublin, so no queuing when you land.)

Alternatively, it prices at €1,249 (£1,018)  if you fly from Dublin to Heathrow on BA or Aer Lingus and then onwards to New York.  This would maximise your tier points if you were chasing BA status.

This fare is valid for travel in July and August plus the last week of November and December 23 to January 2.

Flyertalk also reports good deals to Orlando and decent deals starting in Amsterdam – it is worth having a play around with to see what you can find if you are planning a US trip.  Some destinations have more flexible travel dates than New York.

Remember that you MUST – if you fly via London – take the first flight from Dublin or your entire ticket will be cancelled.  If you don’t have checked baggage, you would be OK (as a one-off) to skip the last leg back to Dublin.

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  1. Stephen says:

    Will the ITA trick you showed us recently pick up on these sale fares? I’m still seeing a minimum of £1500 in CW to SFO. Seems to be a strange destination, as there hasn’t been a single seat of Avios availability for the last 3 months for the months that I want.

    • Yes, they are published fares.

      ex-DUB, JFK is ~£1k, SFO can be found for about £1350.

      • Stephen says:

        I want to go in June, July or August. The lowest I’m seeing is £1512. A few weeks ago they were closer to £1350 like you say. I suppose they will only go up?

  2. Is the aircraft B738 (= AA domestic First)? I flew to JFK from CDG on AA’s C, but it was B738 and not very impressive. In particular, inflight service was rubbish!

    • You definately didn’t fly a 738 TATL.
      AA usually uses a 757 or 767-300 for CDG-JFK.

      The 738 has a domestic F config but is not used TATL. The 757/767 have international J config.

      • Yes, sorry you are right. It was B763, I took A44 and was mixed up with the connection.

        So, DUB-JFK also uses B763?

  3. allows you to do a multistop using the LCY-JFK service, £1271 (starting in Dublin).

    • Brendan says:

      Or if you want to maximise tier points and avios at the lower price I think you can route through Madrid on Iberia for around £1k also.

  4. Brendan says:

    Another thing that should be mentioned is that if you fly before the end of August and credit your flights to AA then you would receive 25,000 bonus AA miles!

    • Brendan says:

      ps you need to change your AA address to the US to get this bonus

    • Although be careful to change your AAdvantage address to a US one – yet again AA and BA have teamed up to offer an incredibly generous Avios bonus that excludes UK customers!

  5. vindaloo says:

    Some of the cheapest fares require a 7 night minimum stay, which may be why some people are struggling to get them to price up.

  6. Deenesh says:

    I did DUB via JFK to MCO last month with AA and I will NEVER fly them again. The aircraft are old and tatty 757’s, the seats are horrific and the cabin crew indifferent at best (OK, I was in Economy but other issues with AA on the trip have put me off them for life). Having walked through the “premium” sections I wouldn’t pay extra for these seats either. If you are going to do this go via LHR with BA. For the extra £100 or so you will get far nicer aircraft, better service and a better business class product.

    • Brendan says:

      True, but you are also adding at least 5 hours on to your journey by having a t1->t5 connection (until October) and then having to clear immigration in JFK. Pretty fair trade-off.

  7. Deenesh says:

    After my experience of American Airlines I’d gladly give up 5 hours to avoid them again.

  8. James says:

    Hello all,
    I’m using the avios & tier miles calculator on to figure out avios and tier miles (unsurprisingly !) that’ll be earned doing this DUB – JFK or DUB-LHR-JFK club booking and am after some clarification.
    Dub – JFK gives 4764 avios & 140 tier points one way (lowly blue member) on the calculator.
    So….. Is that what I’d receive whether I went DUB-JFK or DUB-LHR-JFK irrespective of the extra hop ?
    OR would it combine the two separate sectors DUB-LHR & LHR-JFK ?
    DUB-LHR 750 AVIOS, 40 TIER
    LHR-JFK 5187 AVIOS, 140 TIER
    totalling 5937 avios & 180 tier, or as a return flight, 11874 avios & 360 tier (enough to move into Bronze membership Tier (whooppee-doo – from a member who is Gold on Emirates) and enough Avios for a return (economy) to my Parents’ place near Bordeax (although I’d probably put them towards a further destination combined with some fuel surcharge dodging !!)

    So….will I get the rewards as if DUB-LHR + LHR-JFK or at the lower rate shown in the calculator at the DUB-JFK rate, even if I do actually fly via heathrow ??

    I’m sure I could have put all that in fewer words somehow !

    Cheers for any definitive clarifications which can be given.

    • No, it is per sector – so 360 if you route via Heathrow and 280 return if you fly direct. This is why you get people trying to cram in as many legs as possible on flights in the US. If you were flying to Los Angeles for example you might be able to find an AA ticket that routed you London – New York – Miami – Los Angeles which would be a tier point bonanza.

      • Yep, just back from AMS-LHR-JFK-MIA-SFO-MIA-JFK-LCY-AMS = 970 TPs 😀

        Re. AA – it’s very variable depending on the plane. Their 77Ws across the Atlantic are lovely and I’ve lucked out before with their Flagship Suite on LAX-MIA. However equally I’ve had old 757s with slight semi-recline seats that were dreadful – it’s going to improve as time goes on and they keep improving their fleet but for now it might be worth trying to stick to some of the flights where they generally put the decent planes on them.

        • James W says:

          That mileage run must have cost a fortune. Is it really worth thousands of pounds to have the few benefits of a gold card ? I can see the benefit if people are flying loads but if they are flying loads then why do they need to do the mileage runs !! Surely they’d get there anyway with all the flights they’ve been doing ??!!

        • It can be hassle, but doesn’t have to cost. I had to fly to SFO anyway and stayed there for a week. At the time I was booking and for the dates I needed, direct EDI-LHR-SFO return was £4k in Club (and given the distance I was flying I didn’t want to go in WT). By comparison it cost me £1.8k in Club (BA)/First (AA) so actually a cheaper option. Obviously you’ve got to take more flights to earn the TPs, but I also got to spend a day in NYC on the way back and nipped up the Empire State Building 🙂

        • James W says:

          Nice !

      • James W says:

        Now that is interesting. Why just see NYC (which I’ve been there a few times, once on Concorde I might boast) when I could also hop over to Miami (see some friends)( and then LA for some celebrity stalking ?!

        I wonder if I can find a good price for all that ? Shame you can’t get away with adding a third (or 5th in this case) strike and still keep all the lovely miles & TPs……Iam right in assuming if you use the 3rd strike approach you’ll lose the rewards for the whole trip and not just that struck sector ?

        • Remember that on many of these fares you can’t have any longer than 24h at anywhere en route so it has to be a fairly quick stopover!

        • James W says:

          Aha, of course ! Only one of the destinations is the real turnaround point, where you would have your week or whatever, and the rest are just routing stop-overs.

        • No. Never seen BA do this, you will be fine.

  9. James says:

    Hi all,

    So I’ve gone and booked DUBNYC for two return in mid-August in Business. Now seeing the comments here about the quality of 757 business, I’m a little worried. What are my options for changing? BA online booking states I’ll need to call in to change but doesn’t specify if that’d require a fee or not. What’s the likelihood I can change, how much for and worth the bother?


    • You have a 24 hour cooling off period when booking BA flights on – not sure if this applies to AA flights as well. No idea if there is a charge.

      • Brendan says:

        That’s one persons opinion. I’ve also heard very good things about AA business class. You are free to do your own research and reach your own conclusion!

    • James W says:

      No idea but whichever method you use please let us know what you thought so we have another opinion to take into account.

      By the way, I’ve had to change my name to James W because of you……

    • James says:

      So I ended up calling BA, refunding both flights and rebooking the same outbound DUB to JFK but booking JFK to LHR to DUB return. The reasoning is that on the outbound I’m not too fussed about a flat bed and it gets us in NY for the morning, so a full day ahead. On the return, a better bed is beneficial and the layover will probably help returning to UK time. Plus, keeping AA on the way out means still getting the above mentioned bonus (for one-way).

      Thanks for the help!

  10. Polly says:

    Any chance we could get to HNL from DUB on AA then? Would that be considered one flight in total, as Hawaii is considered part of the US? Any thoughts ? Or better go from LHR on AA only?