New walkway opens at Terminal 5 between the main, B and C terminals

Heathrow Airport has announced the opening of the new walkway between the two Terminal 5 satellite terminals – 5B and 5C – and the main 5A building.

There is a separate arrivals and departure walkway.

Heathrow transit train

Instead of taking the transit train between the terminals, which can become uncomfortably busy at peak morning times, you can now use the moving walkway instead.  BA says that it will take a ‘comparable’ time to taking the train although I don’t know if that assumes you have to wait for one or two to pass before you can get on one!

Work has not yet finished to ease congestion.  New lifts will soon be introduced, a new platform will open at Terminal 5C and an additional carriage will be added to the transit trains.

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  1. Frankie says:

    Yeah! I’m off to Phoenix Club World on my BA Amex 2 for 1 tomorrow. I’ll take the walkway for a change.

  2. cpdc1030 says:

    I tried this out when arriving on BA16 this past Saturday. It is a good 10 minute walk at a brisk pace.

  3. At least there’s a choice. In T2 you have to walk.

    The decision to put the A380 gates on T5C is the biggest issue. With early morning arrivals from Hong Kong, Johannesburg and soon Singapore as well the trains simply cannot cope.

    • Gumshoe says:

      During the T2 proving trial on Sat I was chatting to a member of LHR staff who said there is provision for a future transit there.

      Presumably for when they close T1 (in December I think?), knock it down and rebuild it as T2C …

      • T2C? T1 will become part of T2A as they’re next to each other. That’s why currently T2 looks about half the size of T5.

        According to Genius1 on FlyerTalk demolition of T1 is still a while away. They probably want to hear the tills ringing in T2 and getting some of their investment back before starting on the next phase.

        Also I’m sure the uncertainty with the airports commission must be off-putting.

        Ultimate plan is something like this:
        Knock down T1, extend T2A to fill the space (AKA Heathrow East), also build satellite T2C.

        Build T5D, knock down T3. Extend the T5 transit to cover T5D and all T2.

        T4? Some plans have it there, some it’s no longer needed. Perhaps they’d mothball it.

        So eventually all terminals would be linked (if we forget T4). Perhaps T5 would be for IAG airlines and T2 for everyone else.

  4. James67 says:

    A useful improvment but tbh I am not a huge fan of T5. For a modern terminal the design is simply awful. I just wish all new airports would follow the example of Denver.

    • I love T5 in the main. Try Madrid Terminal 4 where Richard Rogers was given free reign because of all the space.

      It feels like half a mile of walking if you plane departs from the last gate. The few shops on the pier are massively spread out – if you pass the newsagent but assume there will be another one, and it turns out their isn’t, it is a quarter mile walk back ….

      • James67 says:

        The shopping at T5, as with most UK terminals is a plus point but that’s about it for me. What I look for is simplicity of layout which is why I like DEN. If the layout is simple and intuitive I do not mind to walk a long wayas that feels good before or after a longhaul flight. However, given my choiceI prefer wherevever possible to avoid huge hubs in favour of a smaller airport I can feel comfortable arriving one hour before departure

      • Ben E says:

        Yeah Madrid is awful. Got lost when we went there last year. Up one floor, down two, walk 200m, up again, down again, walk 1km, etc. Managed to ‘borrow’ 10 bottles of cava from the lounge in compensation

      • And there’s absolutely no restaurants, assuming you don’t count MacDonald’s…

      • You’re so right! Some people criticised the more annoying aspects of T5 as being due to the limited space, but in MAD you still seem to be going up and down escalators. The T4S lounge is the only redeeming feature.

  5. Tom H says:

    Is it still possible to obtain £15 credit at the starbucks in T5C in lieu of lounge access?

    • cpdc1030 says:

      Yes…still works like a charm 🙂

      • And after you have had your £15 of credit, can you then go back into the lounge at T5B?

      • James67 says:

        How does that work please? Didn’t know about it on my recent departure.

        • cpdc1030 says:

          How it works: Walk up to Starbucks, make your order, and hand over your boarding pass. They seem to keep track by pen and paper. I’ve done this about five times now, both in F and in Y (BA Silver) with no questions. In fact the Starbucks barista even encouraged me to get a few more things to use the full £15!

          I don’t see what would stop you from going back to 5B and use the lounge. But of course you can’t get the £15 Starbucks credit unless your flight is actually departing from 5C.

    • I believe so.

  6. signol says:

    This has been there for a few years, it just hasn’t been publicised. Take a look at the reports on 🙂

  7. Star Shaped says:

    Is it really new, or just the existing ones are better sign posted now?

  8. Star Shaped says:

    (I mean…they have recently install travelators in the underground walkways, rather than dug any new tunnels)…so seems a bit of HAL spin to me.

  9. Can they also start calling it “train” again instead of that awfully stupid “transit”? I’d be chuffed.

  10. Varth Dader says:

    It’s not new. It’s always been there.

  11. Peter Phillips says:

    They could improve the transit capacity by stopping the “security checks” when a member of staff wanders aimlessly in and out of the carriages for two or three minutes, looking for goodness knows what. This is supposed to be on the sterile airside of the terminal. Can anybody explain why these checks are now necessary whereas when T5 opened they weren’t?

    • signol says:

      The same trains are used by arrival and departure pax, so an arriving passenger could hide aboard and remix with departing pax, and exit the secure area bypassing immigration and customs perhaps?

      • Its more that you have to reclear security when connecting and it would be a way of bypassing that.

        There are checks on everyone boarding domestic flights to ensure that they haven’t transfered without clearing immigration and customs anyway.

    • Agreed – the staff performing the checks have a complete lack of urgency and tend to waddle at a snails pace. Admittedly probably quite a mundane job, but there’s definitely efficiencies to be had!

  12. Richard says:

    At FRA the train between terminals carries a mix of passengers (airside and landside) by keeping them in separate coaches. The doors open on different sides of the train depending on whether the coach is for landside or airside pax.
    At heathrow they could do the same. The train would then immediately turn around, stopping only long enough for people to get on/off. Frequency of the trains could easily be doubled or tripled and nobody would have to check the train with all the speed of a snail.

  13. I was looking forward to trying out the new tunnrl when I arrived in t5b from Sao paulo this morning. The passenger signs were there but the steps down were taped off!