New Finnair economy and business sale to Asia (earns Avios and BA tier points)

Finnair is a British Airways partner, courtesy of its membership of the oneworld airline alliance. This means that you will earn Avios and British Airways tier points on Finnair flights.

The new Finnair long-haul sale is therefore worth a look.

You can see full details here.

Some of the business deals look very attractive. Delhi is just £1,299 return, Bangkok is £1,399, Singapore is £1,699 and there are a few Chinese destinations from £1,199.

Economy tickets start from £439 to Chongqing.


You need to book by June 17th. You can depart from either Manchester or London to Helsinki and then onwards.

These are the dates where the sale prices are available for business class:

Bangkok, 2 July–10 December 2014
Beijing, 1 October–11 December 2014 and 14 January–31 March 2015
Chongqing, 2 July 2014 and 31 March 2015
Delhi, 17 June–17 December 2014 and 7 January–31 March 2015
Hanoi, 2 July–23 September 2014
Krabi, 10 December 2014–26 March 2015; flights to Krabi available from London only,
Singapore, 23 June–28 August 2014; travel permitted Monday–Thursday only
Xi’an, 2 July–24 October 2014

You also need to stay a Saturday night to get these fares. Full terms and conditions are on their offers page here.

Note that, unless Finnair has updated its IT recently, you cannot put in a British Airways Executive Club number at the time of booking – it needs to be added later via their ‘Manage My Booking’ function.

As I posted recently, Finnair has now published the timetable for the introduction of fully flat beds in business class, so you may be able to combine these fares with the impressive looking new seat.

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  1. James67 says:

    I have notice before during these sale periods that fares from Asia to UK (including one way) are also very competitive. Therefore ot is possible the value is good thrpughout their network at such times. Before snapping up fares from UK it might be worth checking alternative Eiropean origins first for firther savings. AY have two flights a week from DUB although connections to east are poor due to early morning departure. AMS as origin offers low tax and good connection times with their departure just before noon.

    • James67 says:

      To update my own cooment cheaper fares are available ex Europe. For example BKK and DEL ex AMS are €1399 and €999 respectively in J. Not real enough difference to justify the positioning flight unless you want to have a break in another European city.

      • Simmo says:

        Which airline are you seeing these for? I’m looking to go in Nov but The cheapest I can find on ITA Matrix are GOT-HEL-BKK on finnair for £1300

        The extra 2 flights UK-GOT-HEL kill the price for me. Might be the time of year as I gather it’s the start of the dry season

        • James67 says:

          Go to Finnair homepage and change to Netherlands for example. It will bring up promo fares for that country. Not all destinations are the same from every country. Perhaps some countries have even lower fares than The Netherlands, you will need to look and see. However like I said the difference is not really enough to justify positioning flight(s) unless you want benefit of short stay(s) in positioning city.

        • James67 says:

          Forgot to add, don’t start in Helsinki! For Thailand try to leave last few days October. You are right, November is start of high season.

        • Pierre says:

          QR ARN-DOH-BKK, departure in NOV, would set you back £1200, but you get 560 Avios +15k miles and you experience a far better product than AY.

        • JamesW says:

          What do you mean by 560 Avios + 15k miles ?
          Do you mean 560 tier points + 15k miles ?

        • Simmo says:

          Thanks for your help! I’ve managed to find and book the following flights, it was all very strange in NOV as some dates were over €2500 still.

          LHR – MUN – LHR (18k avios + £50) BA Club Europe
          MUN – HEL – BKK – HEL – MUN (£1050 + 3% foreign exchange rate £30)

          Guessing this will earn me:
          560 Tier points
          Around 14,000 avios for the flight + 3000ish avios on the Gold AMEX (foreign + travel first year bonus), so in some strange logic the LHR – MUN flights were ‘free’ in the deal.

          Unfortunately, on the way it seems to be using a A340 (so I guess it’s the old seats), but on the way back it is the new A330 layout.

          This is the first time I’ve ever used Finnair + done connecting flights and positioning flights – I have a few questions for the seasoned pros.

          1)On the way back (BKK – HEL – MUN + MUN – LHR) I take it I will need to leave departures with luggage at MUN as usual, and then check back in at arrivals for the BA flight? Or do I somehow ask for bags to carry on to LHR? It all seems to be in the same terminal.

          2)when I log onto my booking on the finnair site it mentions both our BA exec numbers, however if I click onto manage my booking my frequent flyer number somehow changes to my new finnair number and it can’t be changed back, I’m worried everything may get credited to finnair! Any advise?

          3)Any advise on which seats to take on both long haul planes?

          4)I take it I will get lounge use with the BA redemptions? I can’t see any mention of it!

          Thanks again!

        • JamesW says:

          Won’t let me reply to you Simmo….Don’t know why but the reply button doesn’t show up on your post.

          I don’t think it will be 560 tier points. I think its more likely to be 280.
          140 each way.

          Club Europe redemptions do allow lounge access so no problem there.

        • Simmo says:

          Sorry! No idea where those Tier Points come from!

          MUN – HEL – 40
          HEL – BKK – 140
          BKK – HEL – 140
          HEL – MUN – 40
          = 360! (Unless you don’t get the first leg?)

  2. squills says:

    Raffles or anyone, sorry O/T quickie: I plan to buy a car next week, money up front. I’ll pay on my debit card to avoid charges on credit cards. Is there a way to move money as follows: bank —> BMI Amex (MBNA) —> bank (debit card), in order to get BMI points? Easy to move money bank —> BMI but do I incur charges etc with BMI —> bank (debit card)? Plus how exactly would I move this (final stage) money?

    • How about get loads of 3V and pay over the phone 😉

      • squills says:

        lol about 550 transactions, not sure they’ll buy it 😉

        • I’m chipping away at a 3K hotel bill with Kenwood Travel, no facility to pay balance on-line but once I’d convinced the relevant Director I wasn’t money laundering I’ve been free to call up and pay whenever I wish 🙂

        • James67 says:

          Perhaps some dealers now accept paypal??

    • Charlie says:

      Ask to pay for the car with the Amex, or part of the balance as least. I bought one last week and was offered the first 2K on my Amex with no credit card charge. The rest was paid by debit card, although for a 2% fee I could have put the rest on Amex.

      • Now the question is if you offered to pay cash, would they have accepted £1960 instead of £2000.

  3. I’d be very interested in answers to Jsquills question, as I’ll be in the same position soon (so I have flexibility from where I will buy the car) I’d be particularly interested hearing from readers have actually bought a new or second hand car in a way that earns the best rewards.

    One thing I have thought is that it’s worth paying at least part of the amount (e.g. £100 or more deposit) on a credit card in order to trigger protection under Section 75 of the Consumer Credit Act 1974.

    • squills says:

      Good point, even if they insist on their normal 3%, I’ll stick a decent chunk on the BMI Amex/Visa to trigger the Section 75 protection.

      It’s a big dealer fairly well-known for offering very keen internet prices but then being extremely reluctant to discount further, so not too hopeful that size of concession (about £400).

  4. Metty says:

    I thought I’d check that there was no chance of a family trip to Thailand for Xmas, used my new found Matrix skills and was surprised to see £1050rtn in Business Class Brussels-Bangkok-Brussels was available out 22-Dec back 29-Dec and more dates ex-Amsterdam for a little more. Worth checking! The travel period above ex-London appears to be different to ex-other EU.

    We’ve ended up on BA to Chengdu using Avios + a connecting flight to Bangkok (let’s hope they have lots of cargo on that service, they can’t have many hi revenue pax as there’s 8 J seats on every flight available for redemption it seems!)

  5. Londonbus says:

    Finnair does let you book open-jaw online – but its not shown on the website!

    You need to google it.

    Sale prices are good. An open jaw LHR -XIY and BKK-LHR via HEL come up at £1350 in J for September.

    • Guesswho2000 says:

      It is on their website quite clearly! I booked LHR-PEK, HKG-LHR last year with no trouble!

  6. Andrew says:

    When flying on non-BA metal would I still earn silver tier bonus points – ie 100% extra Avios on base millage?

    • Phillip says:

      No, that is only on BA metal and sold under the BA code! A codeshare operated by BA and sold with a QR code will also not accrue Silver bonus. IB and AA are exceptions to these.

      • Phillip says:

        I used QR as an example – it could be any other codeshare partner.

        • Phillip says:

          OneWorld codeshare partner! Third time lucky!

        • Andrew says:

          Thanks for clarifying. So AA and IB should give me 100% bonus Avios but other one-worlders won’t. Shame.

        • I don’t think any other airline gives double miles to any elite…

      • I’ve just (May 2014) recieved a Tier bonus for crediting a JAL flight to BAEC (Silver).
        Tier points:40
        Standard Avios: 1,228
        Cabin Bonus Avios: 307
        Tier Bonus Avios: 1,228

        This is despite the Avios calculator on the BA site saying this flight would acrue 40TP and 0 Avios.

        Not that I have any insight as to why this was or what rules BA apply to calculate it.

        As an aside an on-the-day upgrade from economy to Class-J on JAL domestic is a flat fee of 1000Y (= £5.08). You would be crazy not to upgrade for a bigger seat, 30TP and 307 Avios.

        • The BA calculator is notoriously buggy – you’re probably better to look at this page –

          If you then click on JAL you’ll see it is eligible for TPs, Avios, Class of Service bonus (25%) and Avios Tier bonus (100% as you’re Silver)

          Agree that’s a great on-the-day upgrade price!!

        • PS a quick look-through confirms an Avios Tier bonus applies to:
          American Airlines, Iberia, JAL, US Airways

        • Phillip says:

          Yes, I forgot that the JAL-BA joint venture kicked in this year! Interestingly, no sign of tier bonuses for AY who has also recently joined both the transatlantic and Asian Joint Venture Agreements!

  7. Phillip says:

    Currently, the BA Avios and Tier Points Calculator is showing 0 TP and 0 Avios on flights between HEL-BKK and KBV. Do we think this is a technical error or a quiet way for BA sway people away from taking advantage of these fares? LHR-HEL comes up correctly with the relevant Avios/TPs as do HEL-DEL/SIN/PEK/XIY.

  8. Note that the travel dates from AMS differ from the UK offer. DEL for €999 looks good but the offer doesn’t run into 2015.

  9. JamesW says:

    IF it were a flat bed (but its not) on the AY service in J to DEL from AMS then I’d be all over that E999 deal (£810). Use a cheeky Avios RFS for 18,000 & £50 (or for such a short distance it’d be no problem to do a 9,000 avios redemption for economy).
    That’s a bargain.

    But sadly they are not flatbeds on the DEL route yet.

    Full-flat seats will be available in Business Class on the following intercontinental routes from Helsinki to:
    Tokyo and New York from 1 April 2014,
    Beijing and Seoul from 1 May 2014,
    Hanoi, Nagoya, Osaka and Shanghai from 1 June 2014,
    Hong Kong during the winter season.

    • A flat bed would certainly be preferable but the flight leaves HEL around 8 pm and is barely 7 hours with the return on a day flight. The saving against competitors seems worth that for me.

    • Those are the guaranteed routes … may or may not be on other routes but not 100 per cent.

  10. I am travelling AMS-HEL-BKK-HEL-AMS in business class (booking class I) Perhaps it’s just me but I’m still not sure how many BA avios + tiers this will get me. Of course the BA website shows Finnair business class = 125% of flown miles (which would be 11728 miles according to Great Circle mapper x 125% = 14660 avios) but then there is the tiers part which is not very clear. Does anyone have an idea?

    • Hi Tim. I’d highly recommend using Owen Rudge’s excellent BA Avios and TP calculator – it’s unofficial, but normally pretty accurate and can handle multi-stop itineraries on multiple OW carriers along with working out tier and cabin bonus – He’s only been a few tens of Avios out on my US airways trip and spot on for TPs!

      • Thanks Alan, looks good, especially the amount of BA-tier points looks nice for a non-BA flight. We’ll see.