The new British Airways American Express card – spot the difference!

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A bit of silliness for a quiet Summer Saturday ….

Here is the new look British Airways American Express card now being issued:

BA Amex - NEW

Here is the old style British Airways American Express card which is being withdrawn:

BA Amex cropped

Spot the difference!

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  1. Nathan says:

    Ahh very subtle haha!

  2. It’s the summer, so you’re bound to get some more sun (well, most of the time anyway!)!

  3. grex9101 says:

    That’s easy, the top ones bigger!

  4. mike sanders says:

    I’ve copied it into mu credit card list look out for big spends!!

  5. If you’ve really got nothing better to do today, this 147 page pdf about the BA logo and especially the speedmarque will be enthralling reading….LOL!

    • Or you could always remind people about the Marriott Rewards twitter/Facebook likes thing.

    • martin says:

      I think this actually has the answer to Raffles’ question – and it’s to do with the Speedmarque.

      • Yes, that’s true Martin. I was trying to indicate the difference in my earlier post about the “sun” (shine!), without spoiling it for others, but it probably past over most people’s heads, or, more likely, unlike me, they have a life! 😉

  6. NYC123 says:

    Nice work if you can get it…

  7. squills says:

    Poor old Burt Reynolds – he was offered the role of Han Solo but turned it down 😉

    Now they’re pinching his credit card details lol

  8. Russell Evans says:

    Contactess payment capability?

  9. Murph says:

    Hmm… Has the corporate identity on the card been ‘simplified and refreshed’ perhaps?

  10. The new card does not have the red line in the logo shiny on the round bit 🙂

  11. luckyjim says:

    I thought you were joking but yes, there is one difference. I see that change elsewhere now too.

    The thing with subtle changes is that you can phase them. You don’t have to throw away old stationary for example.

    • Fenny says:

      Oh yes you do!!! Our college logo changed – they brought in some little triangles next to the logo, then got rid of them the following year, so we went back to the old logo. You can guess that we had to change all the stationery each time and NOBODY outside the college had any clue about the changes.

  12. If only I had such trivialities to worry about at work!

    Though I did spot it. I have a trained eye for the such subtleties after many years working as a BA First Class Cabin Scratch Finder 😉

  13. Mikeact says:

    The reverse has changed.

  14. Susan says:

    Having just been through a totally pointless, massively expensive re-brand by professional design consultants all I can say is “Do not give these people metal cutlery”

    • Kathy says:

      Oh yes! We had one of those at work. They unveiled the new ‘branding’ at one of our company meetings, including a new teal colour scheme. The response to the colour was so overwhelmingly negative (it was just yuck) that they dumped it and went back to blue. What a waste of time and money!

  15. In other words, BA has lost its shine?

  16. Oliver Bennett says:

    Just downgraded from premium plus to this. I do hope I get the new design! 😛

  17. They have been issuing the ‘new card design’ since February as I’ve just checked mine and its the same

    • Interesting. The reason I ran it is that Amex only formally sent this out last week asking people to switch over.

      • Jason says:

        Since at least 2013! My card was issued in early November and it’s got the ‘new’ design.

        • George Kyriakos says:

          Yup – BA premium plus since last year here, and it’s shineless…

  18. Russell Evans says:

    Get the A380 back to the paintshop…….

  19. Londonbus says:

    Keep your eyes open on new aircaraft for the “refreshed” speedmarque…

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