New Avios collection partner announced: Dixons Travel

Starting tomorrow – and just for the Summer peak – Dixons Travel is letting you collect Avios points on all of your duty free electrical purchases in Heathrow Terminal 5.

Coupled with the potential to earn additional Avios via Heathrow Rewards this could potentially be very lucrative.


The earnings rate is surprisingly decent.

You will earn 2 Avios per £1 on transactions up to £500 and 4 Avios per £1 on transactions over £500.  All products at Dixons Travel are included.

You will need to show your British Airways Executive Club or card when making your purchase.

You will also earn the standard 1 Heathrow Rewards point per £1 spent, doubled to 2 points per £1 for those on the ‘premium’ scheme who spent over £500 last year.  These convert 1 : 1 to Avios points, as well as Miles & More, Virgin Flying Club or Etihad Guest miles or for Heathrow shopping vouchers.

If you are on the Heathrow Rewards premium tier, you could potentially earn (4 + 2) 6 Avios per £1 for your spending – plus any Avios earned via your credit card!

Remember that you can arrange for purchases of £300 or more at Heathrow to be delivered FREE to your home.  This saves you from taking a new product with you on holiday!

Dixons is only offering Avios points from 1st July to 31st August – it is not going to be a permanent deal.  It is also only valid in the two airside shops at Heathrow Terminal 5.  No other airports or terminals are participating.

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  1. Andrew S says:

    Airport outlets much have huge revenues to support the IT investment of this…

    • Fenny says:

      Well, they certainly have huge prices. Even “duty free” prices tend to be substantially higher than anywhere else.

  2. Roger says:


    This could possibly be useful if you have checked prices for a particular product in advance and found Dixons Travel competitive.

    Since they no longer offer so-called ‘duty-free’ prices which varied depending on your destination – I am among those whose receipt showed ORD instead of my Euro destination! – prices don’t seem to be competitive.

    And if you remember when they had a full selection of a wide range of products, that’s no longer the case. I wanted to buy a portable radio recently. The had none. 🙁

    I guess I’ll have a look next week, remembering to take my EC and/or Avios cards. It would be nice to be surprised.

    • What’s a radio? 🙂

      • Roger says:

        ISTR an HfP post about one such Sony model offering bonus Tesco Clubcard points. That’s the one I tried to buy at LHR.

        In the end, Tesco were out of stock and I bought it cheaper from using the HfP link albeit without Clubcard points.

    • Roger – I have been comparing prices at Dixons Travel on Macs…the iMacs and MacBooks are all at least 10-15% cheaper at Dixons Travel than almost anywhere else

      • Roger says:

        Good to know, for i-people anyway.

        I’ve also been checking prices for other brands and can’t share your experience. Their range is also much reduced compared with when they offered ‘duty-free’ prices.

        I’m intrigued by your comparison with ‘ALMOST anywhere else’. I think this means that if you are prepared to shop around, Dixons Travel are indeed uncompetitive.

        • other than Macs I have only been looking at bluetooth speakers and those seemed to be competitive as well

          when I say “almost anywhere else”, for Macs I have been shopping around a lot, and if you are buying in the UK (e.g. not the US) they are the cheapest I have found so far

  3. squills says:

    How would I get an Avios or BAEC card? As a humble bluey, BAEC doesn’t send me anything in the way of membership cards – and Avios never has, either.

    • Brian says:

      I’m a humble bluey, too, and was sent a card. And I was sent Avios cards as well. So probably worth chasing up for occasions such as this.

      • Head for Points says:

        I assume Dixons won’t have a card swiper and need to input the number manually, so actually having the card is not that important I guess.

        • Download phone app and hand over phone. Or go to click on My executive Club and select Order Executive Club Items towards the bottom of the left hand column

        • squills says:

          Got it, thanks.

    • I’ve got a blue BA card but never got sent a card for my account.

      • Same here, anywhere on the Avios site to order a card ?

        • Callum says:

          That’s hardly surprising. Portable radios are a rather niche product that must have virtually no demand.

        • Guesswho2000 says:

          I’ve never seen a link to order one, but I was sent one automatically when they changed from Airmiles. I had a physical Airmiles card too back in the day.

          BA sent me a card when I joined BAEC, but have never sent a new one, same with Iberia.

        • Fenny says:

          I got an Iberia card when I joined a couple of months ago. I’ve always had BAEC (lowly blue, reissued not that long ago) and Avios cards (since they launched). But just taking in the account numbers should work.

  4. Andrew says:

    The upgrade to premium Heathrow Rewards is triggered as soon as you spend £500 and is valid for the remainder of that year and the whole of the following year. The upgrade even happens mid-transaction ie spend £1000 in a shop and you would earn 1 point for the first £500 and then 2 points for the other £500. You also get a one-time 100 point bonus on upgrade.

    • Head for Points says:

      Even better! I was wondering how that worked to be honest – we have been premium tier for a few years but I couldn’t remember what happened when we first went onto it.

    • Does the premium membership show on the account?

  5. squills says:

    I’ve also noticed that DT prices can be pretty hit & miss in terms of competitiveness vs UK high st or online. In many cases out by significant £££s, certainly so much that you’d be foolish not to check it all out first.

  6. And all items are refundable in non airport locations I presume? How would that then affect the heathrow rewards earnings?

    • Head for Points says:

      You will presumably keep the Avios and the HR points ….

      Heathrow Airport also has a ‘refund guarantee’ scheme which allows you to ship items back to airport stores.

      • I didnt want to presume, so its good to hear another presumption. Perhaps I should order something for home delivery and find out if our assumptions are correct.

  7. Hi Raffles
    Is there an announcement somewhere that can be read?
    Just so happens I was planning to buy a laptop at Dixons Travel at Heathrow T5 this evening! Downside is I don’t know when I will be going to Heathrow T5 again…

    • Head for Points says:

      Today is the 30th. Tomorrow is July 1st. So I think you are stuffed!

      The press release I got is dated today so I imagine emails will go out today.

  8. squills says:

    Seems a bit strange it’s only T5. What about the other Dixons outlets?

    • Unloved T3, never loved T1 all with BA flights.

      If they want to limit it to BA flyers, why not require showing a BA boarding pass for a flight on the day, etc.

      Very odd promotion…. will await the emails.

  9. Roger says:

    Dixons Travel’s website claims that ‘[they] beat the websites of Amazon, John Lewis and Argos on all Apple products, tablets, laptops, cameras and premium headphones.’

    Does anybody know whether they have a similar promotion for non-Apple products? Mrs Roger has her eyes on a new non-Apple laptop that is available from and John Lewis.

    DT’s online selection sadly shows no prices but they are presumably available by phone, and if we can reserve with a price guarantee, that would be useful.

    • You should be fine for a non-Apple laptop, the first term in the list should be read on its own “all Apple products”, plus any tablets, any laptops, etc.

      Just so long as it is exactly the same model – DSG sometimes bring in non-standard offerings to Dixons Travel (i.e. a different kit lens with a camera,or a different colour option on something etc) to make price comparison with the high street harder (not so much for price guarantee reasons, but with their own other stores as much as anything I think).

      Prices are indeed available by phone, and you should certainly check availability as well and get it reserved and put aside if they have it.

      Another key thing for price guarantee is that the item must be sold by Amazon themselves, not a third party seller on Amazon. But as you have John Lewis also, less of an issue. (Can’t recall if Argos allow 3rd party sellers on their site now).

  10. Josh S says:

    Has anyone actually had points credited for this? I made a purchase a couple of weeks back and the T5 staff seemed really confused by it. Took my Exec Club number and entered it, but I’ve had no confirmation or any points credited…

    • Dominic says:

      Good question. I made a purchase of nearly £700 on 7 July and have not seen it on my BA account yet…