Can’t use the Avios Flight Finder app? HFP reader Tim creates a web version!

I posted last week about the new Avios Flight Finder app.  This is an iPhone / iPad app which can show you, impressively quickly, reward flight availability on British Airways flights.

This app is not available for Android, nor is it available to non-UK iOS users.  It also isn’t usable by anyone who doesn’t have a smart phone.

Until now!

Head for Points reader Tim has developed a simple website which accesses the same database used for the Avios Flight Finder app. 

You can find it by clicking here.

Avios thumbnail

Amazingly, this bit of software is even quicker than the Avios Flight Finder app – because it immediately shows you full availability for the next 355 days!

Like the Avios Flight Finder it cannot handle connections.  It also does not show oneworld partner airlines.  The main use of this site should therefore be to check availability when you want to use an Amex 2-4-1 voucher – if you are not using a 2-4-1 voucher you should use instead as it will show you Qatar, Finnair, Royal Jordanian, airberlin, American, US Airways etc etc as well.

Remember that has better European economy reward availability than  For Club Europe, World Traveller, World Traveller Plus, Club World and First it should match what is available on  Sometimes does not fully match but no-one has ever worked out why ….

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  1. mikeact says:

    By the way, where do I find a City list as apposed to Airports ?

  2. wobbly wings says:

    Great work Tim. If BA see this they should employ you as senior SE there!

    Would it be too much trouble to have the engine query all loaded BA destinations for a particular day? For example: is there availability of 24/12 to go somewhere – I do not care where?

  3. Blackberryaddict says:

    Wow – amazing. I guess it would be too much to ask – but it would be really cool to have the other oneworld airlines in the same way….

  4. Matt B says:

    Awesome stuff, what an incredibly usefull app!

    Sincere Thanks.

  5. Brian says:

    Need your help Tim! I’m looking at booking 3 seats in business from London to Phoenix. The app shows BA flights available outbound on the 18th and 19th Feb 2015, returning on 23rd or 24th Feb. Unfortunately no availability is listed on either the BA site or Avios one.

    Any help would be appreciated.

    • Tim Rogers says:

      Very odd! Perhaps it’s foreshadowing availability that is due to be released, or maybe it’s behind? Any ideas Raffles?

      • The app no longer shows the availability so maybe it isn’t quite up to date. Or someone grabbed it just after you looked

  6. Sully says:

    Tim, the site is fantastic. Hats off to you!

  7. Tim

    You are a superstar this is such a good tool – thank you very much

  8. Great adaptation Tim.

    Can you call Virgin Atlantic and offer them your WEb services- their website and IT generally needs a big shake-up!

    Just one question- if there is no availability does “The server responded with an error.” message appear?


  9. andy L says:

    Brilliant Tim ! This tool is a delight to use. Simple, fast (hopefully accurate!) I agree the mods suggested by other HfPers seem very useful too, and others may well come to light, but if they do not – the basic tool is superb. Thank you so much. I wish you all the very best in your other development work, and will keep you in mind when my business requires development work. Again – very best regards and thanks Raffles for sharing. This is exactly the sort of stuff HfP excels in !

  10. Excellent work Tim!

  11. Tim, this is great. Thank you.

    How about adding one-ways? So on the results pages, the input fields could be replicated above the return so you to can check a return from a different city. IE:

    From: LON From: SIN
    To: HKG To: LON

    Results here Results here

    Is it possible to capture flight departure/arrival times too, or is that too much?

    • Tim Rogers says:

      Probably easiest way to do that is just to make two searches – still pretty simple and I think the interface might get a bit confusing if you had the option to have different ones.

      Unfortunately it isn’t possible to have the departure and arrival times – wish it was as it’d be much more helpful!

  12. Brendan says:

    I think there is a major flaw when searching from regional airports. It seems to be perhaps checking the individual sectors and if the date has flights for both sectors it will display that date is available. But that doesnt mean that the flight times allow it to be feasible.

    Eg Searching BFS -> AGP shows 4/9 and 5/9 as dates available. Likewise BFS->LON and LON->AGP show availability. But there is no availability for the complete trip on because the Belfast to London flights are in the evening and therefore the connection is not possible. I think the checker is just displaying dates where both sectors are available at any stage of the day but may not be feasible connections.

  13. Could it show all destinations for a date range?

  14. Louise says:

    This is brilliant!

  15. Just tried searching for EDI-BER.

    The site is offering dates in the past (searching at 23:00 on Sunday, gives flight availability for the previous Friday and Saturday.

    Is this due to the use of old data, or just a programming bug (possibly on the BA end)