50 free Avios via Iberia Plus – and it ‘activates’ your Iberia account

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As well as collecting Avios via avios.com and/or British Airways Executive Club, it is also possible to earn points via Iberia Plus, the Iberia frequent flyer scheme.  Any Avios you earn in Iberia Plus can be moved over via ‘Combine My Avios’ once your Iberia account is 90 days old.

One reason to have an Iberia Plus account is that Iberia runs regular Avios redemptions sales such as this one.  To take advantage, you need to move Avios points over to Iberia Plus.  However Iberia Plus has a nasty little rule – on top of making you wait 90 days from opening your account, you cannot transfer in or out of the scheme until your account is ‘active’, ie has earned 1 Avios point.

Iberia has launched a new competition called “The Great Avios Conquest”.  Taking part earns you a whopping 50 Avios!  The most important thing, though, is that these 50 Avios will activate your account and allow you to transfer in or out.  The next time Iberia has a redemption sale, you will be able to participate.

Iberia new 2

This is how to play:

Open the July-August of the Iberia online magazine by clicking here

Scroll to the page marked “The Great Avios Conquest” and click Start

Answer the four questions – the answers are My Shoes, La Panza es Primero, All of the above and Cash card

Input your details and 50 Avios will be credit to your Iberia account.  The time frame is unknown.

If you do not already have an Iberia Plus account, you can sign up here.  Click on the Iberia Plus link in the menu bar and select ‘Register Now’.

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  1. Gadgeteer1066 says:

    Thank you for finding this. I had opened an Iberia account ages ago but had done nothing with it, and so, as you say, could do nothing with it. This easy step gets me over that!

  2. When trying to ‘combine my avios’ with Iberia plus I’m not able to transfer avios from Iberia to BAEC (but it would let me transfer the other way). The only way I managed to get my Avios where I wanted them was to do Iberia Plus -> avios -> BAEC.
    It’s not to do with having an active Iberia Plus account as before it was active no transfers were possible and now the above method is.
    Any idea why? Has anyone else had this issue? Am I doing something stupid?

    • Do you have a BAEC household account?

      I don’t think IB+ lets you transfer directly into a household account? I’m sure i had a similar issue in the past and just routed it via Adios.com instead.

      • Brian says:

        As far as I know, you can’t transfer from IB to BA direct, regardless whether you have a household account or not. You have to go via Avios.com, so it’s a two-stage process if you need the miles in BAEC.

        • Fenny says:

          I transferred from IB to BAEC. The only avios I have in IB are from e-rewards surveys. I transferred them a couple of weeks ago with no problem at all.

        • Pretty sure you can go IB to BA if you use ‘Combine My Avios’ on the Iberia site.

      • Tim, I do have a household account – that would be it. Thanks!

    • Doodles says:

      I tried to transfer my points to BAEC and it looked like it was going to work after doing nothing at all on previous attempts then it failed but instead of leaving my points for me to try again, it took them and I now have to call to get them back. What a useless website they have.

    • I did have a similar issue before with my Iberia account in the past. Then I read somewhere that it is to do with the password on the Iberia account needs to be numerical for the combine my avios to work. I changed my password to all numbers and it seems to have fixed the problem for me.

      • That could be right. I have a numerical password (I had no choice at the time, they insisted).

      • I set my dad up with an Iberia account and found the same thing, the Iberia password needed to be all numeric for the combine my avios to work.

  3. Thanks. Nice easy one. Also another easy way to activate your Iberia plus account if you ever go on holiday in Spain is to go to a repsol petrol station. They are an avios partner. Every time I fill my hire car with petrol I go to a repsol station I hand over my Iberia plus card and it gets credited with a few avois. Many of the repsol have shops attached like the uk chain petrol stations so I would imagine you could just pop into the petrol station and just buy a sandwich or some soft drinks and hand over your card although I have not tried this myself.

  4. Felix Flyer says:

    Slightly OT. I opened an Iberia Plus account for the last free Avios promo. Unfortunately I clicked Sra rather than Sr. I now cannot find any way to change my sex back correctly in the Edit Profile! Anybody have any suggestions or is it a call to their helpdesk?!

    • MaltaPoints Tom says:

      Based on my experiences, it would probably be an easier process to change gender than call the Iberia Plus helpdesk and get them to change your profile.

      • ankomonkey says:

        LOL! I concur. Iberia Plus “Customer Services” have been consistently inept in my experience.

        • Felix Flyer says:

          Hmm. I’m going to have to ring them in a very deep voice I think….

  5. evelyn says:

    I tried this comp when it was sent to me direct and again with Raffles’ link.
    But on 1st page despite clicking “my shoes” and then “confirm” nothing happens. Anyone else have this problem? any suggestions?

  6. Singing Dwarf says:

    Thanks, good for 10 seconds work – works for me in Chromium

  7. compass31 says:

    I used my iPad and had no problems.

    Thanks for all your helpful info and advice.

  8. Costas says:

    I joined Iberia plus account on the 8th May, there website gave me 8000 avios from the economist sub. Those points were credited to my IB+ account on the 23rD may. I tried the combine avios with no success on avios.com and also there is no option on IB+. Do I need to wait till August till this function is enabled?

    • avidsaver says:

      You can’t use “Combine My Avios” until your IB Plus account is 90 days old.

  9. It is also worth having an IB account for a couple of hotel chains which give higher earning rates than BAEC. Hilton and Accor are the only ones I think still do this.

    Also IB has a different set of non-OW partner airlines (GOL of Brazil for example) on which you can earn Avios.

    Get an IB PLUS account even if, like me, you never have an intention to visit Spain or set foot on an IB plane.

  10. It worked in Safari.

  11. flood says:

    I do not have a household account but also have issues using combine my avios. Will try changing the password to a numeric one and see if that helps

  12. I am at the last page and entered the IB XXXX number but no response. What sort of number should I enter ? with IB or with out IB ?

  13. JamesW says:

    Worked for me. Cheers. Mind you, not seen the avios posted yet !

  14. Andrew says:

    Has anyone actually received these points into their IB + account as yet…….? Hoping it is just a bit of a wait rather than mine didn’t go through! cheers

  15. Just checked my account…nada

  16. I signed up for this over a week ago and still no avios is posted, my account is 6 months old.
    I wish there was another working promo!

  17. avidsaver says:

    Same here. I took part when first posted and still no sign of the 50 Avios in my account. Has anyone got their points yet?

  18. JamesW says:

    No sign of them in mine either yet but I’m not worried !!
    Just completed the other offer too so as long as one of the sets of 50 points posts I’ll be happy ! Just want to activate the account really so I can transfer in Avios when required (as I don’t like being conned out of the obscene surcharges BA add).
    I wouldn’t mind as much if their product was top-class but its just not. Compare it to Emirates and BA becomes an absolute joke. I also can’t believe that they are reducing seat width & pitch in Europe (including club class) when as a society we are getting larger, not smaller !! Now even more people will roll their belly fat over the arm rest into my space and sweat on me.
    The fact they’re doing it in Club Europe too is unbelievable. What on earth is the justification for reducing seat width there ? All its doing is making the space between the two seats (a table) a bit wider when the gap was already more than adequate and could even itself have been reduced to give MORE width to the club seats.
    Anyway, that’s a different topic but I am utterly bemused by BA’s strategy of making their product even less appealing – AND FOR NO GOOD REASON !!

  19. Anyone got these points in the end?

    Iberia seem really lazy I am still waiting on the above 50 + 50 from the other day and 8k points from The Economist subscription I signed up for in June….

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