Read Ian’s tier-point run diary …. 1390 BA tier points for Brussels to Hawaii!

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A couple of months ago I posted a link to Will’s online diary of his slightly crazy tier point run to reach British Airways Gold Guest List status in the quickest time possible.

It was a popular post, so I am pleased to also recommend this mini-blog from Head for Points reader Ian on his tier point run.  Because the posts are listed ‘latest first’ you need to start at the end and work forwards!

It shows how Ian earned 1,390 British Airways tier points – leaving him just short of Gold – and 36,574 Avios points from just one trip.


He booked a flight from Brussels to Hawaii, routed:

Heathrow – Brussels (separate ticket to the main trip)

Brussels – Heathrow

London City – New York JFK

New York JFK – Phoenix

Phoenix – Honolulu

… and back.

The clever thing here is that New York to Phoenix and Phoenix to Honolulu are both just over 2,000 miles.  This means that you earn long-haul tier points for the flight – 210 per leg if booked on a 2-class American Airlines flight under an AA flight code.

(American Airlines domestic flights are often two class, sold as ‘Domestic First’ and standard.  If you book these flights with a BA flight code – most are BA codeshares and will sell you a BA-coded ticket – BA treats Domestic First as business class and gives you the appropriate miles for business.  If you book these flights with an AA flight code – which usually means booking your entire trip on – BA treats Domestic First as First Class and gives you First Class miles and tier points.)

The trip cost him £1,854 plus the positioning flight.

You obviously need to have a certain mentality to want to do this (!) but if you break up your trip effectively it can work well.  I think there is actually a more extreme version of this routing possible, going Brussels to Helsinki to London, which adds an additional 80 tier points each way for the Helsinki sector!

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  1. How do you go about looking these once you’ve found the flights? Do you add the segments individually or try and search AMS-HNL?

    • I would suggest that you go over to flyertalk, have a look under Airlines and Mileage programs, then click on British Airways Exec Club. In there is a thread called BA Tier Point Runs – 2014 Master Thread.

      All the info is there – if you post a question, then the experts will be able to answer them for you – they’re really friendly. You may be able to get a BA employee to book the run for you, you give them the run details, and then you ring up BA to pay for it

  2. johnjane says:

    What is the best way to view the Avios and TPs applicable.

    Can it be done without going through a simulated booking ?

  3. How many tier points do you need to get a Silver BA card? Any good runs to make this as cheap as possible?

    • 600.

      Cheapest way is to fly to the US in economy and then do a tier point run of the sort described in the Flyertalk BA tier point runs thread.

      Slightly easier is a business class flight to New York booked ex-EU and connecting to the City Airport flights (since City flights are treated as First for tier points). That would get you 40 + 210 + 210 + 40 = 500 which is most of the way. Start in Helsinki or Budapest and the short-hauls are 60 tier points so you are on 540 in total. An economy connecting flight to pick it up would get you part of the rest.

      Or, more boringly, book some Club Europe flights ex Jersey via Gatwick. These are cheap and you get 160 a pop, although you’d still need to do 4 iterations – JER – Gatwick – wherever – Gatwick – Jersey at 40 per leg.

  4. Mac Clellend says:

    Just a quick query on this… Can we (in the UK) apply for a AAdvantage Platinum Challenge and do a 10,000 EQP on British Airways. As per the AAdvantage rules it is possible to earn EQP on British Airways flights and with a return flight LON-SIN in full-fare economy it would cover the miles.

    I understand there is a cost for the challenge (£140) but it would be a lot less expensive that a long flight run. Also, Platinum only gives you BA silver but with the 100% bonus miles, pick-your-seat and the business class lounge access that is what a lot of us need.

    Am I missing something here?

  5. Douglas Read says:

    Hi All,

    Am really new to all this and have to say struggle a bit to understand how this is done, terms like nesting and how to work this out just confuse me!

    Does anyone know of a blog where this is explained in simple terms maybe with some illustration in crayon for those who are new to this.

    If not could someone explain to this idiot how for example the LON – JER – AMS Tier point run works and how I would book it.


    • For better or worse, you won’t find things explained more clearly anywhere outside HFP! I do try to avoid acronyms.

      ‘Nesting’ is booking another ticket which sits inside an existing booking. If you book Gatwick to Jersey on Monday, returning on Wednesday, and then on Tuesday fly a separate ticket booked Jersey-Gatwick-Amsterdam-Gatwick-Jersey, the 2nd ticket is ‘nesting’ inside the dates of the first one.

      Very rarely, airlines get a bit snotty about this. You wouldn’t have any problems though.

      Jersey to Gatwick to Amsterdam to Gatwick to Jersey in Club Europe would be 160 tier points. This is 25% of the way to a Silver card.

      One other thing about Jersey is that you can do an immediate ‘back to back’ as long as you have only hand baggage and have printed your boarding pass at home. You can get off the plane from Gatwick and immediately get back on again to start your nested trip.

      Note that this is not necessarily the most effective (£ per point) way of earning BA tier points to get status quickly but it is convenient – very short flights and 40 tier points in Club Europe per leg.

  6. We own vacation rental property on Oahu and the Hurricane(s) turned out to be a non event. We had a guest flying in from California and it was nail biting time watching when their departure time and watching the weather. They arrived on Friday and it was sunny and beautiful.

    I have Bronze status and I would like to move up to Gold status. I already have lifetime platinum status on AA. From reading the posts, looks like this would work in reverse? Book on but put my BA FF# in instead of my AA #? Would that mean though that I would loose any perks that come with my AA status as AA will think I’m a BA flyer? Per heck, upgrades, 1st on, etc.

    • mac Clelland says:

      Just an update on AA/BA elite status. I phoned AA desk in the USA And paid £150 for a platinum challenge. One leg in BA world traveller plus to Asia got me the points required for AA PLATINUM which gives the equivalent of BA SILVER. I know that we have already mentioned above the soft landing in BAEC. But for somebody with a lot of travel coming up in a short time it is a worthwhile investment I think for the extra luggage and lounge access, etc.

      Now all I need is for a star alliance status match!

      • Yes, I will try to remember to do something on the AA challenge once all the free Cathay Gold cards start to expire!

        • Col A-B says:

          Both me & my husband have had letters from CX extending the gold cards by 6 months – is that the general experience? We haven’t used them other than to gain lounge access, choose seats free & take some extra luggage.

  7. Having been a Gold for less than a month, I’m finding it to be way more worthwhile than I imagined.

    As a Gold, one’s interaction with BA via the Gold Exec Contact Number feels like getting through to the boss rather than the secretary (no offence to secretaries intended); my experience is that you’re speaking to an interactive person who is empowered to sort things out.

    My first contact was in a fairly annoyed state after BA had lost 3 of our 4 cases on the outbound sector of family hols to the USA; we were reunited with them all on the 4th day of holiday, but with several items missing. The suggested route was Amex Plat and their insurer AXA, who were nice enough but the claims procedure was too long winded for my jet lagged brain and online patience to cope with. I rang BA Gold where one person sorted everything very pragmatically so most of the loss was paid within 48hrs (by comparison the email complaint requesting some sort of compensation for e.g. screwing up our hols, distress to my 16yo who had all her birthday cards opened and contents ‘lost’ etc) has not been answered yet.

    Second contact was when fiddling with Xmas bookings home from Bangkok. I was sitting on 4 Club seats back from Chengdu then noticed 2 Club come up on BA10 direct back to Heathrow, so rang to get these and put the kids in economy. This time the human on the end of the phone asked if I was aware that I could put the kids in Club for double miles even though there was no Avios availability and then should BA release any Club seats just ring in and change the booking for the fee and get the extra Avios back. All very much like speaking to someone on this forum rather than BA. I guess I should have been aware of this aspect of Gold membership – I understood the economy guarantee – just hadn’t processed that Avios-wise it applied to any cabin.

    So far, Gold is exceeding my expectations!!

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