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How to convert ANY number of Accor points to Avios

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There is quite a bit of confusion surrounding how to convert Le Club Accorhotels (the Novotel, Ibis, Sofitel, Mercure etc programme) points into Avios.  With the help of HFP reader Tony, I have got to the bottom of it this week.

Tony and I have confirmed that you can convert ANY Accor balance into Avios.  You do NOT need the minimum of 3,000 points as stated on their website.  However, you need to follow a specific route.

Before we get into the conversion process, remember the key oddity of the Accor programme.  As per this page of the Accor website,

  • Conversions into British Airways Executive Club go 2:1
  • Conversions into Iberia Plus go 1:1

I can confirm that the Iberia ratio of 1:1 is accurate.   It is therefore essential that you open an Iberia Plus account via the Iberia website and send your Accor points there.  You can then move your Avios from Iberia Plus to BAEC via ‘Convert My Avios’.


How to convert your existing Accor points to Avios

If you have over 3,000 Accor points, this is easy.  Log in to your Accor account, click on ‘Manage My Account’, ‘My Loyalty Card’ and then ‘My Rewards’.  You will see this box:

Accor box

If you click through and select Iberia Plus, your current balance – assuming you have at least 3,000 points – will be transferred to Avios immediately.  It will round down to the nearest 3,000 points and leave the remaining points in your account.

If you do not have 3,000 Accor points, it won’t work.  You need to use Plan B!

If you have fewer than 3,000 Accor points:

Don’t ask why what I am about to show you works.  Just trust me, it does work!

Step 1:  Go to this website which promotes an airberlin offer for Accor.

Step 2:  Scroll to the bottom left corner and log in

Step 3:  You will be taken to the usual Le Club Accorhotels log-in page.  Follow the same steps I outlined above – click on ‘Manage My Account’, ‘My Loyalty Card’ and then ‘My Rewards’ – and then click on the same box I showed above.  Add your Iberia Plus details.

The only difference between these two processes is that, for balances under 3,000 Accor points, you need to go to the Accor website via the airberlin page I link to in Step 1.

This is what you will receive from Accor by email:


This was from the account of my wife.  Her Accor account dropped to zero points.  Within 24 hours, her 2,800 points had been deposited into her newly opened Iberia Plus account at a conversion rate of 1:1.

If you do not want points from future stays to be converted automatically, change your earnings preference back to points following the steps in Step 3 above and click on the other box this time!

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  1. squills says:

    Looks like my 2 Ibis budget rooms last month at Tunnel sous la Manche didn’t earn me any points 😉

  2. As somebody above has pointed out, you get better value for your points using them for Accor bookings. And since Accor points just take money off your room price, with no issues of reward availability, I would say that for most people who actually stay in Accor hotels, it’s the way to go. It seems that you can use your points to pay for all rates, including the Happy Mondays rate discussed on this website and elsewhere.

    • Czechoslovakia says:

      Good point, but work pays for my Accor stays. I COULD use them on the next work stay, saving the company money. But not half as much fun. (The company is mine btw and work hotel stays are happily tax deductible). Thanks again Rob for yet another hot tip, got a project for lunchtime now.

  3. “This was from the account of my wife”
    Listen very carefully, I will say this only wonce….

  4. I think that for some people there may be an initial step before attempting Raffles’ method.

    If you already have ‘auto-convert’ set up on your Le Club account you will need to disable this first and then try the Air Berlin method to turn it back on for any points balance.

    • CapnJack says:

      Agree: When I tried there was some little popup window appeared, saying something like ‘you must turn off points autochannelling before registering” – not exactly, can’t quite remember but something like it in poor english.

    • Sounds sensible!

  5. whiskerxx says:

    Right at the very bottom of the link there is a drop down box for selecting a language, which is unfortunately set to Russian/Greek (?). You can use this to change the language to English. Still haven’t been able to convert the points yet though!

  6. Caroline says:

    Sorry but I can’t see this login button on the bottom left after clicking the link?

    Has anyone else got this to work?


  7. I’m assuming this still doesn’t offer a reasonable transfer rate from Virgin Atlantic to Avios? As far as I can see Virgin Atlantic are not a partner of Le Club. I have so many miles just sitting in my Flying Club account that I need to convert!

    • If you convert Virgin to IHG Rewards Club you should get 0.5p per mile of free hotel stay, Hilton should get you 0.45p and possibly more.

      Alternatively 12,500 Virgin is a £50 Virgin Group / Theatre Tokens voucher.

      Little Red domestic redemptions are a decent deal.

      Or book a one way somewhere that BA flies and come back on Avios.

  8. Neil Clarke says:

    Worked for me with 300 points.
    Now i just need to find a use for 10k Srilanken, 5k Vietnamese airlines and 4k Thai airways, any suggestions welcome!

    • Caroline says:

      Hi Neil

      Where did you login? I just can’t see a login button at bottom i.e. nowhere asking for password.

    • What does SriLankan need for a one way BA flight in Europe?

      • Neil Clarke says:

        its apparently 12000 for Europe to Europe no idea how to book that, its $50 to buy the additional 2k i would need so depends what fees are added on. I could use them for duty free but that means booking more sri lanken airways flights which im not going to do any time soon.
        I think this would make for an interesting post whereby obscure and trivial milleage balances can be considered for any value that can be extracted.

        • Already done! Search small balances and it should come up.

          See what they call Europe, if that includes Turkey or Russia, say, it may be a deal. Finnair and airberlin flights could also be taken.

  9. Czechoslovakia says:

    Right, well set it up to auto-convert via the airberlin link, and it shows as activated. What now? Wait? Was expecting some sort of confirmation?

  10. how can you transfer miles from Iberia to BA? As far I know / have seen it only allows to transfer from BAEC, not to.

  11. Globetrotter7 says:

    Didn’t work for me. I tried both Firefox and IE but kept landing on the Russian page which led me to nowhere….

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