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New British Airways sale launched

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British Airways has launched its latest sale.  It offers discounts on Club Europe / Club World and First Class flights and holiday packages.

The special page for the sale is here.

You need to book by September 23rd.

BA Luxury World

The best way to see what is on offer for what month is to use the month-by-month Low Fare Finder tool on the British Airways website.

Some of the deals highlighted by the Low Fare Finder look OK.  New York in Club World is as low as £1594 in some months.  Abu Dhabi is as low as £1479 but, wierdly, Dubai never goes below £1899.  Abu Dhabi is a very modest taxi drive from Dubai!

Fare to India in Club World look good at around £1300 in some months.

As always, though, it depends on where you are planning to go and what comparable Avios availability is there.

There are also short-haul deals in Club Europe available. Barcelona from Gatwick at £181 is exceptionally low.

Here is the small print on travel dates and minimum stays:

Travel to all destinations must include a Saturday night stay, except Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Muscat, Bahrain, Doha, Riyadh, Amman, Beirut, Tel Aviv and Cairo, where all travel must have a minimum 3 day stay.

Minimum booking periods apply:

For all flights from London Heathrow in World Traveller bookings must be made a minimum of 7 days before date of outbound departure and a minimum of 21 days for all flights in World Traveller Plus, except for flights to Tokyo which require bookings a minimum of 14 days before the date of outbound departure.

For flights from London Gatwick in World Traveller to the USA, Caribbean, Colombo, Mauritius and Maldives, bookings must be made a minimum of 7 days before the date of outbound departure and a minimum of 21 days before the date of outbound departure when travelling to these destinations in World Traveller Plus. For flights in Club World and First from London Gatwick to the Caribbean, Mauritius, Maldives and Colombo, bookings must be made a minimum of 14 days before the date of outbound departure and a minimum of 28 days before for flights from London Gatwick to USA.

For all flights in Club World and First from London Heathrow, bookings must be made a minimum of 21 days before the date of departure.

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  1. Hello,

    What would be the best use of the sale with the 30.000 bonus Avios promotion for European customers?

    Any Tp-run available?

  2. Is this an EU wide sale or UK only? With fares from CPH to new York in club from £1059 recently I’m more likely to hunt for ex EU deals than pay £550pp for the priviage of starting in the UK :/

  3. I remember how we always used to say what good value it was to use Avios for premium long haul but that’s not true anymore.
    With fares like this available, many Club World redemptions are valuing Avios at less than 1p.

    Yes I know sale fares aren’t as flexible as redemptions, but it doesn’t change the fact that the obscene and immoral BA surcharges have entirely changed the game.

    • AviosNewbie says:

      Yes, agreed – but from a cash outlay perspective, think Avios redemptions will still rule, no? especially if the stack is from bonus offers and not regular spending.

      • Agree with comments – i was quoted £1200 for a return economy flight to asia at christmas (various airlines). Fortunately i have a stack of avios which allowed me to book redemption flights instead. So now i am going GLA – AMS – KUL – GLA (rtn) and all in I have spent about £360 in cash and now travelling in business class. Equivalent cash price for this was over £3.5k

    • Raffles says:

      Not really. I mean, 2 Club World to Abu Dhabi or New York is £3000 even in the sale, compared with £1100 of tax for a redemption. That is still 2.3p per Avios with a 241 or 1.15p otherwise, which is more than acceptable. And you get cancellation flexibility. (Albeit, of course, you would earn some Avios back.)

      Since I generally work on the basis that I won’t get more than 0.75p – to be very conservative – this is still a decent result.

      • I agree, just saying the value proposition isn’t quite what it used to be. There’s also tier points to consider.

    • Depends on how you use the Avios. Straight redemptions with BA are not the way to get best value per Avios, but there are other options. Our upcoming trips:

      Johannesburg in September out in Club World, return in First – £600 plus 62.5k Avios each (and an Amex 2for1). Cheapest cash fare currently available – £3821 (next 12 months), so just over 5p/Avios.

      New York over new year in Club World, Avios for upgrade – £900 plus approx 11k Avios (after taking earnt Avios into account). Cheapest cash fare currently available (next 12 months) – £1591, so just over 6p/Avios.

      Berlin and Abu Dhabi over Easter, economy cash fare to Berlin with BA plus a business class redemption with Air Berlin – total £187 plus 50k Avios each. Cheapest direct BA Club cash fare to Abu Dhabi (next 12 months) – £1479, approx 2.5p/Avios.

      All the above assumes we could have obtained these fares on the dates we want to travel, which given two are over holiday periods is far from certain.

      • Are you sure about the maths Mark? Looking at the Johannesburg example and factoring in the £150 annual fee, it looks like 1.83p per Avios-without factoring in any Avios awarded with a cash ticket. Happy to be proved wrong, Worz.

        • Let’s assume that we should factor in the £150 annual card fee:

          Two return cash fares @ cheapest available price over next 12 months = £7642
          Taxes and fees, plus £150 Amex annual fee = £1350
          Cash saving on two tickets= £6292

          Avios cost, LHR-JNB (Club) and JNB-LHR (First) = 125000

          Value per avios = 629200p/125000 = 5p/avios

          I’d argue that the £150 fee brings other value, such as more avios earnt per £ (which reasonably offsets some of it though not all) and we do also tend to get the value from the various offers run by Amex and Foursquare (such as the current £20 of £100 spend at Westfield), although that would be available on a free card of course.

          Taking into account avios earnings potential on a cash fare would bring it down further of course, but if the premise is that the sale cash fares are better value you’d never use them anyway.

          • Well Done Mark and thanks for your swift response-back to school for me as I didn’t double up the cash fare/read the example properly!
            Good to know that you are getting very good value.
            Thanks again for clarification, Worz.

          • I prefer Raffles’ method of calculation value per Avios by assessing whether you would pay an equivalent cash fare.

            I never value Avios on 1st class redemptions because I’d never pay cash for First (I can’t afford it!).

            But CW and RFS redemptions do.

          • True, we probably wouldn’t. It’s more like 3p/avios if you base it on a return Club cash fare. That’s still factoring the avios to travel back in F; J redemption wasn’t available on that date though arguably we’d have chosen different dates.

            You then have the intangible ‘value’ of travelling in F over J, which arguably would have been more on the outbound (with access to the Concorde Room) and which my wife almost certainly values more highly than I do!

  4. iv got a few evouchers i cant use if anyone wants to buy one at a 20% discount

    • Hello,

      Do this qualify for TP and Avios earning? If yes then I am interested.

      • yes they are offerd as compensation with delays and lost baggage, its exactly the same as paying with cash.
        any change is also credited back to the bookers email. so if you bought an £800 voucher for £650 from me, and then spent £200 on, £600 would be returned to your email in a new evoucher.
        if your flight was £1000 you would just pay the additional £200 in cash.
        i have £600, £800, and 2x £411.

        only one can be used per booking,

        • can you mail me then as I am really interested in this. especally if you can use it multiple times for small fractions.

          Manu is my name
          voetbalkrant is my COMmercial enteroprise 🙂

        • Hi Richie,

          I’m also interested. Could you pop me an email too?

          leo dot barker at gmail dot com

        • Col A-B says:

          I’m interested in those too. Can I pay with 3V cards? 😉

          Seriously though please email me: mkcol74 {at} gmail dot com

    • Hi Richie

      I would be interested. Could you please email me at:

      adriks at hotmail dot com

  5. LondonFoodie says:

    Not sure whether it is against etiquete to post other websites here, but I usually find all the sales fares here, which I find very useful:

  6. For anyone with an on business account you may be able to get another 20% off with this offer:

    • goglobalnz says:

      Wow that’s quite a deal. How strict are they on cross checking against UKTI events, do you know? Maybe once you have the code it doesn’t matter about the destination and it could be applied to anywhere?

      • I’ve not tried it yet, certainly worth a go!

        • goglobalnz says:

          There’s a V8 supercars expo on in Sydney in March, which could be plausible… (I’m looking at going back to NZ for a family visit around then).

  7. Phew – was worried I’d jumped the gun on my ex-OSL booking, but at £2,100 CW return to Oz (with stopovers in Singapore on the way out and Hong Kong on the way back) it’s still 40% cheaper than the sale price 😀

    • some cracking ex EU fares out there at the mo, £1186 to Dubai for example ex BRU on BA or ex ARN on QR.

  8. Quick question – if you pay with cash and upgrade with avios do you get tier points for the class you travel in or the class you pay for?

    • The class you pay for. Also if you have a UK connection on a WTP or higher booking that’ll give you 20 TPs each way 🙂

  9. Funny. It mentions Doha in the Terms but I can’t see that it’s any different than before the sale

  10. needroos says:

    Off topic question: I recently flew BA to Spain and back with a QR number on my boarding pass. I used CX Gold to enter the lounge at Gatwick and I asked the staff their weather using CX Gold would alter my FFP on my flight, they said no. On the way back I was in Business and again QR was on the boarding pass. Now for both flight miles have been credited to CX. Any point speaking to BA or just take the hit?

    • Definitely worth a call. They may ask you to send in the actual BP s to or scan them to them. As long as the desk staff in the lounge didn’t actually change the FFP on you, ba should credit them to your account. It does seem strange though. Why was QR on your BP in the first place?

      • needroos says:

        I am just shy of QR Silver so thought I would go for it for this short flight. Ok well, a call it will have to be then.

        • needroos says:

          Sorry, I meant QR Gold.

          • You really needed to call BAEC to actually change the FFP to QR for that. If you had already done that, then changed to CX for access to the lounge, you then have to get it physically changed back to QR at the gate or by phone from the lounge. Lounge reception don’t always have access to tall the FFP at their desk, but we find them very helpful at the gates. It’s time consuming, and especially important if that was your reason for the flight. Let us know how you got on though.

  11. Is it possible to combine with avios upgrade?

    • It usually is – sometimes WTP sale fares cannot be upgraded but if so they are clearly marked at time of purchase. Safest thing to do is do book and upgrade in one transaction via that option on

      • And then possible to combine with the 241 voucher (which I’ll probably receive sometimes in Dec this year)?

        • Unfortunately you can only use a 241 voucher on a straight redemption, not on Avios for upgrade (it would be worth less using it for that anyway)

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