£10 off a Ryanair ticket with Amex – and they launch ‘Business Plus’!

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I don’t know how many American Express Platinum card customers fly with Ryanair.  Amex presumably has the data, and so there is probably a good reason why there is a new offer showing on my online account.

(EDIT 8.30am: I have rewritten this post to reflect the fact that Andrew in the comments highlighted a direct registration link.  This means that everyone can sign up even if it doesn’t show in your online Amex account.)

The first 8,125 customers to register will receive £10 statement credit when they book a Ryanair flight before 31st October.

The link to register is here.

Ryanair American Express promo

(Before you start wondering about excessive credit card fees, Ryanair has now reduced them to 2%.  For bookings under £250 – which is most of them – their card fees are now lower than British Airways.)

There is no minimum spend.  If you have the offer on two of your Amex cards, you could save £20 on a return ticket by booking each leg separately and using a different card for each.

Ryanair launching new ‘business class’ frills

Ryanair announced ‘Business Plus’ last week.  Aimed squarely at the business travel market, it will allow travellers to change their tickets up to 40 minutes before departure and check in one piece of luggage for free.

‘Business Plus’ tickets will also receive free premium seating which guarantees a spot at the front of the plane or at an emergency exit row.  Fast Track security will also be included at selected airports including Stansted.

As The Telegraph reports, though, Ryanair has not entirely changed its spots.  If you do not tell the airline at the time of booking that you want a premium seat or will bring a suitcase, you will have to pay.

The most important bit of Ryanair news recently was overlooked.  It is slowly adding itself to the Global Distribution Systems such as Amadeus and Sabre, despite being required to pay a fee for this.  You will soon see Ryanair flights when searching on Expedia etc.

In terms of cracking the corporate market, this may have more of an impact than ‘Business Plus’ or similar efforts.  Many corporate travel bookers only book what their online system offers – few have memorised the entire Ryanair route network.  Travellers who are obliged to book the cheapest flight offered by their corporate booking system should be prepared ….

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  1. Andrew S says:

    I’m always surprised at the negative attitude to Ryanair. If you do business outside of the major cities, I have found them to be very convenient.

    O In over 100 flights in 5 years i have never been more than 30 minutes late (2 occasions)
    O Small airports – hardly any delays at security/immigration
    O The most convenient point to point airline to get to the destinations i need.
    O Exit row seat more than 90% of the time during “free boarding”
    O Priority boarding is cheap to basically guarantee exit seats
    O My bag fits the dimensions. Never a problem with getting it on board.
    O Combined with a priority pass for lounge access – rather comfortable.
    O Crews OK – quite friendly to further north the base!

    • I agree, but have never had a nightmare being only a holiday flyer.
      I recently looked into flying to Pescara. Alitalia offered £186 with an overnight break in Milan. Ryanair flew direct in the morning; I cannot remember the exact fare bot it was £50-60.

    • Although on the flipside – if trying to get to many of the major destinations you have a very long trip in from the airport; if adding a hold bag the costs very quickly escalate and in my case when I was at Uni the cancelled the flight and offered zero assistance meaning we lost our whole holiday (it was just going to be a long weekend so going two days later on their next service wasn’t exactly worth it!)

      • Andrew S says:

        I think it’s a balance… I’m sure BA would provide a hotel etc should the worst happen, but Ryanair have a better on time, and cancellation record than BA. If there is one blip at LHR then the whole short haul fleet is cancelled.

        Frequent traveller will already have good insurance and in the unlikely event of a big problem, are more than capable of finding accommodation and food and organising an insurance claim.

    • Agree with all points, as it say, I use them like a bus back and forth to Dublin, works when we obey their rules exactly. And always on time or before, that amazes me ! Plus they fly to Bergerac , great for SW France. Our next flight £25 pp each way, just brilliant. We mix it up between BA and FR as and when we need to.

  2. Janeyferr says:

    Worked for me with my VS white card too.

    • Are people receiving confirmation email for successful registration? I registered three cards but no emails

      • Andrew (@andrewseftel) says:

        Same here

      • Just a non-specific web acknowledgement:
        Thank You!
        Thank you for registering your Card for our offer at Ryanair
        with a link to the FR website.

  3. Andrew (@andrewseftel) says:

    Given the way that Amex awards these on a transaction basis, you might be able to earn these credits by paying for extras if Ryanair code changes up the same as flights.

    E.g. 1) Book a flight, get £10 credit 2) go into manage booking and select a premium seat, pay with a different registered Amex card, get a £10 credit.

    I think premium seats are £10 to pre-book, so this is effectively offering free premium seats if you have enough Amex cards.

  4. Is there a difference between FR and BA’s new CE seats? Could turn out to be a very astute move on Ryanair’s part.

  5. This may have now changed, but when I booked a Ryanair flight a couple of months ago originating in the Eurozone (and therefore priced in Euros), the cheapest way to use a sterling payment method was Amex. For all other payment methods, Ryanair did their own conversion to GBP (at an incredibly bad rate) and then charged you in GBP. But for Amex, they put through the transaction in Euros – and the better exchange rate I got more than made up for the 2% credit card fee and 3% Amex foreign exchange fee.

    • You can make them charge you in the local currency as I did this just last month booking a flight back from Budapest (my N&P account has no FX charge). It is so not obvious I had to Google it and even after I followed instructions, Ryanair’s website made it look like it didn’t work… Come to think of it I need to double check that it did, but I’m pretty sure you can do it.

  6. Booked a Ryanair flight early Sept, using the right Amex card to get a £10 statement credit.

    No statement credit as of yesterday but last night the nice lady @ Amex just credited £10 to me on the phone.

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