It’s back – 8,000 Avios for a subscription to The Economist

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Iberia Plus and The Economist have brought back the offer they originally ran in May.

As you can see at this link, you can earn 8,000 Avios in Iberia Plus if you take out a 1-year digital and print subscription to The Economist. The cost is £155.

Alternatively, you can earn 6,000 Avios with a £126 print-only or digital-only subscription.

Economist Iberia

The price seems to be in line with the price charged via other channels.

You will need an Iberia Plus account to take part. Once the Avios points arrive, you can convert them to British Airways or via the ‘Combine my Avios’ function online.

It is possible to cancel subscriptions to The Economist at any point for a pro-rata refund if you decide after a couple of months that it isn’t up your street.

If you have access to a US mailing address, it is worth noting that the price there is just $160, so under £100.  After a few weeks you can change the mailing address to your UK one and they will switch your subscription over without asking for any more cash.

Be aware that when this offer ran in May, some people had trouble getting their miles to post and had to give The Economist a prod before they turned up.

This promotion will expire on October 30th.

If you collect Lufthansa Miles & More miles, a separate offer to earn 10,000 Miles & More miles with an identical subscription is outlined here.  This deal runs until September 30th.

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  1. Any idea if cancelling after a month or two affects the amount of avios you receive? I.e could i take the £155 subscription, cancel after a month and affectively get 8000 avios for the cost of one month’s subscription?

  2. As said here and before on the Lufthansa post, some people experienced issues with receiving the points so it may take some time…one guy just got them a few days ago since May…so be careful, moreover if you are planning a “big” redemption and counting on this..

    I personally think not to be such a good offer with Avios!
    if you are also collecting Lufthansa M&M i would stick 100% to that.

  3. So I did the may offer and used a canadian office of the company I work for billed to a uk credit card. The points only posted for me a couple of weeks ago, and this was after calls/emails every few days. In the end it cost me about 30pounds for the avios… but my inte tion was to keep the magazine as I used to enjoy it but it has changed since my uni days. Cancellation was straight forward.

    Just remember you must deal with the call center assigned to ypur delivery address, so in my case north america. The uk number does not have access to your details.

    All in all the points were not worth my time chasing this up… but I got them in the end.

    • Took me about 3 months in the end to get mine – I emailed The Economist once and they replied saying they were working on it but there was a hold up on the xfer (out of their control of course).

  4. OT – I was delighted to wake up this morning to find my cathy pacific gold card extended for a further 6 months to Aug 2015. This has been invaluable as I burn down my avios stash on BA as I would not otherwise have status.

    I took this out after the posts here. Thanks Raffles !

    • Via AMEX platinum card I should add.

    • where can i see that information on Expiry of CX Gold card? I can not see that on the CX profile.

      • Account Balance ->
        Look at section called “Membership Details (29 Aug 2014 – 31 Aug 2015)”

        The date range is your membership year…

        • How soon before the expiry of the current card do they send a replacement?

        • right, no extension for me at the moment unfortunately . Did you have any activity with CX at all or they were just nice to you? I got a couple of flights booked, with BA, which show under “my reservations” as I put my CX number on them…maybe that will come one day!

        • No CX flights. Ive had a number of avios europe flights on BA credited to marco polo, thats all. I still have the Amex plat – not sure if that makes a difference. Interestingly the letter was co branded with Amex, and they have introduced an AMEX discounted renewal of 20 club sectors instead of the regular 40.

          I had 6 months left to run on the card…

        • Everyone gets a one-off 6 month extension but the letter only goes out x months before expiry.

        • Wow his is truly excellent shall we credit a flight or keeping no activity is fine?

          Re Economist i think i read you can subscribe up to 3 copies per address

        • No need to credit a flight to Iberia before you can move Avios out – the account only needs to be over 90 days old.

        • I meant Cx expiry extension. Can keep no activity and get it?

  5. A bit off topic, but anyone knows if the Visa 3v cards still work for Thames Water payments?

  6. Apparently, having finalised a gift subscription over the phone, I was told that the online codes that the system uses are incorrect and that they had to apply a different code in order to receive the bonus Avios. I am told I will receive them within 28 days of the subscription starting and I will receive an email confirming this.

    PS – a digital only subscription with a Malaysian address is £58!

  7. Do you think you can claim the AVIOS for an existing subscription?

    • Probably not, but you could cancel and subscribe again in your wife’s name or something like that.

  8. So is it possible to use any address in the world, like a hotel in Canada? Or will it need to match your billing address?

  9. Please keep ‘off topics’ out of these specific topics, very annoying to have to go through items not related to the subject.

    • Hi Mikeact

      Sometimes it is very helpful to ask an OT question, if the article is not current. Maybe you have all the answers but we are all willing to help others, if we can. This is a helpful forum, and your comment is unwarranted!

  10. My avios posted already!

  11. I Applied for Economist last week, 800 avios already posted less than a week later. Any idea if I will lose the avios if I cancel my subscription to the Economist now. I only just opened the Iberia account so can’t transfer out for 3 months. Your thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks

    • I would give it a month, I reckon – 4 issues would seem a realistic time frame to decide you don’t like it. That said, you are probably OK if you do it now.

  12. Ok thank you, I will take your advice and leave it a month.
    Thanks for the prompt response and fantastic site.

  13. My Avios posted overnight. Considering the subscription confirmation said 4-6 weeks, I’m made up they’ve posted so quickly.

  14. If you select country as China and choose digital subscription, it is only CNY400 (around £40) for 6000 points. I subscribed 2 weeks ago and just got the points. Too bad my account was just opened and can’t transfer the points yet. Wondering if I should get another 6000 points for my wife.

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