A fully flat bed and wi-fi to Amsterdam for £139 one way!

Back in March I wrote about how Garuda, the Indonesian airline, was launching a new service to Jakarta.

The original plan was for three direct flights per week from London Gatwick, starting last May.  As time passed, Garuda decided that this did not make financial sense for them.

A new plan was hatched.  The existing service to Amsterdam, which stopped in Abu Dhabi, was upgraded to a brand new Boeing 777-300ER.  The flights were then retimed so that, as of September 7th, the service could continue to Gatwick.

The upside is that there is now a 5-times-per-week ‘through service’ from Gatwick to Jakarta.  It just isn’t a ‘direct service’ as you need to get off the plane for an hour in Amsterdam.

Garuda Business Class

One quirk of this flight is that Garuda is selling very cheap business class tickets between Gatwick and Amsterdam.

You will get to sit in their impressive new fully flat business class seats with a whopping 73 inches of legroom.  The service even has on-board wi-fi.

You can buy a one-way ticket in business class to Amsterdam for just £139 all-in.  You can also fly in economy for £51-£61, but where is the fun in that?!

The flight times are not the greatest but it may work for you.   The flight departs Gatwick at 13.00 (13.10 at the weekend) and arrives in Amsterdam at 15.20.   Flights depart on Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

The in-bound flight to London leaves Amsterdam at 11.25 and lands at 11.45.  This is priced at £147 in business class and £48 one-way in economy.

A return flight in business class is £252.

Lounge access is presumably included, as is a full luggage allowance.

Garuda First Class

As Garuda is in Skyteam, you will be able to credit this flight to your Flying Blue, Delta or any other Skyteam account.

You can find more information on these services here.  I may even be tempted to give it a go myself!

PS.  If you have £900 to burn, you can book yourself into Garuda’s First Class private suites to Amsterdam.  Not convinced of the value for money in that one, to be honest …..


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  1. I booked one way to AMS for £98 in J. It’s a good way to stop Flying Blue miles from expiring. Though the cheapest Y fares don’t earn.

    • Yes, it was originally £98 and then jumped up to £139 recently, so I believe ….

    • gnarlyoldgoatdude says:

      Have Flying Blue changed the rules? I thought you had to fly directly with them to stop their miles expiring? Mine expired for want of a cheap AF/KLM flight.

      • Any SkyTeam flight should do, as long as it accrues points in Flying Blue.

        • Exactly. Trying to work what fare bucket the cheapest Y fell in was interesting. The cheapest FB miles earning was about £80, so an additional £20 for J is well worth it. As for AF, there are some CDG-LHR for £60 that earned miles – when there were €39 Miniprix fares that didn’t earn.

  2. So it’s a 2-stop direct flight to Jakarta then?

  3. JoshBosh says:

    They were still selling for mid-high £90’s last week.
    Lounge is No.1 Traveller in gatwick north. Quite a nice lounge, if somewhat over crowded, especially at this time of day. The flight crew are second to none. Was served 3 glasses of Champagne before take off, and a further 4 in the air. Unfortunately the label was always pointing down, and i neglected to ask what it was.
    Even the snack served on this sort hop was great. http://goo.gl/PJm6Kq this is my own photo, and anyone is free to use it.

    Luggage allowance is 40kg, so could be an attractive alternative to posting a large item to the Netherlands!

    The one negative with this flight, was that it departed from a gate with a rather small holding area. After boarding was advertised i headed to the gate. Further ‘security checks’ were then carried out, and we were delayed for 30 minutes or so. The holding area after boarding pass check was tiny, so the floor was covered in people sitting.

  4. Better value on one ways ex-AMS – First Class only £244 (OK, still a lot for a 1:20 flight, but I bet a lot of you have spent more on a last minute Y on BA!).

  5. I was looking at a Skyteam redemption LON to HKG and this was offered as a connection….

  6. Great tip, if only LGW was closer to me! Have to visit our company’s office in Rotterdam soon – £110ish in Y is a very good price and for those that got J for £98 one-way – that’s a steal!

  7. creampuff says:

    Anybody know how much tickets all the way to Jakarta are in J and Y?

    • JoshBosh says:

      Business from London was over 4.5k booking with Garuda Indonesia directly, about 3k through the likes of expedia. Just as expensive flying from AMS too. If they have a sale on any time soon, i will seriously consider heading off to Jakarta with them though.

  8. Is there a way to transfer Garuda miles to Delta miles then to Virgin miles here? Could be a good milage run if so.

  9. Antonio says:

    I’m having trouble seeing fares less than £214 for D. Where are these £139 J fares?

  10. andy stock says:

    Economy looks smart as well:


    9 across, better leg room than BA – 32″, 9″ AVOD screen. For £51 this is very good value for money.

  11. OT, but Virgin announced today the cancellation of the Little Red service, which is a shame as it was pretty good, but I don’t think they could win the BA business travellers. Coincidence perhaps, but it was thought at the time of the launch they would only run the service for the min 2 years before cancelling it and using the heathrow slots for other routes.

    • Yeah, that seems to be why EDI and ABZ are running until Sep next year. Quite disappointed as was nice having a T2 connection option for *A flights and had been hoping to redeem and connect through the Clubhouse.