12,000 Avios for £155 with best-ever Iberia / Economist offer

(EDIT:  DO NOT APPLY for this offer without clicking here and reading this article first)

Iberia Plus and The Economist have brought back a special offer for taking out a subscription.  This time it is 50% more generous than usual!

As you can see at this link, you can earn 12,000 Avios in Iberia Plus if you take out a 1-year digital and print subscription to The Economist. The cost is £155.

Alternatively, you can earn 9,000 Avios with a £126 print-only or digital-only subscription.

Economist Iberia

The price seems to be in line with the price charged via other channels so you are not over-paying.

You will need an Iberia Plus account to take part. Once the Avios points arrive, you can convert them to British Airways or avios.com via the ‘Combine my Avios’ function online.

Whilst there were long delays in people receiving their Avios when a similar 8,000 Avios offer ran in May, the September version (also 8,000 Avios) went off without a hitch and many people got their points within a couple of weeks.

It is possible to cancel subscriptions to The Economist at any point for a pro-rata refund if you decide after a couple of months that it isn’t up your street.  This might lead to a very good deal indeed ….

If you have access to a US mailing address, it is worth noting that the price there is just $160.

The offer runs until 31st January 2015.

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  1. My avios posted within a week. However, I can’t combine my avios even when my account is over 8 months old. It keeps on saying ‘You cannot combine avios with this account’..FYI, I’ve never posted any miles on my IB acc.

  2. 12K Avios posted to my IB account and moved over to BA. Simples.
    Since I bought the subscription in Canadian Dollars to be delivered to a random hotel in Niagara Falls everyone wins. I get the Avios and they get a magazine for their counter.
    Have emailed the North America and Europe customer services to cancel just to be sure.

    • How do you cancel the subscription? They requested a CRN number which I don’t have, as its on the adress label of the magazine and that’s in some hotel lobby in Canada.
      Any advice?

      • The customer reference number should be in your email with the subject: ‘important information regarding your subscription’.

  3. I decided to take advantage of the economist offer – and the 12000 points have turned up in my iberia account really quickly – great!

    But when I try and tranfer them to my ba exec account with the combine your avios function on iberia plus, it will only let me transfer points from BA to Iberia and not the other way round (and it warns you that you cannot send them back again!)

    Any help much appreciated.

    • What happens when you try from CMA inside ba.com? Or inside avios.com?

      If both fail to work, and your IB account is 90 days old and your email addresses, dates of birth and email addresses match across accounts, you may need to email BA Customer Services and let them do it.

      • I tried logging into my avios.com account from the iberia CMM instead and it worked fine – giving options to move points either way.

        Bit of a long way round but the points are in the right place now.

      • I found it wouldn’t work from Ba.com or iberiaplus website, but it worked fine from avios.com website, thankfully. I think it won’t let you do direct transfers if you have a BA household account but if you go from and via avios.com its fine.

  4. Lee Thornton says:

    Just to update everyone, I order the Economist to a US address when this post first appeared. The points (12,000) posted to Iberia a few days ago and I then transferred them to BAEC (via the Avios website as the more direct ‘combine my Avios’ links on both Iberia and BA’s websites were broken). I called to cancel my subscription and as it was within the first three issues they offered a full refund, so I got these Avios for nothing!

  5. Managed to take advantage of this off thanks Raffles.

    Cost of subs £100.47
    Refund posted today £98.74
    Net cost £1.73 for 12000 Avio

    0.0001441666p per Avios – is this the lowest cost yet recorded?!!

  6. jakobv84 says:

    I only had 4.000 points. Strange.

  7. The transaction tracked as ARGOS DISTRIBUTORS.
    Will that trigger the credit?

  8. Here’s a link for the 12k SQ KrisFlyer miles promo mentioned above –

    Have signed up for that one in AUD and the IB one in CAD – hopefully they’ll continue with the quick posting 😀

  9. Thinking of taking up the Economist offer, can anyone confirm how long it took from cancellation of account to getting the payment back into your bank account?

  10. Can anyone confirm how long it took from the day of cancellation until the day of refund received in your accounts please.