750 free Avios in Iberia Plus from e-rewards

(EDIT, March 2015:  The direct application link has now been removed and it appears you need to wait until Iberia emails you with an invitation.)

I have written about e-rewards before as it is a long established partner of British Airways and avios.com.  It is a market research company which awards you points in its own loyalty scheme for completing surveys online which can then be converted into airline miles.

In general, I am not a fan.  The miles earned for every hour of your time you put into the surveys is not great in my view.  Even worse, the surveys often throw you out after a few minutes if they decide that you are wrong age / sex / occupation / race they are after, and you only receive a small percentage of the reward you were promised.

When it comes to the sign-up bonuses, it is a different story.

Both British Airways and avios.com have been offering 750 Avios for joining e-rewards and completing just one survey.  That is a great deal.  You can join via avios.com here.  In theory you can join via British Airways here but the link has been faulty for a couple of months.

You can join both programmes as long as you use a different email address for each.

There is now an ‘open to all’ e-rewards sign-up link for Iberia Plus available.

See here to sign-up.

As usual, you will receive 750 Avios in an Iberia Plus account for completing your first survey.  Remember to use a different email address from any you have used before.

If you don’t already have an Iberia Plus account, you can open one at iberia.com.  Iberia Plus has an obscure rule which stops you using ‘Combine My Avios’ to move your points into BA or avios.com until your account is 90 days old.  Even if e-rewards awards your points promptly, you won’t be able to move them to British Airways Executive Club until March.

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  1. I opened an e-Rewards account with Iberia a couple of years ago
    It took 6 months and 4 emails to get the Avios credited….
    You work hard for your Avios with Iberia

    Be warned…

  2. It does tell you that you can be screened out and the lower rate of points awarded for having that happen.

    Usually it is quite obvious when you are going to be screened out. If it is a survey about drinking, then when the first question is “have you had any alcoholic drinks in the past 3 months”, saying no will obviously end the survey right away.

    E-rewards posts to Iberia monthly.

    You only can get the 750 bonus once per iberia account – they recently added some code which checks whether you have received it before. I managed to get it 3 times on my avios.com account.

  3. Jon King says:

    A word of caution. I did this last time this was mentioned and following giving my details I started to receive lots of spam email and texts to my mobile. Now, I may have not ticked a box to prevent this. But please be mindful of this…

  4. Iberia also gives a higher return of Avios for opinion points. 1,000 points gets you 750 IB Avios, versus 500 via BA.

  5. Roger Wilco says:


    You need 2000 points to get 750 IB Avios

    • E rewards is ok, I get around 6000 avios a year from them for not very much effort. You could do more but I don’t do surveys that often tbh.

      The earning rate for avios is far better than many other partners of theirs

    • But 500 Avios if you join via Avios

    • Good point, well spotted. The comparison is still valid though:
      2000:500 for BA and 2000:750 for IB.

  6. Deleted them…too much effort…..too many ‘non qualifications’…..and too much spam going around.

  7. Oh! Matron! says:

    If you work for a large corporate or enterprise, e-rewards is great. Fills in those horrible, long, boring conference calls 🙂

    • Froggitt says:


      I used to redeem for Flying Club miles, but now I get gift vouchers that I know I will spend e.g. Amazon, Sainsburys, Boots. Probably a couple of hundred pounds a year.

  8. I also like whiling away time doing these when it’s quiet at work…or better still use the time to read head-for-points as I am doing now!

    A bit off topic. I joined my wife up to Iberia a couple of weeks ago to make use of the Economist offer but did not print her card off with her IB Plus number on. She then deleted the email with it in so I can’t log in. Apart from ringing them is there any other way to get it as the website will not let me register her again? I could wait until the card come through the post, unless they have cancelled sending them for base level like BA have….

    • There’s a ‘remind me’ option on the Iberia website – pretty sure I used it for The Economist offer.

    • Ironically, the day I decide I need to ask for help is the day my wife’s IB plus card comes through!

  9. I do well out of e-rewards – I’m happy to fill in any survey about anything. It takes no concentration at all to click through while the other half is watching some reality nonsense.

    Thanks Raffles – I’ve signed up for this and will happily take some more free Avios.

    • I probably get about 1500 avios every 6-8 weeks from e-rewards. Yes, I get screened out of some surveys, but not nearly as many as I do with Toluna or any of the other survey sites. And the survey points post straight away.

  10. As well as more Avios Iberia also allows conversion into hotel points etc.
    I agree that e_Rewards and Rewards for Thoughts are only really worth it for the initial bonuses and I am retired! It is very annoying when you click on a link immediately on receipt to be told that the survey is now closed.
    Of course, some people may like to skew the results of the survey by their answers.

  11. Is anyone else unable to register as the sign-in page comes up with the message “Validation Code is required” (even though there doesn’t seem to be a place even to enter a validation code)? It happens both through Avios and Iberia.

  12. So, do you get 750 ib avios points for joining up and successfully completing a full survey like the avios version or do you get 750 erewards points which when converted over to ib are not equivalent to 750 avios?

  13. I’ve twice entered my details via the link this afternoon only to be told it’s ‘timed out’ when I’ve pressed submit. Anyone else having issues? I used a different email address to my BA e-rewards membership…

  14. I used to get that message, it was when i used the same pc to log into different accounts so might be ip address recognition.

  15. Hi, i am gonna aplly for my first credit card, any advice, just find u blog but here is to many information – overhelming, need some help. Any better aplly for card with collection avios point, or is it batter card with airmilles award ?

    • Click on ‘Favourite Posts’ at the top and read the credit card articles I link in. You will probably find Amex Gold is a good first choice as you have the option to transfer the points to a lot of different airline and hotel programmes, and you can keep them sitting in Amex whilst you learn a bit more and decide which route is best for you.

  16. Doesn’t work for me right now – clicked on the link and got this:

    Please pardon the inconvenience. Either this session has timed out, or this process is currently unavailable. Please return to the home page and try again.