Generous Carlson (Radisson, Park Inn) promo – £150 of points for 3 night stay!

Club Carlson, the Radisson / Park Inn / Park Plaza hotel group, has kicked off 2015 with a bang by launching a very generous promotion.

It is a simple proposition:

Stay 3+ consecutive nights at a Radisson, Park Inn or Park Plaza and earn 30,000 bonus points

Stay 2 consecutive nights at a Radisson, Park Inn or Park Plaza and earn 15,000 bonus points

You must stay between 12th January and 29th March

You can earn the bonus more than once

You must register at this website to be eligible

Club Carlson promo

I value Club Carlson points at £5 per 1,000.  This is based on using 44,000 or 50,000 for a typical 5-star redemption in London, or 9,000 for a cheap Park Inn night in the regions.  The bonus is therefore worth roughly £150 on a 3-night stay and this is on top of the base points for your stay.

You may receive an even bigger bonus.  Flyertalk reports that some members have been targeted with the offer of a 40,000 point bonus on your first three night stay.  You will see if you are eligible for this when you log in on the promotion home page.  This would make your 3+ night bonus worth £200.

It is not clear if this promotion will work in conjunction with the ‘2 4 1’ and ‘4 4 2’ deals offered to Club Carlson Gold members at weekends.  It would depend on the hotel treating a ‘2 4 1’ stay as 2 nights rather than 1 night.  I wrote about these deals here.

If you have an American Express Platinum card, remember that you can join Club Carlson at Gold level.  This will increase your base points earning rate as well as giving you the chance of an upgrade and other benefits.  It will also allow you to book the ‘2 4 1’ and ‘4 4 2’ rates I mention above.

You can also convert Club Carlson points to Avios or other airline miles.  The rate is 10:1 which is pretty poor – 30,000 points gets you £150 of hotel points or £30 of Avios points.  However, if you have no interest in Club Carlson points, earning 3,000 Avios for a three-night stay is still a good deal in its own right.

If you are not already a Club Carlson member you can learn more about it hereYou can sign up via the promotional page for the offer here.

(PS.  As mentioned in the comments, Park Plaza has some good sale deals at the moment, including excellent hotels in London from £89.  You need to book by 7th January for stays to 12th April and the deals are only available via their website and entering promo code JANSAL under ‘Search Options’.)

(Want to earn more hotel points?  To see our complete list of promotions from the major chains, click here to visit our ‘Hotel Promos’ page or use the link in the menu bar at the top of the page.)

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  1. Frenske says:

    Oh yes … finally a big promotion coinciding with a planned stay. Staying next week in Oslo for 3 nights. 🙂

    • Staying 23rd Jan in Oslo for 3 nights!

      Only issue is I decided to do a points and cash which is not valid for the promotion. Over the 3 nights its 30k and £173 or £245 for best rate. So I suppose in my instance I’m looking at 60k at a cost of £72.

      I personally value the points at around £2-3 per 1k as I tend to book well in advance, but either way I guess the maths say I should cancel and rebook to make sure I get the bonus.

    • Frenske says:

      Grrrr SAS flight was cancelled; I stayed and paid only for 2 nights in the Radisson. Not sure I will get the 30K points now. 🙁

  2. There’s also the Park life January sale, some great rates in London and elsewhere for Park Plazas, book by 7th January

  3. No way! I got a stay now 9/11jan! A good reason to cancel the trip and reschedule! Mmmm this is sooo tempting!!!

  4. Interesting, I am a long time Carlson Concierge status holder and I cannot find any evidence of this offer anywhere on the clubcarlson site….but if I follow the link above it does allow me to register.

    Maybe I need to start staying in a few Hilton’s and see if they notice… 🙂

  5. Hi Raffles –
    Thanks. You mention “Radisson, Park Inn or Park Plaza” – does it include Radisson Blu as well? The registration page is a bit ambiguous, syaing “….. Eligible Stay at more than 1,000 Carlson Rezidor hotels worldwide”, but it does not say “all of them”!

    • Frenske says:

      The T&C quoted: “… at participating Quorvus CollectionSM, Radisson Blu®, Radisson®, Park Plaza®, Park Inn® by Radisson and Country Inns & Suites By CarlsonSM hotels …”

      So yes Radisson Blu is included.

    • Andrew S says:

      I cantacted their excellent customer service.

      its available at ALL group properties, and existing bookings are valid provided they occur in the date range of the offer.

  6. Andi Hawes says:

    Any clue upon booking which rates are valid? or do you need to book, stay, and then see if the promo points pay out?

    • Andrew S says:

      All booking rates that award gold points.

      • Just a slight correction, its not valid on rates that are part cash part points (you would still earn gold points on the cash element of this rate).

      • That would include 2-4-1 and 4-4-2 unless, as Rob points out, they count the stay as truncated.

        My year has just reset so I can’t see what nights were counted in my account with the 2-4-1s I completed. Wonder if anyone else can see? (Unless all Club Carlson accounts reset on January 1st?)

        • In theory you should get the points, although the 241 would presumably count as one night and 442 should count as two nights, so the former should not trigger and the latter the smaller 15k bonus. In practice I suspect you’ll get nothing.

          I did a couple of 241s last year and both times I got two nights credited, but I suspect that means nothing when it comes to triggering the bonus!

  7. Last summer I did not get the 20K promotion points for min 2 nights stay when booking a 2-4-1 so I m worried the same would happen with this promotion.

  8. I’m staying at a Radisson Blu, for 3 nights a week, for every week from now through to end of March.

    This. Is. Brilliant.

  9. If you book a 241 for Dec and your Gold status runs out in March, will they still honour the booking or will you be charged for the additional night when you book into the hotel.
    Not sure how I received Gold status but assume it must have been something to do with this website, so I wont be able to renew my gold status before my proposed stay

    • There was a period they used to offer Gold to new signs up last year. I don’t think they won’t honour as in theory you should show your card but they can see on screen,the system might cancel maybe but at least you would know in to rebook an other option

    • Pretty sure that if you book whilst you are still a Gold you will be OK. That is the usual process with these things, eg I can book an Avios ‘extra seats for Gold’ redemption whilst Gold for travel after I have dropped to Silver.

      Depending on how rubbish their IT is, you may even still be treated as a Gold because the status info was transmitted on the day you booked and never updated.

      • You really think so?

        • I am pretty certain that if you are allowed to book a 2-4-1 rate because you are Gold and then drop down a level they will not take away your right to the rate – if not, it should surely be clearly stated on the 2-4-1 website?

  10. Andi Hawes says:

    We book on normal website? there is no promotional page we need to book through? I may change my bookings through February and March to a Carlson hotel, 3 nights a week, and reap the points to spend after promo has finished…

  11. Andi Hawes says:

    Anyone ever get anything back from online support at Carlson? sent several requests to them and no response…

    took 10 emails to ‘forgotten password’ to even get a link to login that hadnt expirewd by the time it arrived…

    • I’ve never tried their normall support email – they’re normally good at responding on Twitter though, or you could try their social media team on CCare (at) (not sure if they want you to contact them via social media first though)

      • Andi Hawes says:

        When did email become so obsolete?

        should have realised i guess… everyone else now ignores email and focuses on social. Off topic a bit but Just had another John Lewis problem sorted by Social Media where phone calls go me nowhere…

        • Totally agree. I’m not sure if it’s just companies are afraid that everyone can see the negative comments about them on social media? Ironically (for a telecommunications company) I find BT much quicker to resolve things via Twitter than on the phone!

          I quite like the live chat setup that a few companies have – rather than sitting waiting on hold you can get on with other work. I also like ones that give you a proper case reference when you email them so you have a way of chasing things up.

        • Andi Hawes says:

          agree with the Live Chat. perfect for those of us chained to our desk/Laptop and no waiting on hold while the company passes you around the globe to find someone that can answer your simple account query

        • Andi Hawes says:

          maybe Raffles should install Live Chat just to make sure he never gets any time to himself…ever 🙂

  12. Thanks, booked next week for two nights anyhow so just registered for this….