£1,100 business class fares ex-Scandinavia across all alliances to US West Coast

Just after Christmas I wrote about some of the excellent deals available in the British Airways sale in Club World if you were willing to start your trip in Dublin.  Prices are (they are still bookable) as low as £1,100 return to Hawaii.

Something odd is clearly happening in the Scandinavian airline market as oneworld, SkyTeam and Star Alliance are all now fighting it out with similarly priced fares to the US West Coast.

These fare are available for travel from now until the end of October.

Basically, you can take your pick from various airlines and various alliances if you are looking to build up status with someone in particular.  Taking a random set of dates (1st – 10th July) Expedia offers me for Oslo to Los Angeles:

Los Angeles

£1,069 return – KLM via Amsterdam (SkyTeam)

£1,086 return – Lufthansa / Air Canada via Frankfurt and Montreal (Star)

£1,087 return – Brussels Airlines / United via Brussels and New York (Star)

£1,101 return – Lufthansa via Frankfurt (Star)

£1,161 return – British Airways via London

It is also worth checking fares from Copenhagen which are similar – albeit with a little less choice.

You should shave a couple of pounds off these fares by avoiding the Expedia fees and booking directly at ba.com, lufthansa.com, klm.com etc depending on alliance.

If you want to head to the East Coast, SkyTeam business class tickets to New York start at £921, albeit Oslo is a major diversion from the UK to head to NYC!  Good for British Airways tier points of course!

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  1. Stephen Franks says:

    Perhaps off topic but can I book Hawaii with BA on a 241? I can’t seem to get an Avios price for HNL.

    • Rakehey says:

      I don’t think so – 241 has to be on BA metal – and BA don’t fly there.

      Use it to e.g. LAX (if you can find availability) and use more Avios on AA to do the last leg to HNL

      • Stephen Franks says:

        That explains it thanks.

      • Andrew (@andrewseftel) says:

        You can, however, do interesting things with an open-jaw 241 booking. Rule is that the open jaw ‘berween’ distance has to be shorter than either leg. Since HNL is in the middle of the pacific, you could for example book LHR-LAX and NRT-LHR using the 241.

        • LondonFoodie says:

          Too bad I just find this out now… was thinking of ways to do RTW via Tahiti, but ended up taking the long way and back via Asia in order to use the 241 (and get to see a few more places along the way)

    • timezonehopper says:

      No you can’t. Amex 241s are only valid on routes where all the flights are on BA planes. This isn’t the case to HNL since you will need to fly on AA at some stage of the trip.

      • Can you do 3 or 4 segments on a 241? Perhaps Andrew meant BA metal on LHR-LAX and NRT-LHR. And make you own way from LAX to NRT via HNL with another airline.
        Last year, I did LHR-NRT and PEK-LHR on a BA 241 with JAL from NRT-PEK for the open jaw.

  2. Paul Molyneux says:

    Can anyone tell me whether I can stopover in NY for a few days with BA on the above fares and if so how to book. Want to spend weekend in NY whilst gaining max tier points and unsure of how to go about booking. Flyertalk threads are a little confusing on the subject.

    Journey would be

    Oslo – London
    London – NY
    NY – Los Angeles/San Francisco
    Then however I would return back to UK

    • Not unless the fare allows stopovers, which most discount fares including these do not allow. You could book an open jaw and separately book NYC-LAX for example.

    • Best thing is presumably to call customer services…

      • Why? The agent will likely just give a price of £2k+. Best not to waste time on the phone and use ITA Matrix to read the fare rules and find an itinerary you want.

    • Quick answer is no. The BA sale fares don’t allow stopovers, only connections of up to 24 hours.

      • The long is yes it is possible if maximising tier points isn’t your primary objective.

    • Brendan says:

      The AA sale fare allows 1 stopover in each direction for an extra €100 each. However you would need to return to Dublin as i don’t think you can transfer through London.

      • I think you can combine the BA sale fare and the AA sale fare. If he only wants to stop in New York in one direction, then it should be possible to do DUB-JFK-LAX with a stop in NY (for 100EUR extra) and then on the return LAX-JFK-LON-DUB, with no stops.

        This won’t maximize your tier points though.

      • I’m by no means an expert on fare rules. But isn’t AA sale one free stopover in each direction, plus one other at €100? That’s the way I interpretted the rules on the flights I checked

        • It is 1 free in CLT or PHL only…

          ORIGINATING AREA 2 –
          LIMITED TO 1 FREE AND 2 AT EUR 100.00 EACH.
          1 FREE IN CLT/PHL
          2 AT EUR 100.00 EACH.

  3. Thanks to Rob’s highlighting, I managed to book two of these Dublin-Hawaii trips at this price right over the Easter holidays. On the return leg I’m flying into LHR but have the London-Dublin leg ex LCY. I priced it up without that last Dublin leg and (as expected) it was >£500pp more expensive.

    I’ve never done an ex-Euro journey like this before and given I have no intention of getting the LCY-DUB leg and so many Avios/Tier Points (41,000/780 on this itinerary) plus the relatively expensive re-pricing at stake, I’m pretty concerned about skipping that last leg.

    Should I be concerned? Has anyone actually been “caught” from their first instance of doing this?

    • You need to think about it differently. Collect you bag from Heathrow, and if you don’t manage to get to lcy in time for your flight then there is nothing you can do. They wont charge you unless you are doing this every week/all the time.

    • From what I have read you are only at risk if you are a repeat offender.

  4. I don’t believe this is a fight between the airlines noted above, more an all out war against Norwegian.

    It’s the same on the LON-SZG route. Prices are significantly lower than they used to be, and lower than LON-INN, which tallies with the fact DY have started flying to SZG again this winter.

  5. I just booked NY ex DUB, started with economy fares at £450 r/t and then was presented with business class upgrades at circa £350 each way. I then compared the ex-LHR on the same basis and the businesses class legs were circa £750 each. I booked ex-DUB in C and got to Dublin the night before for 4500 Avios and £17.50.My question is this: How or why can BA justify charging £400 more for business class from N.Y.to LHR over N.Y.to DUB? :-*

    • First of all, different markets – different prices. No need to justify…

      Also, don’t forget, APD and other taxes on LHR departure in Biz is a good chunk of that difference.

      • I only asked about the return leg, no apd on that one. It is frankly unjustifiable to charge £400 to return to DUB than LHR

        • OK, in that case it just an issue of different markets charging different prices.

        • Thanks for replies, again, it is BA and the plane has to fly in to LHR on both circumstances. I know it is pricing for different markets. I am saying that it is scandalous that BA can charge so much more for their indigenous market.

        • Brendan says:

          Thats part of the reason though. Most people don’t want to spend their time on planes, therefore the direct flight is the more expensive one. You say “the plane has to fly in to LHR in both circumstances” but that is why it is cheaper to DUB – because the people then have to wait about an airport and board another plane to get to their destination. Its a convenience charge of sorts.

        • Well then don’t fly them & choose a cheaper carrier offering the same thing.

    • That’s the thing… BA don’t have to justify.
      People pay that price for convenience of flying from London and mainly because they just don’t know about these sorts of offers EX-EU!

    • No different to any other retailer charging more for the same product in the UK that is sold in other parts of Europe or elsewhere in the world for less.

    • Andrew S says:

      because most Biz flyers do not pay their own bills.. 🙂

  6. Andrew S says:

    OT – i have a £1k purchase this week from John Lewis and i want to maximise Avios. Happy to use advanced techniques… I have the BMI Amex, but I think i read some something about buying gift vouchers throught the avios store first?

    • If you were lucky enough to find 3V cards in Tesco, you could use those to get John Lewis vouchers from highstreetvouchers.com…

      • Andrew S says:

        I do have these, but I have a use for them. Also i think you are limited to about 5 per month on High Street Vouchers?

    • Andrew S says:

      Polly – do you spend the 3v`s in seperate transactions? Or is there a way to pay with multiple 3v`s in the same transaction that i have missed?


      • Andrew S says:

        Sorry i think that might be what you are saying. You buy £25 JL vouchers in each transaction.

        • Yes that’s what I do, 2x £10 1x£5, lots of them, I usually buy them x 10 sets of vouchers as individual purchases. Takes about ten minutes. Then use them all the time in Waitrose. Got a TV from JL that way too.

  7. florida says:

    I have taken an exDUB flight twice in the last 6 months, and it didn’t seem to be a problem. Another one booked soon, WTP+ for the price of economy ex uk pretty much. However I need to get back to Scotland rather than just skip off in London, so the question is what is the best course of action here – “my plans have changed and I need to go to EDI instead” – last time they wouldn’t let me check my bags through to EDI instead of DUB as that would require changing the ticket. Or better to go on Little Red so that it doesnt draw attention?

    • Whilst Little Red remain an option I’d go with that myself. Amazing Flying Club earning rates and incredibly low redemption rates (esp if Gold) with them – 1,250 FC miles and £17 for my EDI-LHR flight!

      • Haven’t tried to book a redemption lately. Is it just the gold that gets that lower rate or everyone on the booking?

        • I’m not certain but would suspect that as long as the Gold is making the booking you’d get all the flights at the reduced price. You need to call in to book them though – the agent I spoke to hadn’t heard of the offer but in fairness to them they asked me to email it in to them and then called me back an hour later to confirm she’d sorted it.

        • Nick Burch says:

          I’ve booked the discounted gold redemption for my girlfriend when I wasn’t flying on the booking, and they were fine with that. (I as the Virgin Gold paid the miles and the money, she got to take the flight, everyone was happy!)

  8. The prices from Copenhagen went up today, untill yesterday New York
    with SkyTeam and Star was 6700DKR (ca £700) now it’s around £900.
    OneWorld prices has also gone up, but was never as low as Star and ST.
    Would have been a good way to try AF and KLM’s new
    Business Class, AF one way KL the other.

  9. Jeremy I says:

    I’m sure most are aware but last night I found ex-Dub business class fares to NYC (Returning on BA2 into London City if you want) for around £850 in the summer holidays, vs £900 for flights from London in economy! Madness.

  10. Tony smith says:

    If you use the employee promo code you can get 13% off ba com . Just managed to find it after 2 months of looking! Thanks Rob!!

    • Brendan says:

      And the code is…? I’d have thought they would require to see something as proof when you travel

  11. Interesting tips here all. This hobby is becoming an addiction 🙂

  12. Andy Green says:

    I’m found a terrific deal flights from Dublin via Heathrow to Los angeles in September return for two people business class with British airways is £1300 all in plus 18000 avios points.

    Can anyone tell me, do we gain avios points in the flight even though we have upgraded our seats using avios from premium economy
    To business?

    Also we are taking the flight from Heathrow and missing the Dublin connections. Would we get credit for this part of the journey even though we don’t actually travel it?

    • Brendan says:

      Andy I hope you know that you MUST take the first flight from Dublin. If you miss a flight on the itinerary the rest of it will be cancelled. You can drop the last leg from LHR to DUB but you might have problems if you have checked baggage as they may refuse to short check it to London instead of Dublin

      • Andy Green says:

        Thanks for this I had no idea.

        Not an issue now I know as we can book a night or stay with a friend in Dublin for the first night

        Is this definitely the case?

        • Yes.
          Has been warned about multiple times on here (& elsewhere).

          I’d thoroughly recommend sorting yourself out a positioning flight to DUB, however you’re welcome to try & skip the first sector to prove us all wrong.

        • Andy Green says:

          British airways flights duly booked to DUB the day before for the princely sum of £74 each

          Total trip is £720 instead of £2600. Happy with that

        • Absolutely 100% totally absolutely the case! Please don’t book these sort of tickets if you’re not sure of the rules. The Flyertalk thread goes through this all in great detail and Raffles has also highlighted it in his posts. It would be a disaster to miss the first leg as you’d lose your entire booking and holiday – there’s also no way BA would countenance allowing this otherwise who would ever book ex-UK if there wasn’t even the hassle of positioning to the EU destination.

        • Thanks Alan, I might have missed this comment. You MUST take the first flight. Skip the last one if you want but not the first one.

        • Sorry for my ignorance but how do you skip the last leg?

        • Er, you just don’t get on the plane!

          However, your bags WILL go on the plane which is why you want to book the last leg from a different airport if you can to ensure the bags are returned at Heathrow (eg City if Dublin).

          If no flights from another airport, book the last leg for the next day (but under 24 hours stopover) and tell check in at your origin that you in a hotel at Heathrow and need your luggage. Should work, does for me.

        • forget that found all the info I need, many thanks.

    • You’ll get credit for the underlying paid for fare, ie WTP in this case. You won’t get credit for not flying a sector (not unsurprisingly!), remember any subsequent sectors are then automatically cancelled so this is only ever possible for your last sector. Even then I wouldn’t make a habit of it in case BA decide to ask you for the fare difference!

  13. As a corporate travel agent myself I was looking at these yesterday to fly OSL – LHR – SFO//LAX LHR – OSL which was £1368 and today it has jumped to just short of £2k!! I also checked Ex ARN and HEL and these fares since yesterday have increased by around £500. Seems that BA must read this page as they have now pulled all the sale fares Ex Scandi 🙁

    • The sale ended on 15th Jan for certain locations e.g. BRU, ARN, OSL, that’s why the prices went up. The sale for DUB or CPH ends on 27th Jan so there is still time.

  14. It’s getting harder and harder to justify using Avios on long haul now.

    Avios in CW to New York is 80k return plus £600ish of rip-off fees. These ex-europe fares of around £1,000 assuming an Avios positioning flight earn at least 10k Avios.
    So a net loss of Avios of 90,000 for £400 – 0.44p per Avios and only 0.88p using a 2-4-1 voucher.

    Oh and not to mention the stack of tier points thrown in.

    I am obviously talking leisure fares, have no idea how anyone can do an ex-EU for work.

    • Easy if you are booking your work flights yourself! But that’s the problem, work plans can change, and most of these ex EU fares are fixed In Stone! You fly or you lose em!

  15. Speedbird_ABZ says:

    I’m confused.
    I recommend ITA Matrix and find flights for friends all the time, but I can’t find availability on these ex-Scandinavian deals.
    I have promised a friend I will take him to the US in business class this year.
    Firstly the best fares are the current ex-DUB in August to HNL/LAX/NYC etc etc.
    BUT, seeing the above I got a tad excited because I want to travel in October, but I really am struggling.
    My ITA Matrix site is in meltdown because I’ve put in so many options that I think I’ve exhausted it.
    Has anyone found any Scandinavia-West Coast US fares as above for October?
    Ideally the HNL trip was what I wanted but second choice is LAX/SFO stopping off on NYC on the way home. I’ve tried without the NYC stop as well, but well, it ain’t happening.
    I hate asking because I am usually the one giving advice, so any help gratefully received!

    • Hmmm. Despite the rules it does seem that nothing is loaded for October, even on other airlines, based on a few examples I ran.

      • Speedbird_ABZ says:

        Thanks Raffles, thought so. I shall be keeping an eye out for the next sale – got my friend very excited about his first Business trip.

  16. Hi

    Slightly OT
    I’ve got booked Man to Mco returning Mia to Man in business using at 241 so cost around £1000 plus 100,000 Avios. Looking at the deals currently I’m thinking of booking ex Dublin in business same routing just through Philadelphia on US Airways (think its Envoy across the Atlantic each way ) cost for two is £1800. I’d get Avios and tier points as well, I’d also get my 241 back etc.
    The advice I’m looking for is are there any pitfalls going through Philadelphia ie changing planes and terminals for the hassle that goes with it and is it worth me paying and getting my 241, 100,000 Avios back plus getting tier points for a layout of say £750?
    At this point I’m ignoring the positioning flight and would also book a leg to return London to Dublin but not take it.
    Any advice please?


    • Guesswho2000 says:

      I connected to BOS via PHL in November. Had the usual wait to clear customs, as you expect.

      However, we were delayed taking off at LHR, so arrived late and missed the connection – someone was waiting with new boarding passes and we were on our way, arriving in BOS only about an hour and a half after schedule.

      (The weird routing was me fulfilling my 4x AA/US segments to retain AA status, by the way!)

    • Speedbird_ABZ says:

      I did exactly the same for a LAS trip in July and don’t regret it. Earning the tier points was well worth it. I’m on the new AA 767 business class, Transcon 321 and the new 777-300 business class rather than a crappy old BA 747 as well.
      I’d certainly d it if I wer you.
      Only problem I have is finding something worthwhile to use my 2-4-1 voucher on.

  17. The above link was of interest to me and I recently booked via my Bronze BA Exectuive Club membership 2 tickets from DUB to LAX

    I did the booking via the iphone app – My account – book a flight with Avios. My dates were 23/09/15 to 04/10/15 – 2 people booking DUB-LAX via Heathrow.

    On the book a flight page, I seclected upgrade with Avios, entered my FROM and TO, DEPART and RETURN selections and the class (before upgrade) – which I selected as Premium Economy – believeing that I would be upgraded to Business.

    I was charged £1284.38 plus 18000 AVIOS points for the 2 tickets.

    I believed that I was getting an upgrade from premium economy to Business for the entire journey.

    When the e-ticket came through after purchase it turns out that only the Dublin to Heathrow part of the journey is upgraded?

    The rest of the journey is not upgraded.

    I have now cancelled the ticket (within 24 hours to get a full refund).

    BA customer services simply tell me that the upgrade is not to all flights. This is not what I was sold.

    I am bemused and want to complain. Is this right? The Link talked about discounted business class flights to the West Coast of America ex Dublin.

    Many thanks for any pointers.

    • I think you’ve misunderstood 2 basic points:
      – the sale was for booking in business class, not for booking & upgrading;
      – your travel dates do not qualify for sale prices.

      I’ve just run your dates through ba.com for business class & you’re looking at Euro 3981 for 2 people. The cheapest I can see on a quick scan on ITA Matrix is Euro 1776 per person.