British Airways launches new Club World sale – includes £900 ex-Dublin deals!

British Airways has launched a Premium Leisure sale focussing on Club Europe, Club World and First.  On many routes you can book until 9th February 2016 so you could potentially secure your Easter, Summer, October half term and Christmas holidays now!

If you know where you want to go, the Low Fare Finder tool on is the easiest way to see which months have the lowest prices.

Alternatively, take a look at the sale home page on here.

These deals must be booked by 10th March.

British Airways 350

Headline prices in Club World include:

Dubai £1,595

Abu Dhabi £1,499 (worth the extra 20 minutes taxi ride to Dubai to save £100!)

Male £2,071

Mumbai £1,680

Sydney £4,162 (so forget about that, see the Qatar deal to Perth below!)

Sharm el Sheikh £465 (short-haul plane)

Lagos £760 (via Madrid, short-haul plane)

Cape Town £2,898

Bangkok £2,049

Beijing £1,999

Orlando £1,698

New York £1,900

Toronto £1,801

These prices are OK but not life changing – if you can get these fares at peak periods then some are definitely worth a look.

European deals in Club Europe are also available.  The usual mix of sub-£200 routes are available:  Amsterdam, Barcelona, Angers, Dublin, Genoa, Rome, Turin etc with plenty more routes under £250.  These are a cheap way to pick up 80 tier points towards status renewal. 

Some of the longer routes which offer 160 tier points return are also worth a look.  These include Athens, Istanbul, Larnaca, Marrakech and Helsinki.  The tier point calculator on is a quick way of checking what a particular route will earn.

My ‘bits’ article today covers the current offers from Etihad and Qatar Airways from London – you may want to compare prices with those.

Qatar Airways is also running some excellent Business Class deals from Stockholm.  Hong Kong is £1,057 return for example.  Perth is £2,084 return.  Dubai is £923.  These must be booked by 8th March.

Most Qatar flights will earn 560 tier points return (4 x 140) as each individual sector will be over 2,000 miles.  You even get the brand new Boeing 787 on the Stockholm to Doha leg!

Fancy a trip to Dublin?

You might when you look at some of the sale fares available out of Ireland on British Airways.

Miami, for example, is a generous £933 (€1261) return from Dublin, using BA.  It is a bit cheaper still if you fly direct to New York on American from Dublin and connect but I think you get the old style AA seat.

The travel dates are tight:  28 March to 12 April, 1 July to 31 August, 22 November to 29 November and 24 December to 31 December.

There are plenty of other good US prices from Dublin available in both Club World and First Class.  The best thing to do is to have a play around on

(Thanks to the Flyertalk posters who teased out some of these)

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  1. Annoyingly I have a Dublin-LHR-JFK return with a stopover built in which cost £900 + 29,000 avios.. not such a good deal now when looking at this sale but never mind!

    • Did you reduce the price with avios or is it an avios plus cash ticket. If the latter there’s only a small cancellation fee.

  2. 160 tier points return for CE to HEL. ATH. IST etc

  3. Poincianakings says:

    Also worth noting on the DUB-LHR-MIA route make sure you don’t end up on American from LHR. Annoyingly they have moved the 77W with the new seats for the summer season so you will be on a 772 with the older style business seats.

    • Not sure when the summer season starts, but i’m booked on an AA39 in April, and it changed from a 772 to a 77W a while back.

      I believe that the other LHR-MIA flight of the day is a 772 though.

      • It’s only a 77W for a few weeks before reverting to a 772, you got lucky! Although to be fair the scheduling is such a mess that nobody knows what is going to happen after that.

  4. With the ex-Dublin flights, has anyone ever had an issue getting their bags on the return journey tagged to come off at LHR?

  5. Just hoping for a Business Class sale to Auckland for January next year!

  6. I’m going to book this from Dublin but return to Manchester with a final leg from Heathrow next day to Dublin guess this will be fine?

    On another point if I book on BA but use my American Advantage for miles will this affect any of the above? Ie Will it affect the ability to collect bags at Man?


  7. Redemptions says:

    This is a bit of a marketing ploy.

    I booked IBZ-LHR-HKG return in club for 1940 Euros during there unpublished sale that ended 23 Feb and started early Feb.

    I know a few people who booked great fares ex-MXP to Asia and Middle east roughly 1900 euros, once again before feb 23rd.

  8. Planning to fly
    for €1200 in Business Class @

    Someone please help me with the following questions:
    (1) These flights are operated by AA, can I use my BA 2-4-1 vouchers to book?
    (2) Can I arrange a stop over at the connecting airports – JFK or ORD?

    • (1) no, sorry BA Amex 2-4-1 vouchers can only be used on BA metal
      (2) it depends on the fare but a lot of these sale fares won’t allow it (sometimes you can get up to 24h)

  9. Alan,
    Thank you!

  10. For those heading far east, a few days ago I found many good return business fares ex AMS for around £1250 with QR or AY. Also similar fares on Turkish for those interested in *A.

  11. Newb to actually using Avios (been collecting them for awhile though, about to get a 2-4-1.

    For the Dublin to MIA, can this be booked using a 2-4-1 and Avios? I went through the process on (logged in via BAEC) and it says I can’t pay with Avios?


    • Scratch that, comment above says BA metal for the 2-4-1, these are BA codes operated by American, so I asumme no 2-4-1 use. What about Avios?

      • If there’s availability then you can book with Avios, but the point of these sales is how good value (esp ex-DUB) these premium cabin fares are. Given you’d still be paying a lot in taxes and fees for a straight redemption you’d be getting much poorer value out your Avios. These sort of sale fares are ideal for earning tier points and Avios at a good price 🙂

  12. There’s a thread started yesterday on the BA forum on Flyer Talk about short checking luggage very interesting read..

  13. Anyone got any good TP runs using this sale?

    • Think Square says:

      How many do you need? The usual runs to Hawall are available, giving 1060TPs for £1150-ish. More if you can tolerate US F class, or go via LCY.

  14. Following up on Robs tip on ARN with QR, I checked it out. Also found Turkish offering BKK return J for just under £1k and Finnair is about £100 more. Other Asian destinations also well priced, most being <£1400 return. This included high season. Flights from regions on SAS to both ARN and HEL are very attractively priced and include a checked bag.

  15. Just slightly off topic: As most of us mere mortals that need Avios to fly Business or First are really feeling the hurt from the planned April Avios devaluation.

    I have just cancelled my BA Premier Plus Avios AMEX as more of an “up yours” rather than anything else and to get 6 months pro-rota return on my fee. Now their has been debate on cancelling this card and what happens to a used 2-4-1 voucher once this card is no more, I have used my 2-4-1 for a trip to the US this summer after the mass carnage rush for flights when the devaluation was announced.
    I didn’t use my BA AMEX for paying the £1500 fee etc, but my Lloyd’s Premier, so no need to keep the BA card to show as evidence of payment and now I have paid the taxes and surcharges for that flight it is safe and they cannot take it away from me, I got this confirmed by AMEX whilst cancelling this card and it seems quite a few people are kicking this card in to touch. The Lloyd’s card now works for me (I can’t believe I am saying that!), no foreign exchange fees are very good indeed when adding up all those add on costs and I have just got the upgrade voucher. If this card was any use to me in relation to the fee/benefits I would have kept it.

    SPG AMEX now, I want to stay at the Palace Madrid.

  16. Andy Green says:

    I can’t see how the ex Dublin prices are as quoted in the article. I have searched between the 28 March and 12 April for return business class flights and can’t get near the prices listed in the article

    Can anyone help me, am I doing something wrong?

    Thank you

    • use ita matrix

      • ita matrix actually isn’t doing so well today. I’ve got F flights showing up in amex travel which are 2000 euros cheaper than on ita matrix!

        • Yes its not live . It works based on previous searches. A bit like how sky scanner changes price when you actually click on a specific deal

  17. Hiltonhotelfans says:

    Thanks for the great tip. Just book business class 2 Xmas tickets for 1185 euro Dublin to JFK. Greetings Pascal

  18. trying to book some flights to NYC from DUB in August, how can i find a fare where the LON-DUB leg is the next day or where a airport change is need on the way back? Trying to short stop…

    • Select yes to ‘do you want a stopover?’ when booking, this allows you to put Dublin on the next day.

      Failing that, the American Airlines site or BA by phone will be able to book these, as of course would Expedia etc if you can get it to display the combo you want.