BA premium sale ends tomorrow … or try some amazing Turkish fares to the US

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The British Airways premium leisure sale, focussing on Club Europe, Club World and First, ends tomorrow (Tuesday).  On many routes you can book until 9th February 2016 so you could potentially secure your Easter, Summer, October half term and Christmas holidays now!

If you know where you want to go, the Low Fare Finder tool on is the easiest way to see which months have the lowest prices.

Alternatively, take a look at the sale home page on here.

British Airways 350

Club World flights start at £1,499 on routes to the Middle East.  (Ignore a £760 fare to Lagos as that is routed on Iberia and is on a short-haul plane!)

European deals in Club Europe are also available. The usual mix of sub-£200 routes are available: Amsterdam, Barcelona, Angers, Dublin, Genoa, Rome, Turin etc with plenty more routes under £250. These are a cheap way to pick up 80 tier points towards status renewal.

Some of the longer routes which offer 160 tier points return are also worth a look. These include Athens, Istanbul, Larnaca, Marrakech and Helsinki. The tier point calculator on is a quick way of checking what a particular route will earn.

You might also want to look at some of the sale fares available out of Ireland on British Airways.  Miami, for example, is a generous £933 (€1261) return from Dublin, using BA. It is a bit cheaper still if you fly direct to New York on American from Dublin and connect but I think you get the old style AA seat.

The travel dates are tight for the Ireland deals: 28 March to 12 April, 1 July to 31 August, 22 November to 29 November and 24 December to 31 December.

Turkish 350

Alternatively, if you’ve got time to kill, Turkish Airlines has a deal for you!

Turkish Airlines is exceptionally well regarded and has well advanced plans to position itself alongside the three Middle Eastern carriers as a global hub airport for the 21st century.

Their current lounge complex in Istanbul is believed by some to be the best in the world – this is not just hype, a HFP reader made this point to me very firmly over a pint a couple of weeks ago!

This makes their current fare sale out of Oslo (yes, you start in Norway) even more of a deal.  You can see the headline prices here in Norwegian Kroner.

Boston – 7,522 NOK (£632)

New York – 8,022 NOK (£674)

There are also deals to Washington, Toronto, Houston and Montreal but they are less generous.

The good news is that these fares include a free stopover in Istanbul if you want it.  The long-haul leg is on an A340-300 (Boston, angled lie-flat I believe) or A330 (JFK, fully flat I believe).  The bad news is that Oslo to Istanbul is on a short-haul aircraft albeit with a business class service which is well regarded.

If you have time to kill, are happy flying to Oslo to start and end your trip, potentially want to have a stopover in Istanbul, are keen to try out the Turkish lounges in Istanbul, want to earn a LOT of Star Alliance miles AND pay as much as BA would want for an economy ticket on a bad day, this may appeal!

The headline fare rules are:  book by tomorrow (10th March), travel by May 31st, not valid over Easter (20th March to 3rd April), minimum 3 days or Saturday night stay, maximum stay one month.  It is bookable on Expedia etc but the Turkish website is easier as it shows you a calendar with the days where this fare is available.

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  1. takke says:

    Re: lots of star alliance miles
    Take care with the Turkish fares, many only earn 25% on some schemes. Just worth being aware of

    • takke says:

      Sorry, didn’t read that these are business class fares. I assume these probably don’t have the same issues

  2. Note the trade off for suffering the old AA seat out of Dublin is preclearance for us immigration before departure. And a far shorter flight than routing back via London…

  3. Jonboy73 says:

    Since the deval, i am shopping around now for flights. Is there a best star alliance airline to join for chucking points in from different airlines?

    • Aegean is the easiest to get status with BUT you need to fly 4 sectors with them (search for my article on this). Turkish will status match any top tier card you have but some people find redeeming difficult. SAS and Singapore are Amex partners which may be important if you want to ‘top off’ an account. Singapore and Lufthansa hold back most of their first class redemption seats for their own members. Lufthansa and United have UK credit cards.

      Lots to consider!

  4. AlanYoung says:

    Whilst I agree the TK lounge in IST is excellent it does become extremely crowded.

  5. Oscarthegrouch says:

    Whoever thinks istanbul is the best lounge in the world, definitely needs to get out more.

    The place is an absolute zoo at around midnight before all the Asian departures, you are lucky to get a seat, let alone some food and drink. The airport is utterly crazy. I also can’t see what people like about the city either…

  6. Edd M says:

    I flew IST > AMS (Turkish economy) a few months ago and the entire ground experience in Ataturk was horrendous.

    Online checkin – unavailable. Huge queues for regular check in. Massive waits in chaotic scrums (no-one queues) for security and immigration. The airport was filthy and crowded (the priority pass lounge was decent though; don’t have * status).

    How Turkish could ever hope to position itself as a challenger airline with a hub like Ataturk, I have no idea.

  7. Urxella says:

    Istanbul is building a new airport which is scheduled to open in 2017. The lounge is excellent and roomy, but I can see how it might not be able to cope with peak times. They really haven’t done a bad job with what they have, but it’s really not a good airport unless you have *A status or a *A business class departure.

  8. Hi,

    How do I add a CX gold card to my booking (choose my seats in advance)? I cannot find it.


    • Enter your BA reference number on finnair website (manage my booking) and you will have the option to change FF number. Then go back to BA and you can change for free.

      Might be easier ways but this works for me.

  9. The US flights from Dublin allow US connections as well, so if you don’t mind a longer route they’re a good opportunity to get a few more tier points. I’m getting ~700 from my F trip next month.

  10. James67 says:

    About a week ago I also seen J return exARN with Turkish ranging from just under £1k for BKK to £1300ish SIN. My partner has flew Turkisk J from FRA-BKK before and hashappily recommended it to friends.

    • I am keen to give it a go. I will see what flights from Heathrow use long-haul aircraft and potentially do a quick return run to Istanbul.

      • James67 says:

        TK are reportedly in negotiations to buy 10 a380s and lease two from MH. This raises the intriguing prospect of them deploying the whale as a time filler on LHR route, and perhaps FRA to up the stakes in their competition with LH. Interesting in itself that TK already has the routes, or at least has the ambition, to sustain a380 services. I have not flew TK personally but used to book for my partner in BMI days. Back then metal swap was an ongoing issue with them, and still seems to be the case from Jacs comment. Probably not worth the risk unless you want a few days in Istanbul.

  11. Nice shiny TK A330 off the Runway recently in the Himalayas……. Yes their catering is good, but does that make up for it?!

  12. I m not sure a trip report would give a fair representation of TK. They are notorious for changing aircraft at last minute so while you can book a full flat bed in a new Airbus you could be flying in the end an old plane with C just meaning the middle seat is left empty. Similar that exit seat you booked in advance easily becomes just a seat in the middle.
    While the food is normally good, the overall experience can be terrible.
    with other airlines flashing your gold card should get you rebooked quickly on another flight with TK you will be the last one to be helped for not speaking turkish
    for Xmas I was travelling with our baby in C and I tried to book a bassinet. Each time I called I was told they made a request and I should call a few days later to get confirmation (but there was no record of the earlier request) The first row however could not be booked as this is blocked for VIP (my elite plus status and travelling with baby did not help to reserve the first row)
    On our last leg to LGW we were allocated Seat 2a & 2c as they could not override the system. While TK had arranged for a bassinet (and baby food) the first row was taken by an elderly English couple who refused to swap seats (the other first row was taken by another couple travelling with a baby) I told them we were travelling with a baby and wanted to use the bassinet but they just replied that they had booked this seats and did not want to swap even though the seats (sloping beds) were identical. The cabin crew just told us that they could not force people to change seats so we had to carry our baby the whole flight in our arms not a 5* experience.

  13. James67 says:

    TG changing to once daily from LHR and deploying a380 so that wil be another pair up for lease or sale. I think TG are missing a trick here. I think if they used other pair with a two class a330 or 777 4x weekly to Phuket and 3x weekly to Chiang Mai the ease of doing twin centres might get them a lot of lost customers back.

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