The new SPG Suite at the 02 – an outstanding non-travel redemption

Starwood Preferred Guest, the loyalty programme for Sheraton, Westin, Le Meridien etc, has an interesting redemption option called SPG Moments.  This lets you use your points for tickets to sport, dining and cultural events around the world.

The UK arm of SPG Moments has had some good deals in the past –  I often got Cirque du Soleil tickets from it, for instance.  Over the last few months, however, SPG Moments has had little to offer.  This is because Live Nation, which worked with Starwood to put together many of these packages, began to work with Hilton instead.  I covered their new – and so far underwhelming – Hilton @Play scheme in this article.

SPG is fighting back.  It has taken a lease on a hospitality suite at the 02 in Greenwich and will be making the tickets available to Starwood Preferred Guest members.  The first batch have just gone up.  Dates are available until July although you need to adjust the search calendar to show results that far out.

SPG Moments

Do you fancy seeing Paul McCartney in concert from a private suite at the 02, with hospitality?  Or Fleetwood Mac?  Mark Knopfler?  Take That?  Olly Murs?  Neil Diamond?  Or, erm, a darts tournament?

All of these are available for booking via the SPG Moments site.  Here is the best part – the cost is only 20,000 Starwood Preferred Guest points for two people.

As well as earning points at Starwood hotels, SPG is also an Amex transfer partner.  You can move your American Express Membership Rewards points to Starwood at a 2:1 ratio.  This means that the 30,000 points you get for signing up to American Express Platinum (review) would be almost enough for a pair of tickets.  You also receive 10,000 Starwood points (11,000 if referred) for taking out the Starwood Preferred Guest American Express card (review).

I will be attending the Paul Simon and Sting concert next week as the guest of SPG.  (This is on a different night to the night being offered by SPG Moments.)  I will hopefully be able to get some photographs of the suite onto Head for Points over the next fortnight.

(Want to earn more hotel points?  To see our complete list of promotions from the major chains, click here to visit our ‘Hotel Promos’ page or use the link in the menu bar at the top of the page.)

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  1. Ralph says:

    Brilliant information, thanks Raffles, just in the nick of time, I can change my points spending plan and book two rooms at a Westin for 5000 spg points + $75/room for an upcoming stay, which lets me hang on to the other twenty thousand spg points that I have and divert them to go see a show in a private suite at the O2 in May, the work you do is amazing, so helpful and so valuable, thank you once again!!

  2. ankomonkey says:

    The darts tournament is significantly more appealing than the other acts mentioned…

    • Pat Butcher says:

      By a million miles. There is also the chance of another punch up which would increase the entertainment level.

  3. S***o says:

    This might sound silly…. But these include tickets to the actual event?
    I.e is the suite part of the inside venue or part of the entertainment area?
    I’ve had a look at the terms and cant see anything on this?

    ”This concert series package at The O2 includes:

    Access for two (2) to the SPG Luxury Suite on Level 3 of The O2 on Sunday 24 May 2015 at 6:30 p.m.
    Complimentary food and beverages while in the suite”

    • S***o says:

      Looking at some of the other events, they mention tickets included.

      ”Access for two (2) to the SPG Luxury Suite at Madison Square Garden on 10 April 2015
      Complimentary food and beverages while in the suite*
      Two (2) reserved seats in the Event Level Suite seating section”

  4. George says:

    I wouldn’t go as far as say ‘only’ 20k Starpoints, considering they realistically cost $700 to buy (but obviously cost much less if earned either through stays or card bonuses) but I also think that an O2 box is nothing too spectacular to begin with. I’ve been to a couple of the corporate boxes in the Arena, and while hospitality is nice, they are so far away from the stage that it almost defeats the purpose. I haven’t been to any other private boxes anywhere else so I don’t know if that’s standard.

    • You can’t base it on the cost of buying SPG points. When redeeming for hotels, you will get 1.5p on a good day. That means £300 equivalent for two people, with hospitality. This is a fantastic deal on that basis. There is also the ‘money can’t buy’ factor as well.

  5. Howard says:

    I don’t have any SPG points left (waiting for a 20,000 offer) but I am going to the Paul Simon/Sting concert next Thursday with my wife who will be “dragged along” with me.

    Am a massive Paul Simon fan!!!

    • If you want to see the SPG suite in the interval or before, I should be able to get you in (unless there is a ticket check on the way).

    • Fenny says:

      Enough to name your son after him, as Ma’s goddaughter did?

    • Going to see them in Glasgow this Friday and also Fleetwood Mac the night before we fly on holiday to the US in June!

  6. Howard says:

    Have to agree I don’t like boxes at O2. I went to the Leonard Cohen and had a box and I hated it.

    I mean I hated the box not I hated Leonard Cohen!!

  7. The SPg website says they have box number 327 – does anyone know where this is in relation to the stage?

  8. songfuny says:

    Thanks for letting us know

  9. Simon says:

    Have a feeling there are 44 boxes on each level. so block 327 is the higher level, about as far from the stage as you can get….goes from 301 to 344 in a horsehoe, so best are 301-8 and 336-344 ish….

    • Paul L says:

      I think you are pretty close. I think I have found there are 96 suites in total, so 48 per row. They vary in size but looking at the pictures they seem to be evenly spread out. So 324 is roughly the middle suite at the very back, and 327 will be close by.
      If you go to the o2 site to book tickets there is an image of the whole arena, and on this there is a fairly straight section at the back – I am guessing they are roughly suites 321-328
      Bring some binoculars!

  10. danksy says:

    Been there as a guest of O2 a couple of times, last time was Buble in 2013. The catering was good, but the view from the box (bizzarely given that it was an O2 box) was not fantastic!

  11. This is a great deal, and when did anyone go to a corporate do to “watch” something.

    It’s all about the booze and food, the “show” is a bonus

  12. Howard says:


    Are you going to Paul Simon/sting on Wednesday or Thursday?