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£780 Club World tickets to Hong Kong available, bookable for all 2015

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Perhaps it is the fact that Qatar now owns 10% of BA’s parent company that is encouraging BA to follow Qatar Airways into ultra-low pricing?!

I’m not sure what other explanation there can be for this astonishing fare to Hong Kong which is currently available from all British Airways departure points in Germany.

This is NOT a fare mistake.  It is a published fare with detailed fare rules.

British Airways is currently selling return Club World tickets to Hong Kong from Germany for £595 plus taxes and surcharges.

British Airways 350

There are NO advance purchase requirements – you can fly tomorrow if you want.  The only rule is that you stay away for six days.

You do NOT need to fly directly to Hong Kong.  You can also fly from Germany to London to Singapore, Shanghai, Bangkok, Chengdu, Beijing or Kuala Lumpur, and then connect to Hong Kong using another oneworld airline.

Free stopovers are allowed.

If you try to book this ticket on it will price at around £1,050 – £1,100 depending on routing.

However, there is a better way.  Due to local restrictions, websites in Hong Kong add only minimal fuel surcharges to tickets originating or ending in Hong Kong.

Visit and book there.  You will see that it prices out at roughly £780 return (HK$9,300).  If you want to build in stopovers, use the Expedia multi-city booking option.

Tickets must be booked by April 30th and you must start your trip before July 5th.  However, it seems that you only need to fly from Germany to London by July 5th – if you don’t mind paying the Air Passenger Duty (another £150 or so) then you can have a stopover in the UK until April 2016 if you want!

Here is an example with a huge Summer-long stopover in London at £957:


Have a play around at and see what you can find.  Note that availability over Christmas is very slim as the required fare class is rarely available.

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Comments (95)

  • cpdc1030 says:

    Thanks for the heads up on this!

    I was planning to go to KUL anyway, and was likely going to fly WT as the fares are fairly high in the summer.

    Instead, I will be doing
    Jul 5: FRA-LCY
    Aug 28: LHR-KUL
    Sept 6: KUL-HKG
    Sept 6: HKG-LHR
    Sept 7: LCY-FRA (insert smiley here)

    What a fantastic offer. Looks like I’m finally going to make it to Gold this year. Hope everyone else has been able to get in on the action.

  • Monika says:

    Has anyone booked this through the Expedia Hong kong site yet? I put all my credit card details in and it throws me out the of the page so I can’t complete the booking. If you try ringing Expedia they can only book 3 sectors over the phone so that is useless too. Advice please…

    • cpdc1030 says:

      Worked fine for me – though my flight is not confirmed yet. My card has been charged and I’ve been given booking references, but it doesn’t show up on yet.

      Which itinerary are you trying to book?

      • Richard Harris says:

        I’ve booked HAM-LHR (long stopover) – PVG / SHA-HKG-LHR (long stopover) -TXL. All successful processed by Expedia HK – was ticketed within a few minutes. All showing fine in BA MMB.

        Excellent deal!

        • Jeff says:

          Hi Richard

          Apologies for being an amateur, possibly you can tell me how to build such an itinerary…and approx cost please and tier points accrued?

          Ideally I’d like to achieve something similar…except begin from TXL on May 15 then long stopover in LHR. Thanks!

          • Richard says:

            Hi Jeff

            Actually the Expedia HK makes this quite easy. You select ‘multiple destinations’ under flights and then list each segment you want.

            This will generate 400 tier points – the cost was HK$12,759.


    • Freightdogs says:

      Many thanks, this was a great deal. Needed it for a Tier Points run to cling on to silver in what would otherwise be a bleak travel year with BA. was difficult to configure the flights I wanted, so booked via to, which allowed me to easily select the flights I wanted. Still had to settle for just 1 stopover besides HK. TXL-LHR-HKG (Stop) HKG-KUL (Stop) KUL-LHR-TXL. Tried multiple combos, but that was the best I could do. Could have routed via PEK or BKK, but KUL worked better for me. Base cost to HKG was approx HKD 9200, which went up to HKD 10,700 with the extra leg. Worth it for the extra Tier Points & short break in KL.

  • DaveP says:

    Thinking of FRA – LHR – SIN – HKG – LHR – FRA (optional return to FRA) using this offer. Can you tell me how many Avios that would generate for Club World and how many tier points?

    • Rob says:

      There is a link to BA’s Avios Calculator in the right hand margin under BA links. Not sure what SIN HKG would be off the top of my head.

      • DaveP says:

        Thanks. The routing would give me 23,000 Avios plus tier puts to get Bronze.

  • Chima says:

    Can the HK site be accessed by a TP? real question is whether GUF2 can be used?

    • Rob says:

      Good question. Don’t know. I imagine, if you used a local HK travel agent, they could ticket it with a GUF2 but it would be a very complex process trying to explain how to do it.

  • Richmond says:

    I booked FRA-LHR-HKG-LHR (3 days stopover to satisfy fare rules)-FRA. I already had RFS ticket to FRA as I was planning weekend in Germany. Total price was 9719HKD. Booked it on 27/04 so before changes and flight is on 01/05. There was no problem with availability.

  • Chima says:

    Is the BA Ex-Germany sale over? Can’t get the sale prices this morning.

    • Rob says:

      Was meant to run to April 30th, may have been pulled early. The Expedia HK ‘no fuel surcharge’ fares have been pulled.